Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman

Churchill The Prophetic Statesman Perhaps it is a cliche that a politician thinks of the next election and a statesman of the next generation yet my grandfather found merit in the maxim He had known leaders he esteemed as the greates

  • Title: Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman
  • Author: James C. Humes
  • ISBN: 9781596987753
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perhaps it is a cliche that a politician thinks of the next election and a statesman of the next generation, yet my grandfather found merit in the maxim He had known leaders he esteemed as the greatest of statesmen Churchill, however, was the leader he admired above all In hundreds of studies of Churchill, no one else, remarkably enough, has focused on Churchill s predic Perhaps it is a cliche that a politician thinks of the next election and a statesman of the next generation, yet my grandfather found merit in the maxim He had known leaders he esteemed as the greatest of statesmen Churchill, however, was the leader he admired above all In hundreds of studies of Churchill, no one else, remarkably enough, has focused on Churchill s predictions and prophecies James Humes has produced a book that is unique as well as necessary for an understanding of statesmanship David Eisenhower, author and senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute

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    1. There is always something new to learn about Churchill's amazing life. In this book it was that during WW1 he had himself flown across the channel from London then over no mans land so he could report on battles direct to the cabinet in the evening. The book is good as a catalogue of all the extraordinary predictions and insights of his long career but the authors hero worship starts to wear a bit thin towards the end and I started to crave a bit more balance and context. It starts to sound a bi [...]

    2. There are many books about Winston Churchill but this one is unique. Whereas others may feature all or a portion of his life “Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman” is essentially a collection of statements and predictions made by Churchill that came true. The predictions run a broad gamut from the start of World War I, his own return to power, Arab Radicalism, the fall of Hitler and the Iron Curtain, the development of atomic weapons and the date of his own death to name just a few.I view this [...]

    3. If you are a fan of Churchill you’ll want to read or listen to this book. It would also be a great gift! I found it interesting as well as informative – both on a level that forced a “Wow!” out of me from time to time. Although I enjoyed listening to the book I would recommend also reading the print book. I had to stop and ‘rewind’ more than a few times to get the full gist of what had just been said. If I’d been reading the actual book there would have been a lot of highlighting i [...]

    4. I thought it was great. I listened to the audiobook, and the reader did a great job including a consistently sound (and not overdone) Churchill impersonation when the book quoted Churchill. This added to the overall experience. I have read multiple biographies of Churchill (including the standard-setting Manchester books), but none which focused specifically on Churchill's long-term vision. The man undeniably saw the world farther and clearer than just about any other leader of the last 100 year [...]

    5. This book checks out how well Churchill predicted the future. It is an interesting concept and idea. Although Churchill would have dismissed it. A Politician needs, “the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen.” It is a good book but author may be too in love with his subject. Humes makes makes good case.It is interesting to see how Churchill could envision what would happ [...]

    6. When I started a leadership training we were asked to choose a leadership figure that we would like to emulate and am proud off, I choose Churchill. This book gives me an understanding why he is called a man with an iron will. If one is faced with so much opposition, it will often cause one to doubt his/hers ownself, but the case is not true for Churchill. This book tells another story about Churchill, it tells a story by which a leader has this ability to forecast the future and with that skill [...]

    7. This was fascinating. The author's basic premise - that Churchill had such a strong knowledge of history that he was able to predict major historic events - was well illustrated. He quoted from essays Churchill wrote as an adolescent schoolboy through to speeches he made through is political career and beyond. (He coined the phrase "Iron Curtain" at a post WWII speech in Fulton, MO.)

    8. A well written and well documented book on a most amazing man. So many great quotes and insights. A pleasure to read.

    9. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."This book was a revelation on the many predictions that Winston Churchill made during his life. It all started with a grade school report where he predicted World War I. Was Churchill psychic? No, says the author. Instead Churchill studied history and learned from it to see what the future would hold. He once said that the farther back you go in history, the [...]

    10. I have never read any of Humes books before, but I did like the first that I read by him. This book got my attention. Yes this book was a little hard for me to understand because it does use some advanced history that I have not yet looked into or learned about. Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman is a great book if you really are interested in history. This book explains all the wonderful accomplishments that Churchill had in his lifetime. He predicted things in history no one will ever forget [...]

    11. The term "ahead of his time" is often thrown around casually at times. But this guy was almost like a true biblical prophet. He was not well received in his own country due to his views on what would happen in world affairs. His views were born mainly from a firm ability to recognize the patterns of the past. He was at the forefront of technology where he predicted cell phones and other wireless communications. He was the first to advocate for the plane to be used in warfare. He introduced the t [...]

