Lord Perfect

Lord Perfect IDEALThe heir to the Earl of Hargate Benedict Carsington Viscount Rathbourne is the perfect aristocrat Tall dark and handsome he is known for his impeccable manners and good breeding Benedict kn

  • Title: Lord Perfect
  • Author: Loretta Chase
  • ISBN: 9780425208885
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • IDEALThe heir to the Earl of Hargate, Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, is the perfect aristocrat Tall, dark, and handsome, he is known for his impeccable manners and good breeding Benedict knows all the rules and has no trouble following them until she enters his lifeFAMOUSBathsheba Wingate belongs to the rotten branch of the DeLucey family a notorious lot oIDEALThe heir to the Earl of Hargate, Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, is the perfect aristocrat Tall, dark, and handsome, he is known for his impeccable manners and good breeding Benedict knows all the rules and has no trouble following them until she enters his lifeFAMOUSBathsheba Wingate belongs to the rotten branch of the DeLucey family a notorious lot of liars, frauds, and swindlers Small wonder her husband s high born family disowned him Now widowed, she s determined to give her daughter a stable life and a proper upbringing Nothing and no one will disrupt Bathsheba s plans until he enters her life SCANDALOUSThen Bathsheba s hoyden daughter lures Benedict s precocious nephew into a quest for a legendary treasure To recover the would be knights errant, Benedict and Bathsheba must embark on a rescue mission that puts them in dangerous, intimate proximity It s a situation virtually guaranteed to end in mayhem even scandal if anyone else were involved But Benedict is in perfect control of events Perfect control, despite his mad desire to break all the rules Perfect control Really.

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    1. It was exceedingly Difficult for me to write This Review. Nonetheless, I must bow to a greater Necessity: To Express how much I loved this Book. I know I risk failing to convey my Opinion as well as I wish, but be assured that I have tried to do My Best.Benedict Carsington, VISCOUNT RATHBOURNE, is the Heir to the EARL OF HARGATE and an acknowledged Paragon. He is always perfectly attired, his manners are impecable and his behavior is above reproach. He lives by a set of Rules that has been insti [...]

    2. Written September 12, 20154.3 Stars - Hilarious fun and the very best characters to imagineI "read" Lord Perfect with help of the 10 hrs audiobook. Splendid narrated as always by a fantastic Kate Reading. Wonderful amusing 10 hours of listening.Mature historicals, by for example Loretta Chase, are the very best. This kind of witty humorous, amusing, playfully and slightly ironic told romances always do it for me. Narrated by a favorite voice, as here, and it is nearly full point again. — Glad [...]

    3. 5+ adorable stars!I loved it! I absolutely adored it! This book reminded me of how I fell in love with reading. It is impossible without Loretta Chase’s gift with words to convey how wonderful this book is! It goes straight to my favs!Some books make you wish you hadn't already used 5 stars because it is way to good to be lumped together with the rest. This book is one of them. It had absolutely everything. It is fresh, unique, charming, romantic, heart tugging, sexy, heartwarming, lol-funny a [...]

    4. Another wonderful audio book narrated by Kate Reading. And another beautiful story by one of my favourite authors.Benedict Carsington is the perfect first-born son of the very powerful and supremely Machiavellian Earl of Hargate. He has always done what is right, what is expected of him, striving to make his parents proud and bring honour to the family name. He is a philanthropist, a clever politician with an interest in the criminal law, and a devoted uncle. Oh, and he is also hot. Perfect, in [...]

    5. Ever since reading "Lord of Scoundrels", Loretta Chase has become one of my favourite authors. With a combination of larger than life heroes, strong but feminine heroines and bags of humour, her books are a joy to read and "Lord Perfect" is no exception.When Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, and Bathsheba Wingate catch sight of each other across the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly, there is a mutual spark of attraction. Benedict is ‘the embodiment of the noble ideal, everything aristocrats [...]

    6. To use one of my favourite historical romance words: I'm overset. Shed a little tear at the end of this. I think it might be perfect, and I'm not trying to make some clever play on the title, I simply do not think there is even one single damned flaw with this book. Loretta Chase can write. She writes period appropriate books which stretch the historical constraints of the time in which they're set, but don't break them. Benedict, Lord Perfect. A man made unhappy by his desire to be entirely t [...]

    7. Once again, Kate Reading turns a so-so book (for me) into a five-star listen! The coolest thing is how she adjusts her Benedict voice from the perfect gentleman into a what-the-hell-I'm-in-love-with-this-woman. She's also excellent with the two children's voices and they rather steal the show. Highly recommended.

