Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence After months of menacing phone calls and feeling that her every move is being watched successful writer Beryl Madison flees Key West when a terrifying message is scratched on her car But the very nig

  • Title: Body of Evidence
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780743493918
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • After months of menacing phone calls and feeling that her every move is being watched, successful writer Beryl Madison flees Key West when a terrifying message is scratched on her car But the very night she returns to Richmond, she deactivates her burglar alarm and opens her door to someone who nearly decapitates her Why did she let him in, wonders Chief Medical ExaminerAfter months of menacing phone calls and feeling that her every move is being watched, successful writer Beryl Madison flees Key West when a terrifying message is scratched on her car But the very night she returns to Richmond, she deactivates her burglar alarm and opens her door to someone who nearly decapitates her Why did she let him in, wonders Chief Medical Examiner Dr Kay Scarpetta And, why is Beryl s latest manuscript missing Persuing the answers involves Scarpetta in the murder of another writer Beryl s jealous mentor While she copes with a variety of personal and professional problems, Scarpetta s high tech forensic skills enable her to collect a body of evidence clues that would mean little without her intelligence, compassion, and imagination that leads her directly into a nightmare all her own.

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    1. I was such a gruesome kid in that I loved to read this series. Blood never bothered me, and the more psychopaths you throw at me, the happier of a reader I am. I think I learned some anatomy from this book. :)The descriptions are vivid, not for the faint-hearted. Hits close to him when it's about a writer being murdered. Almost decapitated. The MC, Scarpetta, is a challenging character. She's so honest and raw, you have to respect and love her. But she's also got this side of her where I'd be a [...]

    2. The first book was good, this one's even better! It amazes me how Patricia Cornwell can make everything look so unclear at first then shows you the big picture when she pieces it all together in the end. This book kept me at the edge of my seat and I have learned to become genuinely interested in every character. Definitely worth reading especially for CSI fans like me!Quotable Quotes"Some people simply want company.""I didn't know what I wanted. Maybe I never had.""The older I got, the more I w [...]

    3. 3 StarsI don't know whether it's the writing itself or the time when it was written (early 90s), but Kay Scarpetta is one silly broad, who constantly makes choices that had me scratching my head in confusion (and frustration). For a character that is so beloved I can't quite find the appeal (yet). And her detective friend (?), Marino, is wholly unlikable, with his gruff, assholish demeanour, and his constant prejudice slurs and harsh judgements of nearly everyone he comes into contact with who i [...]

    4. This series is what I call a "guilty pleasure". Not at all high-brow, but easy to read thrillers with some mystery, and I have to admit that I enjoy the gruesome details about forensic pathology. Being an engineering type, I like to know the details behind things, how things work, in particular when it comes to problem solving or investigative techniques.I do love the character of Kay Scarpetta; she's a strong, smart woman who is also attractive. She makes me nuts sometimes when she does risky t [...]

    5. Cornwell brings Dr. Kay Scarpetta back in the critically acclaimed series to test her wiles in a new and disturbing manner. When a murdered author is found in her home, investigators are left with little to know insight, which bothers Scarpetta almost as much as the slaying itself. Questions grow exponentially while answers remain deftly hidden behind layers of the victim’s past. Scarpetta and the police being piecing things together, discovering a deeper back story related to her current piec [...]

    6. Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Virginia Chief Medical Examiner is again in the middle of mysterious murders and personal vendettas!Lieutenant Pete Marino summons Scarpetta to the house of shy fiction writer and murder victim, Beryl Madison. Blood is everywhere. Knife wounds are like that, especially when deep defense injuries are dripping while the victim is trying to run away down a hallway and up a stairway, down another hall and into her bedroom. Oh well. She didn't suffer much pain after bleeding out fr [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. Not nearly as good as the first in the series, but I know this series gets better. I don't think I ever read this one, though. There were some interesting twists in this, definitely not what I would have guessed. A solid entry in the series, but without the crackle of the first, Postmortem. I'll definitely continue with the series.

