His Highness the Duke

His Highness the Duke Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance The would be heroine Aeron wants nothing than to continue to live out her very long solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Federation

  • Title: His Highness the Duke
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance The would be heroine Aeron wants nothing than to continue to live out her very long, solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Federation Military It s not glamorous It s not even charming But it s safe There s no chance of getting hurt When she intercepts a communication about the impeding genocideParanormal Dragonshifter Romance The would be heroine Aeron wants nothing than to continue to live out her very long, solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Federation Military It s not glamorous It s not even charming But it s safe There s no chance of getting hurt When she intercepts a communication about the impeding genocide of the Qurilixian people, she has no choice but to act No one at the Federation seems inclined to do anything about the threat and suddenly it s up to her to save a whole planet Enlisting the help of her degenerate sister, Aeron finds herself signed up as a prospective bride to the very barbarians she s trying to save The man who did not need saved High Duke of Draig, Lord Bron, is not looking forward to his seventh failed attempt at a marriage ceremony, but when he sees the lovely Aeron he knows instantly his years of waiting have finally paid off The gods have blessed him with a life mate or have they His new bride is insistent she s not there for marriage, but for a mission It s up to Bron to convince her to stay, or risk spending the rest of his life alone.

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    1. This book was about 10 chapters shorter than the normal Dragon Lord book but is meant to be picked up by three additional books. I liked the story of two sisters who hitch a ride from Galaxy Brides and both end up brides, One of the two sisters work for the federation as a commincations analyst and picks up a message that a hostile species the Tyoe are going to attach the Draig and the home planet they live on to take the planets rich minerals and / ore. This is used to fuel shippsSo Aeron gets [...]

    2. Aeron Grey overhears a transmission signaling the possible invasion to the planet Qurilixen while at work for the Federation. When she reports her suspicions, her superiors don’t want to get involved since Qurilixen is not part of the Federation. Not one to take the possible destruction of a planets’ population in stride she sets out with the help of her sister to warn the Qurilixen people of the attack. Unfortunately the only way they can find to get there is using the Galaxy Brides corpora [...]

    3. Story would have worked as well or better if it was chronologically later on. The story is occuring simultaneously with the first four books, and before all of the series that followed on (Lord of the Var, Zhang Dynasty).

    4. Ah the cousins are just as much alpha dragon men as the princes! I loved book 5 miss pillow does it again and we have new set of brothers to fall for lol, great story line, plot and troubles! Can't want to read the next book!

    5. Aeron took FOREVER to tell someone about the intercepted transmission. Got pretty annoyed about that.Pairing felt a little lacklustre - probably because I couldn't really connect with either of them.

    6. This is the fifth book in the Dragon Lords series. I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were very interesting and full of life. It's a wonderful book about a person who cares enough about others and is willing to do whatever needed to prevent another tragedy. I can't wait to read the next one in the series.Aeron is a civilian analyst for the Federation. She intercepts a communications transmission about a possible genocide attack of the planet of Qurilixen. When the Federation does [...]

    7. In a way, you are now his guiding light. It was insanity. It was perfect. Perfect insanity. AWWW!! I found this story to be as enjoyable - actually even more so - than the first books in this series which surprised me! I didn't think that this series could have the same great kind of stories as the ones that told of the 4 princes & their brides, but I liked that the differences in Bron & Aeron's marriage tale gave a whole new breath of fresh air into the familiar Breeding Ceremony and wh [...]

    8. His Highness The Duke is the Fifth book in the Dragon Lords Series by Michelle Pillow. I loved the first four books in the series as well as the other related book series. After reading the stories about the four princes it was interesting to get to know their royal, cousins, headed by the First born, the Duke Bron.Bron is a serious Draig, he now heads the house of the Kings' brother who is no longer alive. Bron is like a son to the King and takes his responsibilities to his family and royal pos [...]

    9. Five not as good as 1-4; still enjoyableI was so excited to continue on this series with book 5- but after a few chapters, I started getting not getting into the book as I had the previous ones- there's a lot of set up in the end about the Duke's brother and his medical-induced stasis wife, who happens to be the sister e r of this books heroine. I felt like the book somehow dropped the drama with the main characters and focused more on future characters- I am not saying this is a bad book, I'm g [...]

