Reinventing Your Life: How to Break Free from Negative Life Patterns

Reinventing Your Life How to Break Free from Negative Life Patterns In this vital guide Young and Klosko draw upon the breakthrough techniques of cognitive therapy to help readers recognize and change self defeating thoughts feelings and behaviors quickly and easil

Reinventing Your Life The Breakthrough Program to End Praise for Reinventing Your Life Several of the most painful petards upon which people become hoisted during an unhappy childhood are neatly dispatched here by two cognitive therapists, who attack common lifetraps destructive patterns that underlie a variety of emotional problems. Reinventing Your Life Schema Therapy For each schema, Reinventing Your Life provides specific change techniques the reader can follow, the most common childhood origins, partner choices, self defeating behavior patterns, self help exercises, and many actual case examples. Reinventing Your Life How to Break Free from Negative Reinventing Your Life How to Break Free from Negative Life Patterns and Feel Good Again by Jeffrey E Young, Janet S Klosko, Aaron T Beck Foreword by on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Will be shipped from US Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting notes REINVENTING ORGANIZATIONS Home Based on three years of research, the book Reinventing Organizations describes the emergence of a new management paradigm, a radically soulful, purposeful and powerful ways to structure and run businesses and non profits, schools and hospitals. Reinventing Your Business Model Harvard Business Review Mark W Johnson is co founder and senior partner of the strategy consulting firm Innosight and author of the new book, Reinvent Your Business Model Seizing the White Space for Transformative Slide Shows Introduction Reinventing Your Life This slide show was developed for the general public, and is based on our popular self help book, Reinventing Your Life These slides explain the basic schema therapy approach in very simple language, and is easy to understand It s a great starting point if Splitsville Reinventing America s Game Crab Rangoon Kani Kama crab, cream cheese, water chestnuts, chives are rolled and tempura fried, served with Thai chili sauce and spicy mayo.

  • Title: Reinventing Your Life: How to Break Free from Negative Life Patterns
  • Author: Jeffrey E. Young Janet S. Klosko
  • ISBN: 9780525935841
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this vital guide, Young and Klosko draw upon the breakthrough techniques of cognitive therapy to help readers recognize and change self defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors quickly and easily.

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    1. کتابی که به نظرم همه باید بخونن. فوق العاده و مفید.توی این کتاب درباره تله های(طرحواره) زندگی صحبت شده، علت شکل گیری این تله ها توضیح داده شده و اینکه چه تاثیری توی زندگی حال و اینده شما خواهد گذاشت و همچنین توضیح میده که گذشته شما چگونه باعث شکل گیری این تله ها شده است. همه تله ه [...]

    2. Reinventing Your Life came highly recommended by a therapist who is helping me work through a series of traumatic events that took place in my early adulthood. It is an introduction to schema therapy, or what the authors refer to as "lifetraps" - self defeating, self destructive patterns of behavior that are essentially comfortable (but damaging) recreations of traumas we have suffered in childhood or early adulthood - and an explanation of how to move past them. If you have experienced trauma, [...]

    3. It took me a little longer than usual to get through this, but it certainly wasn't because I didn't find it fascinating was because I was binge-watching the entire first season of Orange is the New Black.Psychological examples are always super interesting to me, and the individuals' stories that illustrate the lifetraps are what I liked best.From this book, I learned that my primary lifetrap is Social Exclusion, which brought on Unrelenting Standards, all with a small side of Subjugation. Bestes [...]

    4. Learned so much from this book which was easy to read and a great piece of therapy. There's something quite comforting in reading about other peoples problems! Made me realise I'm not as messed up as I thought I was! Or rather,that I've somehow managed to make sense of this crazy thing we call life. I highly recommend it for anyone who is stuck or unable to move forward,and hope it helps you too. (P.S. It was my crazy ex's psychologist that first recommended it to him- funnily enough he never re [...]

    5. This is a great book. It has a huge self-evaluation and it is so thorough, it's actually true. You find what weaknesses you are prone to and you can adjust from there. I read this book because it was raved by my friend who eventually became my husband. Everyone has "negative behavior". This book pinpoints it, the reasons why and by the time you're finished, you feel empowered toward self-improvement.

    6. خُب خُب خُب.طرح‌واره‌ها قالب‌های فکری‌ای هستن که بر اساسِ تجربیاتِ دورانِ کودکی شکل می‌گیرن و بر اساسِ اونا ما زندگی رو حلاجی می‌کنیم. و از اون‌جا که در سنینِ پایین شکل گرفته می‌شن، لذا به سختی هم تغییر می‌کنن؛ چرا که خیلی توی شخصیتِ ما ریشه دَوونْدَن.برای مثال طرح‌واره [...]