    8. Decent but pretty routine addition to the series. Two brutal murders linked together, her ex making an unexpected return, a celebrity lawyer out to ruin her and some small red herring to keep you guessing. Started well and then tailed away. Still - love the heroine so will be sticking with the series.

    9. Lackluster, especially after the introduction of Al Hunt (no, not that Al Hunt) and his mentally ill friend Frankie. An utterly tedious denouement, with the reveal of the killer's identity the most soporific moment of the novel. Much dull bloviation about Key West and its gay population. A lost opportunity to make (view spoiler)[Mark James, Scarpetta's ex-lover, the killer (hide spoiler)].

    10. “Restraining orders aren’t worth the paper they’re written on,” I retorted, my anger nudging me closer to the limits of self-control. Not a year went by that I didn’t autopsy half a dozen brutalized women whose husbands or boyfriends had been slapped with restraining orders.----Marino snorted. “It’s like in your place, Doc. No such thing as preventive medicine. We’re nothing but a damn cleanup crew. Can’t do a damn thing until after the fact, when there’s hard evidence. Like [...]

    11. I used to teach this installment of the Scarpetta series as the example of the "mystery" genre in a novels class.Basic Plot: a writer of historical romances is found murdered, and Kay Scarpetta is on the case again.Considering the fact that I taught this book, I remember it fairly well, even years after reading it. The pacing was good and there were plenty of red herrings that I used to love to use to torture my students with. If I have any complaints about it, they lie in the fact that the "big [...]

    12. Why read: Reading the series.What impressed me: Body of Evidence was definitely a topsy-turvy mystery. Not only do you not know what's going on with the victims, you really don't have nay clue who to trust in the investigation either. Kay's not knowing friend from foe in her personal life adds a lot of tension and intrigue to the story. And either Cornwell does much better in this second book with laying off the excessive explanations, or I'm just getting used to her writing style.What disappoin [...]

    13. This was my first Patricia Cornwall and I enjoyed the quality of writing but overall I think the detail was overwhelming and I'm not sure I will be reading another PC just yet. I have to acknowledge that the story did lead you down certain routes and the truth was revealed. There was a lot of dialogue and protracted evidence and technical descriptions which I found a little laborious.

    14. Need to be reviewed.EDIT: I actually prefer the later books to the early books. I think her writing got stronger.Mariano was so unlikeable in the early books.

    15. This is the second Kay Scarpetta murder mystery, and I found it even better than the first one, if only because the killer did not come out of nothing, but was previously mentioned in passing earlier in the book. (Scarpetta observes in this book that murder does not happen in a vacuum; everything is connected somehow. And that is also how murder mystery novels should be.)It is 1987, a year after the previous book; Kay Scarpetta is still the Chief Medical Examiner for Virginia, Pete Marino is now [...]

    16. The heroine is Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia. Oh, no, you say, another Ouincv. Wrong, corpse-breath. Scarpetta is intelligent, short, (we don't know whether she is attractive or not, a relief) and she doesn't swoon over each drooling Sylvester Stallone imitation that happens by. (That's something I've always wondered about: How does Travis McGee, the blue-Rolls-Royce-truck-driving hero of John MacDonald's colored-titled novels avoid AIDS, since he seems to have the se [...]

    17. A solid murder mystery that, thankfully, does not rely too much on the forensic science element to further the plot. Cornwell is a terrific writer, and I enjoy her Kay Scarpetta character more than most detectives from other series. The book is fun and light, never disappointing but never reaching the upper echelons of great storytelling, either. Great for a long airplane ride, but not a book you're likely to remember well a couple years after you read it.

    18. Author, Beryl Madison flees Key West when a terrifying message is scratched on her car.Kay Scarpetta pursues the case of, "Who murdered Beryl Madison and why."What a great series. The action is exciting, the plot is moving, and the characters are intriguing. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta is a likable character. Her high-tech forensic skills enable her to collect a body of evidence.Even though Beryl is murdered, her life lives on. During the investigation, it's like she's there. I love [...]