    8. This is a lovely romance and enjoyable read. It's the third in a series that features an Earl scheming to marry off his expensive sons. His heir is the featured hero here, and he is paired with an infamous Dreadful DeLucey as a heroine. The dreadful DeLuceys are featured again in the Dressmaker series, which I also really enjoyed. Loretta Chase has a writing style that flows well and keeps me interested in the story.This book features two tweens who lead the h&h on a merry chase, forcing the [...]

    9. It feels like I've been plowing my way through Loretta Chase's Carsington Brothers series for a while now, so it somehow surprises me to realise that Lord Perfect is only the third book.While I liked its predecessors, Miss Wonderful and Mr. Impossible, well enough, there was something about them that just made them feel a little too close to work, if you know what I mean. I never quite lost myself while reading and was overly conscious of how many pages were left.Well, I am very pleased to say, [...]

    10. I kept leaving this one, even though I should know better! The synopsis just didn't appeal to me. Benedict (Lord Perfect), Bathsheba (the most notorious woman in England) and two runaway children on the hunt for lost treasure - nope just didn't appeal. HOW WRONG WAS I? Absolutely wonderful, I giggled my way through this perfect audio book; the fantastic Loretta Chase and highly talented Kate Reading have just done it again.This is possibly the best audio book I've ever listened to which involves [...]

    11. 4.5 starsThis was very cute! Still not my favorite by Ms. Chase ( andwin that) but I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend this to all of her fans. The hero, Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, is quite a starchy (and HOT) man, whose wife died some years previous to the story. He has a 13-year-old nephew, Peregrine, who he is watching. Bathsheba Wingate (I love that name Bathsheba! Too bad she took down Kind David. And you know this name only belongs to the uber beautiful) is a widow with a [...]

    12. I've given this an A+ for narration and a B+ for content at AudioGalsLord Perfect is the third book in Ms Chase’s Carsington Family series, and whereas the first two (Miss Wonderful and Mr. Impossible) featured two of the scapegrace sons of the Earl of Hargate, this book concentrates on Benedict, Viscount Rathbourne, the earl’s very respectable eldest son. Unlike his younger brothers, Benedict is a sterling example of a man of propriety and responsibility and one about whom there has never b [...]

    13. I'm still trying to figure out how I missed a good an author as Loretta Chase for this long. I only discovered her a little over 6 months ago with the much talked about Lord of Scoundrals which blew me away. Lord Perfect is the third book of hers I've now read and though I wish I had started with the first book in this series, I just loved the story of Benedict, the paragon of everything an aristrocrat should be and Bathsheba, the notorious woman from an even more notorious family who once lured [...]

    14. This is a great addition to this series. It has the same witty, fresh writing, same interesting characters and same great plot. The use of the setting was somewhat less unique than the previous two in the series, so I marked it down one star.I don't normally like children in romance, but the use of adolescents, and smart ones at that, makes for a great change, and they are exciting, intriguing characters in themselves. The hero and heroine, meanwhile, are excellently matched. She's trying to liv [...]

    15. December 2016 review:My review below still stands. This book, and all the characters in it, are delightful. I think this is my favorite Chase book, it's right up there with Dukes Prefer Blondes.March 2012 review:This was my favorite of the bunch. This was my favorite. I loved this novel so much I can't even describe it. I love all the supporting characters and shenanigans and dear lord, Bathsheba telling Lord Hargate he only needed to give her twenty pounds to make her go away cracked me up. And [...]

    16. Awww me encantó esta historia Loretta no defrauda con sus pintorescos personajes.Me gustó mucho sobre todo el humor que es muy carateristico en esta serie, Benedict y Betsabé me encantaron como protagonistas, la quimica entre ellos estuvo buenisima (de verdad que no me molestó o no lo sentí que se enamoraran tan rápido). y todos lo demas personajes secundarios estuvieron muy pero muy bien.Me reí con las situaciones jajaja y muchas de los momentos que más me causaron risa fueron con Lord [...]

    17. Fun and light this book was a sweet read. I immensely enjoyed Peregrine and Olivia, two kids in an adventure that will drive their adults insane (and straight into love).It could have been a five star but for the way things were wrapped up. Too neatly, too easy, too instantly. Apart from that it was nicely done, with the characters unveiling the real people under their “public personas”.Benedict is a sexy, smart and lovable hero and Bathsheba is adorable and fun.Can’t wait to read more boo [...]

    18. I was skeptical when I first opened the book and saw that there were children involved in the story-line. Kids tend to get on my nerves, so if I'd known they had a big part in this novel, I never would have borrowed it from the library. I decided to give it a few pages, then a few pages more. Overall, I liked the first half pretty well. I even didn't mind the kids because they were entertaining. I did have some problems with the plot, mainly with Bathsheba literally running into Benedict every t [...]