    7. Reinventing Your Life is a self-help book based on schema therapy, a fairly new type of psychotherapy which is mainly (though not exclusively) used to treat personality disorders. A schema is basically a set of related thoughts, beliefs and behaviours which can either be healthy or maladaptive. The authors discuss 11 common maladaptive schemas or "lifetraps", including emotional deprivation ("I'll never get the love I need"), unrelenting standards ("It's never quite good enough") and social excl [...]

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    12. I've recommended Young's schema test to dozens of friends. It's endorsed by most psychologists I know and an amazing tool to look at yourself and discover your self-defeating patterns, the modes of thinking and behaviour that hold you back from living a fulfilling life. For me, figuring out those schemas was probably the second most important revelation moment after defining my life purpose. The awareness of those schemas and some basic flashcards I read daily for some time have been a huge help [...]

    13. Extremely insightful and practical handbook that sheds light on very many core lifetraps that one can find oneself trapped in. Practical because the clear index of the book, each chapter talking about one of the 11 core lifetraps (i.e. social exclusion, abandonment or defectiveness) with a self test in how far this lifetrap applies to you, dangers of this lifetrap and clear steps in overcoming and changing it. Insightful because Young and Klosko do not shy away from also giving ample insight on [...]

    14. I've only read the first 3 chapters at my therapists recommendation. We're working through some of this stuff and she wanted to see if I could relate to any of these "schemas". It's all very fascinating to think about - kind of mind blowing, actually. I may never finish the book because of the work I will be doing with my therapist individually (and she let me borrow her copy of the book, temporarily) - but it seems like a worthwhile read and like it could really benefit people who maybe don't h [...]

    15. Beneficial or not, depending on what schemata (lifetraps) you may or may not have. For me: depressing as hell. But, allegedly, I can "Feel Great Again." Great? Again? Hmmm. I think I'd rather a precursor Inventing Your Life to guide my starting from scratch.I do, however, take heart in Steve Almond stating on p.31 in (Not That You Asked):"Despair is a form of hope."

    16. Recommended to me by my therapist - a way to learn about maladaptive schemas and how we respond to events in our lives. Really keen to get this one.

    17. "Program zmiany sposobu życia" śmiało może być polecany jako jeden z kamieni milowych dla tych, którzy są już w drodze do wewnętrznego rozwoju lub dla tych, którzy dopiero do tej drogi się szykują. To bardzo przejrzysty przewodnik po schematach zachowań, które niestety supłają, w mniejszym lub większym stopniu życie większości z nas. Jak można się domyślić, wspomniane schematy, to pułapki psychologiczne, które zastawiono na nas - a jakże, w dzieciństwie - a które w [...]

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    20. Everyone should read this book. I usually avoid titles like thisI have a hard time with "programs" that make grandiose claims. But I studies Young's schema therapy in school before finding out he wrote a book for the general public and there is plenty of sound research behind it.He and coauthor cover the reasons why we do stuff we do and include self-tests to see which "lifetraps" we should focus on. For anyone who experiences anxietyn't that everyone? and a broad range of other symptoms.

    21. Decent book, but nothing I didn't know. I've seen this cited on various websites and forums as a totally life-changing book, but it didn't do much for me. If you already know your weaknesses and what you need to change in order to overcome them, this is probably a waste of your time. If not, it may be informative and provide some direction and examples toward bettering yourself and your life.

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    23. it's sad seeing how some forgotten problems in the past are screwing your life NOW. reading this book, there were times when i couldn't stop crying. but still, it was a necessity to face my problems, and take an approach to cure them.

    24. I'm normally pretty skeptical about self-help books and the whole self-help industry. But my therapist recommended this one, so I figured what the hell. About hundred pages in, it seems okay. And it continued okay till the end. Didn't change my life though.

    25. Well written, easy to read, great practical ideas, repetitive, overly focused on the family and misses the mark on the importance of peers in the formative years, realistic portrayal of how difficult change can be.

    26. Very easy to read, but allows you to quickly understand some of your schemas, and some quick strategies to help you address these. Highly recommended

    27. One of the most important books of my life. I used it a lot in order to try to understand and help my patients. LOVE IT and LOVE the work of Jeffrey E. Young!

    28. Incredibly insightful book! Helps you see the hurtful and unhealthy behaviors in your life and where they came from.

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