    12. I've grown interested in Churchill in recent months and sought this book out based on its premise, which is to re-examine the countless "prophetic" statements Churchill made amid the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century, and the man's excellence and success as the on-again, off-again leader of Britain.The writer definitely has a special place in his heart for Churchill and perhaps gives the man too much credit at times, and brushes aside the man's occasional failures with little regard [...]

    13. Statesman. Soldier. And, according to this book, prophet. On subjects as diverse as the nature of WWI, the rise of the Soviet Union, modern technology, nuclear weapons, Hitler, the Iron Curtain, the Indian Partition, his defeat in the UK's 1945 election, the United Nations, the European Union, and the date of his own death, the British Bulldog proved surprisingly prescient.The voice-over of the audiobook is magnificent, and the overview of the momentous events of Churchill's life ensure that the [...]

    14. Interesting focus on just one characteristic of Churchill: his ability to forecast world events many years in advance. It's easy to see some of those forecasts as incredibly accurate but the author is at times a bit too liberal in pronouncing a "prophecy," that is, some of them are applied to events without a great deal of relevancy and seem a stretch to attribute to Churchill. Still, interesting view on his statements and writings as they relate to the future of the world. Greatest was his essa [...]

    15. Phenomenal man and phenomenal read. I was wary at first because the first couple chapters about WWI seemed to be all about military strategy but the book picked up soon after that. Churchill's prescience when it came to statecraft and humanity in general is uncanny. I particularly enjoyed his approach to education, and the need to moderate science with the humanities, and his continuous stressing of the importance of studying history. Surprisingly, I also loved his characterizations of Americans [...]

    16. David Eisenhower’s (Dwight’s grandson) forward was perfect. I agree with those that feel Churchill was fearless in speaking out his warnings and predictions…not at all worried what others thought. He spoke without fear of being unpopular, “risking political death or defeat”. He told people what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear. I loved the comment Nixon made about Churchill…that he had his own crystal ball. I could read this againChurchill is a man I greatly admire.

    17. Fascinating book on the incredible ability of Winston Churchill to be aware of what was ahead. "A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen." Winston Churchill

    18. This was definitely worth the read, although the term "prophetic" may be overkill. Nonetheless, Hume does a good job of showing just how smart and seeped in historical narrative Churchill was. The only downside is Hume's more-or-less unquestioning acceptance of Churchill's beliefs regarding political stances.

    19. My boyfriend recommended this book and I thought it's a good chance for me to extend my "usual spectrum". While I do believe there was a bit too much emphasis on the "prophecies" that turned out to be correct, I could not help but wonder what would his thoughts on the current political situation be.

    20. Fascinating account of Churchill's predictive powers. For instance, He accurately predicted the date of his death. He also said of the value of history, "the farther one looks into the past, the farther ahead one can see into the future." This is a great overview of Churchill's life and worth reading.

    21. My first book on Sir Winston Churchill. He could see trends, and let his insights be known. The farther back you look into history. The clearer you view of the future was his greatest piece of advice. Great look at his beliefs. This will give a good introduction into the other books written about him.

    22. I give this book credit for helping me think about Winston Churchill in a different light. I don't agree with everything in it, but I didn't expect to. There are important political lessons to learn, and some unfortunate mistakes to learn from. Maybe not the most enlightening book I ever read, but every little bit helps.

    23. Silly selective Hagiography! No mention about Chemical gassing of Kurds by him, something that Chemical Ali would do again. Or how about gloating about dead in Bengal Famine caused by his Empire, and then sending a telegram to India to check if the famine dead included Gandhi!

    24. With his vast knowledge of history, Churchill looked at what was happening around him and made several significant predictions on what would come, and he was generally right. This book is about his predictions and what happenedd is still happening show them to be correct.

    25. Insightful, engaging and thought-provoking. Churchill was not a prophet but he certainly used his knowledge of history, politics and warfare to accurately predict many of the major events of his time. Definitely worth the read.

    26. not so much a biography of Churchill but very interesting narrative about the different predictions that he made as a statesman that came true from Hitler to the Cold War and his own death.

    27. My favorite and most entertaining statesman of all time. Good read if you are like me and are fairly well read on Winston S. Churchill.

    28. There was some interesting information about Churchill and historical moments, but I found the book difficult to read at times. The writing style was rather dry.

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