Witch in the House

Witch in the House Jade Delarue is determined to find the man of her dreams so the sexy witch casts a spell that brings a gorgeous man to her door But private detective Mason Kincaid isn t looking for love Jilted by hi

  • Title: Witch in the House
  • Author: Jenna McKnight
  • ISBN: 9780060843694
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jade Delarue is determined to find the man of her dreams, so the sexy witch casts a spell that brings a gorgeous man to her door But private detective Mason Kincaid isn t looking for love Jilted by his last girlfriend, Mason s thrown himself into his work He s visiting Jade on official business, and not even the blizzard raging outside her house or her spellbinding beauJade Delarue is determined to find the man of her dreams, so the sexy witch casts a spell that brings a gorgeous man to her door But private detective Mason Kincaid isn t looking for love Jilted by his last girlfriend, Mason s thrown himself into his work He s visiting Jade on official business, and not even the blizzard raging outside her house or her spellbinding beauty can distract him.Then Jade realizes the mistake she s made in her spell, and she wants him gone But there are charms to spare in Mystic Manor, showing Mason that the witch in the house might be the woman he s been waiting for Convincing her, though, means coming up with a little magic of his own.

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    1. Witch In The House by Jenna McKnight was utterly adorable. If you like the novels done by Annette Blair you will most certainly love this. A witchy romance that will make you laugh out loud and not want to put the novel down.Jade Delarue is a witchy sex kitten in stiletto's who turns heads wherever she goes. Wavy hair, long legs and green eyes so bewitching you'll be instantly seduced. She's a witch who knows her stuff but the spirits have a great sense of humor with her. Mason Kincaid is a Pier [...]

    2. This story is about the life of a modern day witch named Jade. Six years ago her husband vanished without a trace. Jade Delarue finally decides she needs to move on with her life so she casts two spells that accidently merge into one spell, bringing a man who looks like ovie star Pierce Brosnan appears to her door. Working for the insurance company, private detective Mason Kincaid investigates the disappearance of Jade's husband. Jade believes Mason is a photographer who's here to take pictures [...]

    3. This was an easy fun read in the paranormal romance category. It was something I picked up on a whim, primarily because it was a paranormal. It did delve into the paranormal in that it gave information on witches, witch celebrations, and some difference between a witch and a Wiccan.It did irritate me a little - not the author's fault - when the back stated that Mason had "thrown himself into his work" in order to show up on the female protagonist's doorstep. Well, that was misleading - he was dr [...]

    4. WITCH IN THE HOUSE Paperback version by Jenna McKnight (2007)In summary- It's dude worthy reading material! Anthony and his friend Mason Kincaid while investigating a million dollar life policy claim, accidentally run across someone accused of practicing the "The Craft", Jade Delarue, she is a witch. Jade is trying to make a living at Mystic Manor and blend into normal society.HILARIOUS as hell!! especially around trying every way possible to reverse a spell gone a wry all through the book!!It h [...]

    5. Checked this book out from the library on a complete whim, and I'm SO GLAD I did!! I feel head over heels for Mason and Jade, and this story really drew me in. Stayed up way past bedtime a couple of nights, one-more-chapter'ing myself until my eyes were too heavy to keep open. The dialogue is fun and flirty, and I got a lump in my throat a time or two. This is definitely a sweet romance, with descriptions of their sexual exploits limited to simple phrases like "her ragged breathing mingled with [...]

    6. Witch in the House is SHOCKER about a witch and her house.It was an okay fluff beach read, or for me, a sick in bed for 3 days read. Jade casts a spell to bring happiness to herself and a separate spell to bring happiness to a man who has been jilted at the alter thanks to one of her spells. The candles she used melted togetherd(insert inevitable shenanigans when he shows up at her door).The one really nice part about this was the lack of sex sex sex sex sex sex SEX. It was just a sweet little r [...]