    19. 3.5 starsIt was enjoyable story. Like all of Ms Chase's stories, it includes witty dialogue, a delicious hero, likable heroine (not an annoying one) and a nice chemistry.One after read lots of romance books, one can be a picky reader. I feel that kind of one in these days. Sometimes you can tolerate nonsense things but sometimes you want to read more reliable plots and developments. After reading the Dancing on Coals book, I know I would be a diffucult reader to be satisfied. Maybe because of th [...]

    20. I admit, besides that this book was written by Loretta Chase, it's the cover that made me want to read it.Imagine, he's standing against that door frame, wearing unbuttoned see through frilly shirt, with a come hither blazing gaze, tapping the riding crop against his powerful thigh swoon.For once the hero is not a rake or a scoundrel. Benedict is a perfect gentleman, who knows his duties and does them perfectly. So what is he doing with a scandalous woman such as Bathsheba? Even when she herself [...]

    21. Having read both Miss Wonderful and Mr Impossible the first two books in the Carsington brothers series both of which I enjoyed I was happy to dip into the third book. But imagine my surprise - given my general love of rogues and bad boys - when it was the perfect Carsington brother Benedict who turned out to be my favourite hero. Maybe it had to do with Bathsheba his heroine, because it was an absolute delight watching him slowly lose all his inhibitions and self-righteousness as a result of hi [...]

    22. Benedict aka Lord Rathbourne tidak akan menyangka bhw mencarikan guru lukis bagi keponakannya, Peregrine, akan membawanya ke petualangan seru lainnya. Bathsheba, guru lukis dan janda seorang putri yg bengal-nya setengah mati, jg tidak menyangka Olivia, anaknya akan menyeret Peregrine utk mencari harta karun nenek moyangnya.Dlm petualangan mencari anak2 ini, Benedict dan Bathsheba tidak bisa menghindari dari ketertarikan masing2. Tapi sebagaimana layaknya sepasang org dewasa dan mereka berdua sud [...]

    23. Az a jó ebben a tökéletes lordban, hogy annyira azért mégsem tökéletes, de amikor kell… Amikor elkezdtem olvasni (az első gyors végigszaladás után), nem gondoltam volna, hogy öt pontot adok rá, de ahogy haladtam előre a történetben, egyre jobban tetszett. Kicsit csalódtam, mert valahogy arra számítottam, hogy a gyerekek kalandjainak több teret szentel az írónő. (Igaz, a cím Tökéletes lord, nem pedig Ördögfiókák, de akkor is…) Peregrine is remek kis fickó (úgy [...]

    24. Where has Lord Perfect been all my life? I can't believe this historical novel never made it to my bookshelf. I really loved this story, and especially the escapades along the Bath Road, a road I'm very familiar with in its modern form. (And the only minor quibble I had was the distances involved--how did they get so far in one night? I hope they changed the horse. And poor Thomas.) I think most of all I loved the language in this book, the precise formal dialog, the children's precociousness--a [...]

    25. Another great installment in the Carsington series! I really enjoyed this one and it has become the favourite in the series for me, these books just seem to get better and better! I could see the attraction between teh two characters and for ir was a very believable romanceI was unsure if I would like Benedict Carsington, but I found immdiatley that that wasn't an issue, I love it when the strait laced go off the rails a bit, whether they be the hero or heroine. Bathsheba Wingate was also a grea [...]

    26. She married her true love. He married a woman suited to his position. She has a daughter who wants to be a knight and go on a noble quest. He has a nephew whose passion is all things Egyptian. She lost her husband, he lost his wife. Nobody is perfect, not even Lord Perfect, despite what the world believes. Well, now is his chance to prove the world wrong.The children lead the adults on a merry chase, and the merry chase catchs the adults, tossing them about in a cauldron of passion and love. I [...]

    27. I am thoroughly enjoying this series and so far, this one has been the best in my opinion. I love the kids' subplot, it made it so much more entertaining. As always, LC shines in her dialogue.

    28. Review of audiobook--wonderful romance and great narrator!Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, is the eldest son and heir of the politically powerful Earl of Hargate. He has four younger brothers, none of whom have ever been expected to shoulder remotely the number of responsibilities he has. He is currently 37 years old, and he has been groomed since childhood to be, at all times, perfectly bred, perfectly groomed, and perfectly responsible. Because he has lived a life of blameless rectitu [...]

    29. I don’t normally read bodice-ripper romance novels. Heck, I normally don’t read any romance novels for the most part. If my YA book or fantasy includes love interests, I love it, but I don’t read them specifically for the sex or romance. I was given this book as a way to “broaden my horizons”, and I guess you can consider them broadened, though I’ll be honest when I say I haven’t read enough in this genre to know what makes a “good” romance novel or not.For starters, I never be [...]

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