Susannah Mit Band VI des Zyklus um den Dunklen Turm n hert sich Stephen King dem gro en Finale Als ein Balken des Turms einst rzt und in Mittwelt ein Erdbeben ausl st m ssen Roland und Eddie erkennen dass ih

  • Title: Susannah
  • Author: Stephen King Wulf Bergner
  • ISBN: 9783453431034
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mit Band VI des Zyklus um den Dunklen Turm n hert sich Stephen King dem gro en Finale Als ein Balken des Turms einst rzt und in Mittwelt ein Erdbeben ausl st, m ssen Roland und Eddie erkennen, dass ihnen die Zeit wegl uft In ihrer Verzweiflung beschlie en sie, ihren Sch pfer aufzusuchen, w hrend Susannah in New York Rolands Sohn zur Welt bringt Der Kreis beginnt sich zuMit Band VI des Zyklus um den Dunklen Turm n hert sich Stephen King dem gro en Finale Als ein Balken des Turms einst rzt und in Mittwelt ein Erdbeben ausl st, m ssen Roland und Eddie erkennen, dass ihnen die Zeit wegl uft In ihrer Verzweiflung beschlie en sie, ihren Sch pfer aufzusuchen, w hrend Susannah in New York Rolands Sohn zur Welt bringt Der Kreis beginnt sich zu schlie en.

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    1. The story wasn't bad, some of the new characters were interesting, but I cannot give it a higher rating because of the author himself.Stephen King has indulged in the ULTIMATE form of ego stroking in this volume and it pissed me off. The plot could've been structured some other way to avoid what he's doing right now - you *can* adjust plot, much as it sometimes hurts to do so - and the fact that he went ahead and wrote what he wrote is annoying and well, gross. It's gross. I had hoped, by the ti [...]

    2. I'm going to sit down and write reviews on the whole Dark Tower series after I finish, but I just have to say these books are becoming more and more tiresome. It just seems as if King has lost the vision of Roland the Gunslinger, so he - in order to have something to write about - constantly tinkers with the lore, changes history around, blames things on this multi-timestream concept, or spends whole novels describing an event merely to snap his fingers and change everything the next book so as [...]

    3. “Would’ee speak a word of prayer first, Roland? To whatever God thee holds?”“I hold to no God,” Roland said. “I hold to the Tower and won’t pray to that.”Damn, I love that line. It so perfectly sums up Roland, his quest to find the Tower, what it’s cost him, and how he knows he isn’t done paying yet.For years, it seemed like Dark Tower had been walking in aimless circles during the long breaks between the third, fourth and fifth books. We knew that King had finished the final [...]

    4. Upon coming to, Stephen King registered a mixed expression of fear, anger and puzzlement. Perhaps being bound and gagged had something to do with it. His face was contorted and purple and his hair was standing up with much of it covering his forehead and bulging eyes.The tall, ungainly gunslinger was standing over him, concerned and apologetic.“Sorry that I hit ya, Sai. If I take off the duct tape, will ya promise that ya won’t scream?”King vigorously nodded.“You was running away and sho [...]

    5. The 2011 re-read:Susanna/Mia uses Black Thirteen and flees to New York to have her baby. Roland, Eddie, Jake, and Callahan get the Manni to open the Unfound Door and end up in the wrong places. Can Roland and Eddie convince Calvin Tower to sell them the lot where the Rose grows? Can Jake and Callahan find Susannah before she has her baby?Song of Susannah was my least favorite book in the Dark Tower series the first time through. Susannah has never been my favorite character in the Dark Tower sag [...]

    6. 7/10Well played Mr. King, well played. Very clever of you to lower my expectations going into the final book with this less than stellar attempt. Clever indeed. Now I’m not going into the final book with my expectations set at “best series finale ever!” and more hoping for “nicely wraps up the series”.Whilst not the strongest in the series (possibly the weakest, if you can really call it weak) this was still an exciting read in places. Certain parts of the story actually were really go [...]