    7. i cant evenwhat did i just read? I got like 5 chapters in and though i understood the plot i had no clue what the characters were talking about half the time! There were tangents and non sequiturs. "Oh is that a tiffany?" "Yes he installed it" what what?! And the hero got slapped multiple times but not really i guess? And was anthony gay? i seriously was so lost. And while i wouldnt necessarily say this was an inaccurate portrayal of wicca it wasnt a great one either. First they overloaded reade [...]

    8. This was my first Jenna McKnight book, and I hate if this sounds harsh but it WILL be my last. It started off very strong for me. I loved Mason and Niece, but as the story went along I felt it had no purpose. And Anthony his best friend was a breath of fresh air. I love the open mindedness of Mason, it was kind of unreal to me though, funny when he woke up with the bar tender but unreal. After a while I couldn't just got lost in all the words and jumping and I had a very very had time sticking w [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. it was a cute and fun read. I only have 2 complaintsere was an odd bit in the beginning when in Mason's perspective. the way it's written it makes it seem like something is happening but then mason's inner monologue says something along the lines of "but of course that's not what happened." it made for a confusing bit of reading and maybe that was intentional as the character is supposed to be drunk or hung over but I feel like it could have been written in a much less confu [...]

    10. Jade and Mason are very lovable characters. I went through this book with speed and determination; beginning to end in nearly 24 hours. The book has the feel of two stories entertwined, one of Mason after his drop at the altar and Jade's new life after accepting her husband disappearance six years ago. Jade is on the brink of inhereiting all of the money from her late husbands insurance policy, and Mason is working as PI for the insurance company making sure the husband really is gone or dead. A [...]

    11. I liked this book, but I felt too much was left unanswered. Mason was my favorite character - I liked his determination and personality. The chemistry/tension between Jade and Mason was comical and enticing. So I really liked the story, but I had a slight problem with the writing. Too much was left open and there are no more books to answer certain things, which was promised in a note by the author at the end of the book. I wanted to know: what did Jade’s mother send her?, what happened to the [...]

    12. In Jenna McKnight’s Witch in the House, P.I. Mason Kincaid’s life takes a turn for the worse. His fiancée Brenda leaves him standing at the altar by way of courier who is accompanied by a note and a bill from the florist. Who she left him for. Yeah. His partner/best friend Anthony forcibly removes him from his drunken stupor and kidnaps him from toasty Aruba to frigid Missouri. Accepting a job, the men are to investigate Jade DelarueFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Rev [...]

    13. Not a bad book. It was actually pretty cute. But I'm confused. Normally when there is this type of story, there is some type of conclusion or it is the beginning of a series. As this was published in 2007 and I haven't seen any other books that relate to it, maybe I'm missing something? Maybe I haven't looked enough? What about Annie and Courtney? What about the 3 missing husbands? Do we ever find out what really happened to them? Do the other 2 witches get their story too?This is my first Jenna [...]

    14. This was my first McKnight book and I was fairly dissapointed the story didn't had a good ending for me and they never solved a thing at the end it wasn't worth it all the text and the plotline if it wasn't going to be solved!If the husbands are missing and they send people to find about them and in the end nothing it's going to come up why on earth does she mention them? It doens't makes sense to me! I finished it because I was sure sooner or later everything was going to be explained but no, n [...]

    15. Romance novels: what to read when you absolutely, positively don't feel like putting any work into reading whatsoever. Plot: horrendously formulaic. Two strangers instantly attracted to each other. Build sexual tension. They finally get together. They fight. They get back together. The end. Bleargh.There is one redeeming quality to this particular book, though, and that is the respect that the author pays to the Craft as a whole. No TV/movie nonsense, no Satanism- just respectful homage to the r [...]

    16. This definitely falls under the category of "fun fiction." McKnight delivers a bright, fun tone even as the two leads try to evade, deceive and generally drive each other crazy in the best way possible. This is listed as the first book of a trilogy, but it's been out more than a year. I do hope the other two books focusing on Jade's widowed friends come out. I'm looking forward to them. I'm also going to seek out McKnight's prior books, which is a high compliment considering the size of my "to-b [...]