    10. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of His Highness the Duke, book 5 of Dragon Lords, in exchange for my review.Aeron Grey is one of the only survivors of her planet's destruction, the other being her sister Riona. Having overheard plans to destroy the Qurixilian people, Aeron goes against the orders of the Federation, her employers, and sets out to warn them. But having lived on the straight and narrow, Aeron knows nothing of stealthy missions and leaves the or [...]

    11. Aeron works as a communications analyst for the Federation and picks up a message that the Tyoe, a hostile alien race, are going to attack the Draig and take the planets rich minerals and ore, which is used to fuel ships. She asks her sister to help to get to this planet. Her sister, Ri is a gambler and itinerant traveller. They are the only known survivors of a planet which was destroyed by a war ship weapons test, which by a twist of fate also killed those of the war ship. Aeron reports the tr [...]

    12. This was a short story with a Federation Analyst Aeron Grey who happen to over hear a communication concerning the extinction of an entire race on the planet Qurilixen and she refused to let it happen again because it happened to her and her sisters planet when they were younger and she went to find her sister to help her get to the planet to let them know and then she could go back to work and move on but things are never as simple as you may think so she finds her sister Riona who is a gambler [...]

    13. I enjoyed this one a lot. I have read the first series of the Draig Princes and their Princesses. I wondered how virile guys like these could maintain the custom on their wedding night. Love that Bron as moral and strong as he is is also human (okay Draig) No spoiler in case this is your first book.Aeron was sheltered by her own choice. In her position as communications expert she reports information that the Federation ignores. But she can not stand by and watch a catastrophe happen. So she lea [...]

    14. I loved all four Dragon Princes books by Michelle M. Pillow so I was so excited to read about their royal cousins. This first book in the series did not disappoint, I loved it. The royal cousins are as hot as the princes!Aeron works for the Federation Military and intercepts a communication that Qurilixian people may be harmed. She is acting on her own, with the help of her sister, because the Federation won’t listen to her and she needs a way to get to Qurilixian so Aeron and her sister hitch [...]

    15. His Highness The Duke is the fifth book in the Dragon Lords series. Lord Bron, the High Duke of Draig has found his bride after seven attempts. Of course, he wasn't expecting his bride to show up but his crystal glowed.Aeron Grey, a communication specialist in the Federation Military has intercepted a message of an attack to Qurilixian. Against all orders, she risked her career and safety to deliver a message to the Quirilixian people of an impending genocide attack from the Tyoe. The only way s [...]

    16. Lord Bronislaw (Bron) High Duke of Draig is not looking forward to yet another failed breeding festival; he has long since given up any hope of finding his true mate. Aeron Grey, civilian analyst for the federation has defied orders and secured passage on Galaxy Brides (or at least her sister did) to warn Quilixen of an eminent attack from a technologically advanced race, but intends only to warn them not marry any of them. Despite both of their intentions fate has other ideas and his crystal gl [...]

    17. At the start of the book we are not on the Draig's Homeworld. Instead we start with Aeron hunting down her sister Riona in order to save the Draig. Aeron works for the Federation and intercepted a transmission that sends her on a personal mission to save the Draig. After seeing her own homeworld destroyed she refuses to stand by and do nothing. That is where her sister comes in and gets them a ride aboard Galaxy Brides.Now we are at the Wedding Ceremony and this is Bron's 7th attempt at finding [...]

    18. His Highness The Duke is the fifth book in The Dragon Lords series by Michelle M. Pillow. It tells us the story of High Duke of Draig, Lord Bron and Aeron Grey, civilian analyst for the federation.Aeron intercepts a communication about the impeding genocide of the Qurilixian people. Unable to get anyone to do anything about the information she decides to get help from her sister and signs up to be a bride in hopes of saving lives. Bron is on his 7th attempt at a marriage ceremony and does not be [...]

    19. Well, what can I say besides that this book fell completely flat. The characters had absolutely no development and the ending was not even a cliffhanger; it wasn't even an ending. There was no action, no drama. This book barely got any emotion out of me. Also, one second the main characters are miserable and all of a sudden they love each other; it was unrealistic and left me completely wanting. The Tyoe were never dealt with, they never even made an appearance. Maybe they'll show up on one of h [...]