    7. Roland was looking fixedly at the already diminishing flickers of lightning in the east, where the land of Thunderclap waited for them, and the Court of the Crimson King, and, at the end of End-World, the Dark Tower itself.Extraordinary! I almost cannot wait for the ending, no matter how controversial.Full review to come.Dark Tower reviews:#1The Gunslinger #2The Drawing of the Three #3The Waste Lands #4Wizard and Glass #5Wolves of the Calla #6Song of Susannah #7The Dark Tower

    8. 3.5 Approximately 800 years ago I began a quest; a quest to take some much-loved friends of mine on a journey like no other. I enjoy doing things like this. I enjoy people reading books that I love so much I am willing to bludgeon them with said books until they agree to read them. Luckily, with the Gunslinger I did not need to do too much convincing. That crazy MahFah Jeff joined on willingly enough with Delee and I. (Little did he know, he’d be spending the rest of his pitiful life in my bas [...]

    9. And the series continues. It's something special when you read a book that has so much of the author's heart and soul laced into the pages. This series is so much a part of King that he had to make himself a character in it (that scene with King talking to Eddie Dean and Roland was something else. Like with all books in the series thus far, the journey has been infinitely more important than the destination. His mind truly is an amazing thing, the way he doesnt see himself as a great architect, [...]

    10. I've enjoyed this series immensely, all the way up until this book. Now I am reading the last one just to see if he can straighten out the mess he made here. What was he thinking? This is the ultimate in mental masturbation an author can produce. I liked the parts Eddie and Roland right up until they left Tower, and I kind of liked the bits with Jake, but the rest? Crap. It's crap! I know authors of serials sometimes put themselves in the story (Clive Cussler comes to mind,) but it's usually don [...]

    11. Thanks for the earworms, uncle Stevie:youtube/watch?v=08e9kyoutube/watch?v=ipqqERTC once my ka-tet catches up.

    12. Song of Susannahwas not as enjoyable for me this time around. I deducted one star from my original rating. It seemed like there were a lot of words, (especially the word "chap", enough already!) but the story didn't seem to move very far. What I really enjoyed about this audio were the diary entries from SK himself, which were read by the narrator after the story was over. In these entries, he talks about his drinking, about how some of the DT stories came about, and about how he and his wife ar [...]

    13. I just finished Song of Susannah, and it's ending has made me want to immediately dive right into the last book of The Dark Tower series, The Dark Tower. For the past few weeks while I've been reading SoS, I've really been eager to find out if Roland makes it to The Tower. Now, I'm a little sad to be starting the last book, the final journey. I give SoS four stars. For me, it was a great installment, no doubt, to the series. However, I can't give it the extra star to make it a five star installm [...]

    14. DTProject2017 | Book 6This used to be my least favourite book of the series. Now it's just one of the least favourites of the series, probably in the same level with the #2 book The Drawing of the ThreeReading it for the second time after 5 years I feel that things are clearer and I know what's going on.What confused me the first time and it's still unclear are the places that Susannah visits. Are there in her mind, she travels with her mind, I don't know and that's what makes this book the leas [...]

    15. 4.5 stars. A lot of people dislike vol. 6 of The Dark Tower novels but I really liked this! No matter how meta it got, I still couldn't put it down. Really fantastic. I can't honestly review it because anything I say could be construed as a spoiler, but if you're reading the novels - this is a good one. Has more of a The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands feel to it (coincidentally, my favourites in the series so far).

    16. I can't describe how happy certain events in this one has made me. It's SO good. I never expected early on that it'd go in this direction, and I love it. This literally could've only ever been written by Stephen King, and within the exact time frame that he wrote it in. There are still so many ways he could take this, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out in the next one. If you've just begun this series, or are thinking about starting it - DO IT AND KEEP GOING! Looking back, the earlier [...]

    17. Viajes inter-dimensionales al mejor estilo de Stephen King sin spoilersAbrí este libro con las expectativas mas bajas que haya tenido con libro de Stephen King alguno, debido a las malas criticas que ha tenido no solo de la gente experimentada sino también del publico común como yo, la mayoría coincidían en que este es el punto mas bajo de toda la saga y pues dejen que les diga que me ha gustado mucho, si es ese el caso el punto mas bajo de toda la saga debería de ser lobos del calla.En es [...]