    17. Really loved this story. It was a very enjoyable read as it had all the facets of a lovely rom-com. I didn't laugh out loud but I did chuckle from time to time. I think I had a grin on throughout most of the story. This book will not change your life, but I do think you'll thoroughly enjoy it if you're into a good classic rom-com with charming characters and a light, and yes predictable, plot line.

    18. This is a nice, sweet romance featuring a witch. It is the first in a trilogy of three best friends whose husbands mysteriously disappear six years earlier. There is a little intrigue surrounding their disappearance, but not much in this book. I imagine it will be a larger part of the other two stories. I plan on reading the other two. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a little romance and anything witchy.

    19. Jade is a witch. She has a good track record with her spells. One day she casts a spell for a client and one for herself at the same time. Only the candlewax of both run together blending the spells. When Matt shows up at her door, she treis desperately to use her magic to make him go away. Meanwhile he has his own purpose to being there.This was a charming story, with romance, magic, humor and a Pierce Brosnan look-a-like hero. A very fun, entertaining read.

    20. (Published in 2007) Imagine wishing for a Pierce Brosnan clone and having him walk through the door. That’s what happens after Jade casts a spell that goes awry. She tries to undo it and send him away as soon as she realizes who he is but no one cooperates. Not him, not her friends, and not the universe. Fun & witty with some hot attraction, Mason and Jade are fabulous characters who make this an excellent read.

    21. see full review on talksupeI found this story to be sweet, funny and romantic.There were a few plot holes that I wish would have been filled in. I think Jenna McKnight could have elaborated more in the mysterious disappearances of Jade's husband but we were just kinda of left with more questions at the end

    22. I'm not usually into the romance stories but this book caught my attention. The added twist of spell casting was a great twist and the lengths that Jade goes to to break her spell are at times hilarious and at others cringe worthy. It's easy to read book is worth picking up for a light hearted read

    23. I really liked this book a lot. But the 3 star rating reflects the fact that it was originally planned as the first book in a trilogy, yet the author hasn't written either of the next two books. There are so many hanging story lines that are left open (for the non-existing books in the series) that drove me crazy. I just want to know what happened to the husbands!!!

    24. Witch in the House is a fun supernatural romance. It reminded me a bit of Practical Magic where a witch casts a spell for a perfect man and then finds she cares for him to much to want him there against his will. But honestly the part I loved most was the description of Jade's conservatory complete with a waterfall.

    25. This book really gets a 3.5. I liked it very much for a novel, but there were a few questions left unanswered. Maybe there will be another book and this will be a series, but the cover says Novel?? It was witty and fun to read. Great for a day on the beach or to cozy up by the fire with in the middle of winter.

    26. Jade and Mason have a chemistry that had me whispering spells to get them together faster.This book is charming, candid and easily loveable.I'll read it again, after I've let it settle in my soul.Gotta love a good paranormal romance.Thanks, McKnight.

    27. Fun! Different twist on a romance w a bit of supernatural. The ending was gorgeous and perfect. This book had the best of all worlds, little sass, little comedy, like able characters and a perfect ending!

    28. What is with the dogs? Why didn't we even get a hint? Or did we? I skipped a few million chapters because it just was too bouncy/hokey for my tastes. I'm sure others will love it though, it wasn't necessarily terrible. Just not my cup of tea, prose-wise.

    29. This took me a long time to read, which is strange because of the length and style of the book even if it was during the work week. I liked the characters, but the book was just slow and something was just missing to it. I'm not sure if I would read the next two entries in the trilogy.

    30. This book is a great example of a character driven story.The main characters, Jade and Mason, make the story sparkle.I loved the witchcraft in the book, so interesting, and love Mason's 'voice'.

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