    19. Number 2 in the Dr Scarpetta series. This mystery takes place over a twenty years, or so, period. At first it sees simple. A young woman's body is found mutilated and the murder is investigated. But as more mutilated bodies keep turning up it soon becomes obvious that thing are not as simple as first thought. To get to the truth Kay and her sidekick, Lt Marino, need to find out what happened almost twenty years ago.As you read it's hard to imagine how the past and the present will come together [...]

    20. An author receiving threatening phone calls decides to hide for a while down in Key West and work on her memoir. She’s murdered the very night she sets foot back in Richmond. Kay Scarpetta, Richmond Chief Medical Examiner, investigates the case along with the intensely dislikable Lieutenant Marino. It looks like a psycho stalker did the deed, but the missing manuscript has an unscrupulous and greedy agent complicating the investigation in order to get his hands on the valuable pages.Cornwell [...]

    21. A murder of a promising young author opens a chain of events that may threaten Dr Kay Scarpetta herself. Can the police catch the stalker before something horrible happens? or something like that. It's my second Scarpetta book and already I can see the common scheme behind the two novels. It starts with homicide, then Scarpetta is attacked by journalists / lawyers / random guys who just want to make a fuss (always because she's a woman on an important position, and she is never helped by anyone) [...]

    22. A good murder mystery needs three key components: a sympathetic victim, a fast pace, and an intricately woven web of clues for the reader to unravel right along with the book's crime solving entities. Cornwell's Body of Evidence meets these standards. Right out of the gate, she introduces the victim, Beryl Madison, through the woman's own words – sharing with readers letters written by Beryl to the mysterious 'M,' a moniker later revealed to be a red herring. As more characters are introduced, [...]

    23. I think it is not as good as other Scarpetta novels. The plot is somewhat loose and compressed only at the end. There is not much thrill reading this one, less gore, too much drama and quite uninteresting characters, especially the killer. A schizophrenic killer, with childhood troubles is frankly common. Though most murderers are loose in the head, writers of this genre must make the person interesting and amuse the readers on the workings of a criminally insane mind as Cornwell has done in her [...]

    24. Body of Evidence is the second book of Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series which I'm currently revisiting in order to bring myself up to speed to read the books she's released over the last ten years. Review of Postmortem, book 1 is here.I am a stickler for doing things in order. I won't watch an episode of a TV show unless I start from the beginning, with new music I'll always go back to the debut album first [usually then followed by a 'best of' if they've been around a while], and with [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this mystery. Kay Scarpetta is such an empathetic character, yet tough and willing to take risks. Cornwell weaves a web that is almost impossible to untangle until she takes it down piece by piece. I thought I had the whole thing figured out in the 2nd chapter. I love how she fits all the details together and keeps the reader guessing the whole way. Again, I don't mind the datedness of these books. I find it refreshing that characters have to depend on old fashioned methods of d [...]

    26. Another solid entry in the Kay Scarpetta series. This one centering around the death of an author and a missing manuscript. More focus is given into the background of Scarpetta and her insecurities. I'm liking the development of these characters, even the unlikable Pete Marino.I recommend this series for anybody with any interest in medical forensics. Cornwell's writing in this area is very strong without oversimplifying the procedures and terminology. Read this series!!!

    27. Reading this book was a lengthy process for me, slowed down by the start of classes and my original uncertainty of if this book was even worth finishing (to be fair, the only other books I've really read in the last month or so were from the Will Trent series which is probably my all time favorite series). This was my second time giving the book a go and it was highly recommended by my mom, so I refused to give up.I found the pacing slow in the beginning and I wasn't really invested in the myste [...]

    28. Another lucky catch from a book fair/second hand shop :-) I had picked it completely for the "thrill" aspect and a fast readd it turned out exactly the same. The story has a simple backdrop to start with but it slowly turns into a page turner with various layers being added as the plot unfolds. The author has used the characters real well to build the mystery and the confusion around the story. That is what keeps you tied as it becomes very difficult to predict their behaviour and the intention [...]

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