    20. I have been enjoying all the dragon lord book from Michelle Pillow and this one is no exception to this. I have greatly enjoyed watching all the Draig lords connect with their mate and the antics that ensue while they try to convince them that they are actually fated mates. It is always a fun read as the female leads in the story go from feeling the connection in the beginning to finally realizing that this is the real thing and they can not live without their mate. I also enjoy as the female le [...]

    21. It's always a pleasure when a book series continues to get better. Aeron and Bron's story has gone that small extra step beyond and brought more. While the circumstance in which they meet follows the same theme as previous Dragon Lord books, it comes into its own after the festival. Bron and his brothers handle the mines and all to do with them. Aeron is on a mission to save Quirilixen from a fate similar to her own world. Aeron is a very likable heroine and Bron is his own unique hero. The stor [...]

    22. Audible Book: His Highness The Duke: Dragon Lords, Book 5Author: Michelle M. PillowNarrated By: Melissa BarrReviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook NutsMy Rating: 4 StarsREVIEWStory"Is it finally his turn at love?"What did you love best about His Highness The Duke?The Lord Bron finally has gotten his forever love but is not an easy task. Aeron is one tough female.What other book might you compare His Highness The Duke to and why?All of the books I have listened to in this series. Each male finds a b [...]

    23. I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. Though this book was not as long as the other four it is still a fantastic and amazing book.Bron is a Duke an nephew to the King and Queen of the Draig. He and his brothers control the mines that has the ore they sell that brings Galaxy Brides to their planet.Aeron is a communications specialist and has heard that an alien race plans to destroy the people of Quirilixian ad take over the mines. She is quiet shy and not looking for a husband but [...]

    24. It seems the Dukes, cousins to princes, have as much trouble with their brides as they did. But with each book, it is a fun adventure but sweet and sexy. I loved reading each book of Duke's books. His Highness the Duke, was an enjoyable book to read. Aeron goes Qurilixian to warn them of a threat against their planet, only to be married off to one the Dukes. That wasn't her plan. She came to just warn them, get off the planet and go home. But she caught the eye of Lord Bron, who's crystal glowed [...]

    25. Michelle does an excellent job once again in this Series. We are introduced to the nephews of the King and Queen of the Draig. Bron is the eldest of the nephews. He has been disappointed for many years having been passed over in the Breeding Ceremonies. Now after so long his crystal glows but in the excitement he did not get to see who his bride is. Aeron is an honorable, good civilian working for the Federation as a contract worker. She and her sister are the only survivors of their planet. Aer [...]

    26. More of my favorite Dragon Lords!Aeron is a communications analyst for the Federation Military and has discovered a plot to destroy Quirilixian people, she must warn them before their planet is destroyed. What Aeron hadn't counted on was her sister signing them on as prospective brides in order to get there. Worse yet, she had not expected to be chosen as one and much less to have these lustful feelings towards the barbarian hunk.Bron was just going through the motions, after all he'd been to th [...]

    27. Welcome back to the world of the Draig!!! This Fifth book in the Dragon Lords Series by Pillow, but the first of royal cousins and it does not disappoint, I loved it! The royal cousins are definitely as hot as the princes!Disappointed after six years of not finding a bride at the Breeding Festival, Bron does not expect to find his bride at the seventh ceremony, but when he does he breaks every rule to claim her. Aeron works for the Federation and has information about aliens that are planning to [...]

    28. Great book but a little short. Bron has waited for 7 years and finally finds his bride only to mess up on the first night. Aeron is a self-conscious woman who doesn't want to believe Bron actually wants her. The love that grows between them is beautiful. I would have loved to find out who took Bron captive or something of a hint of it int he book as I am very curious to know now. Nice transition to this series from the last four books. Cant wait to read the next one. I received an eBook copy fro [...]

    29. Duke Bron finds AeronThe Duke and his Lordly brothers have been on the marriage Mart a long time. Born is participating for the 7th year. Finally his crystal is flashing and he was so despondent that he wasn't looking. Now he doesn't know which woman is his bride. A bad start for him. A very good start to a new Dragon Lords group dealing with the cousins of the royal princes.Aeron and her sister have no intentions of getting married. They came to warn the Dragon shifters of a eminent attack to t [...]

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