    18. Really enjoyed how King wrote himself into the story. Also enjoyed the dialogue between Mia and Susannah. My heart was in my mouth for Oy a couple of times and that scene where Jake has to leave him, the tearsoh my! Stephen King, you naughty man playing with me like that!This volume did feel a little like filler for the final instalment but that's ok because I enjoyed the ride. Have a lot of questions that need answering before the end of this series. I'm not sure whether they'll all be answered [...]

    19. Well one more book to go before I’m done with this series. This book was my least favorite. It wasn’t badly written, I just despise Mia daughter on none.This book is quite short compared to the others excluding the first book, ‘ The Gunslinger ‘, and surrounds one event. I can’t speak of the event because that would be a spoiler. This event takes place in 1999 and the Ka-tet have been separated into 3 groups. Eddie and Roland, Jake, Callahan and Oy, and lastly Mia and Susanna. They mus [...]

    20. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of this instalment in the Dark Tower series. I however, am definitely not part of those people. I honestly think this is my favourite book out of the whole series. Something about it just resonates with me! I think part of the reason I enjoy it so much is that it mostly focuses on Susannah and the farther we get into the series, the more I fall in love with her. She was my favourite character after my first read of this series and this remains true so many ye [...]

    21. Steven King's magnum opus. I've given a short review of all the books below. Based largely on the strengths of books 1, 2 and 4, I rate the whole series of seven books a three.On "THE GUNSLINGER" His first book in a very long series starts out well enough.On "THE DRAWING OF THE THREE" Gotta chuk!? Gotta up-chuk!? Okay, not so bad but not as good as the first.On "THE WASTELANDS" The series improves with fast-paced, difficult to follow forays into alternate realities.On "WIZARD AND GLASS" The best [...]

    22. Juggling between 3.5 or 4 since there have been so many deux ex machina shit going on lately. Despite it all though, I was entertained.

    23. Re-read September 2016In Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower goes meta. King suddenly puts himself in the story and becomes a character that plays a major part in the Ka-tet's journey. As for the main plot, not much is happening. It was like, for the number of pages, the story could have moved a bit more. What I personally felt was the major point of this installment, was King's involvement. By using himself in the story, King not only takes his work to a whole other level writing-wise, but he also [...]

    24. Compared to other Dark Tower books, the pace of this one is practically blistering. And yet it's also true that this is basically 500+ pages (or 12+ hours, if you prefer) of exposition for the final book. There are very few writers that can do that much exposition, end with little resolved, and yet leave me basically satisfied, except for a need to go on. Not quite sure how King managed that.I also want to talk about what I think will probably be the single greatest sticking point for most reade [...]

    25. Para muchos el peor de la saga. A mí me gustó mucho y no me parece el peor. Es, para mí, uno de los tomos más importantes de la serie. En este se revelan muchas cosas que esclarecen un poco el misterio que gira en torno a la Torre Oscura y todo se va preparando para su final.

    26. Really enjoyed this one, even though it's confusing at points (though I've found a lot of the Dark Tower books confusing and I think I'll enjoy rereading them in the future!). Moving on to the final book next :O

    27. Susannah travels to New York City to have her baby, in the year 1999, with mental passengers Detta and Mia. Hoping to give chase, Roland and Eddie end up in Maine in the late 1970s where they confront notorious book collector Calvin Tower as well as a burgeoning author who knows a great deal about the Ka-Tet’s journey. But what of Father Callahan and Jake? Luckily they land in The Big Apple in 1999, but they must track down Susannah before she gives birth.This was a weird one. Song of Susannah [...]

    28. Does Stephen King writing himself into the penultimate episode of The Dark Tower make it more or less epic? Mid-way through Roland and Eddie find themselves in Stephen King’s 1977 home where they chat with the author himself. But where does this take us? When Martin Amis does it, it can seem like the height of solipsism, an author’s attempt to wank slowly and grandly in public. And yet, the substance of this visit, and King’s appearance, brings together all of King’s other books – to a [...]

    29. The journal entries at the end of the book made the rest of it worthwhile! Definitely not my favorite in the series. I didn't understand the plot of the author putting himself in the story at first, but it did grow on me. I am excited to finish the series with the final book!

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