Nightingale Legacy, The

Nightingale Legacy The On the eve of her nineteenth birthday the vivacious Caroline Derwent Jones looks forward to being free of her oafish guardian Mr Ffalkes But Mr Ffalkes has other plans for Caroline and her inheritan

  • Title: Nightingale Legacy, The
  • Author: Catherine Coulter Monica Buckley
  • ISBN: 9781593355937
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Audio CD
  • On the eve of her nineteenth birthday, the vivacious Caroline Derwent Jones looks forward to being free of her oafish guardian, Mr Ffalkes But Mr Ffalkes has other plans for Caroline and her inheritance Caroline must escape.In her flight, Caroline encounters Lord Chilton of Mount Hawke, Frederic North Nightingale, and finds herself tangled in mystery and romance AmidOn the eve of her nineteenth birthday, the vivacious Caroline Derwent Jones looks forward to being free of her oafish guardian, Mr Ffalkes But Mr Ffalkes has other plans for Caroline and her inheritance Caroline must escape.In her flight, Caroline encounters Lord Chilton of Mount Hawke, Frederic North Nightingale, and finds herself tangled in mystery and romance Amid murder, enigmatic secrets, and a long standing tradition of no women at Mount Hawke, Lord Chilton discovers his desire for Caroline Witty dialogue and bawdy, eccentric characters add up to an engaging, fan pleasing story Publishers Weekly

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    1. Trigger warning: RapeThe heroine saved this book. Also though the hero did too eventually. A legacy of husbands only bedding their wives for an heir, and for them to wander along the moors being all sad and aloof was just flat out stupid. I maybe said that a few times. A family tradition of being cuckholded is some alt-right (you are Nazis!) crap. We have an appearance by Marcus and the Duchess (also we get to read about Marcus talking about how much his wife loves sex) and I just hate this coup [...]

    2. 2 1/2 stars. The only real problem I had with this book was the dialog. Nothing seemed to flow naturally at all, and it really ruined the book for me. I liked the main characters a lot, and most of the secondary characters - although North's staff got a little overboard a lot, and no employer would have allowed their behavior.The book also had too many things going on. There was someone killing women; Mr. Ffalks was after Caroline; Bennet was a sleaze; the King Mark stuff (which I thought was su [...]

    3. I fell in love with this book. I thought that Lord Chilton, Frederic North Nightingale was an awesome man. I love that he brooded as he walked the moors. I love how Caroline Derwent-Jones was able to see past all the negative feelings that were possessed by the members of the household members and staff. I found great humor in Lord Chilton and his walking the dogs on the Moors. I love how it was reiterated throughout. I found him to be not overly brooding. The story was dark in many ways and had [...]

    4. on the eve of her 19th birthday Caroline Derwent-Jones must find a way to get away from the control of her smarmy frighteningly obsessive guardian, Roland Ffalkes. But Ffalkes has other plans for Caroline for he needs her money.She manages to escape him and take his son hostage and heads to the property of her aunt only to have him come down with pneumonia. when she go to ask for a doctor she finds herself in the fascinating company of Frederick North Nightingale, Lord Chilton. when Lord Chilton [...]

    5. This book wasn't really too bad. Despite the blatant rip off of the King Arthur legend. I really enjoyed the characters and thought the plot was very well done. I spent a lot of time waffling between the various individuals who could've committed the crime but no one seemed quite right. The solution in the end made a lot of sense and was one of my original suspect but I had dismissed the person. I guess that just goes to show you doesn't it….

    6. This book is a typical romance novel. There were a couple of fun mysteries to go along with the romance. A quick fun read.

    7. Blurb: Caroline Derwent-Jones is on the eve of her nineteenth birthday. She's chomping at the bit to get out from under the control of her smarmy guardian, the frighteningly obsessive Mr. Ffalkes. But Ffalkes has other plans for Caroline. She manages to escape him only to find herself in the fascinating company of Frederic North Nightingale, Lord Chilton. As tragedy and mystery thicken the air, Caroline is drawn more and more to Lord Chilton, a man who claims he's a lonely beggar, his soul suite [...]

    8. For a time back in the 80’s & 90’s, my reading material of choice was frequently bodice rippers, historical fiction, and regency romances with a few contemporary best sellers thrown in for good measure. Most of them were pretty steamy (blush) &/or overly romantic, but I read them during a time in my life when I found myself as a single parent, and these books fit the bill. I found them to be highly entertaining. I recently donated a slew of them, but I wanted to catalog them all the [...]

    9. Caroline is running away from a lecherous guardian with a hostage in tow when she meets North Nightingale, a lord with a mysterious past that includes buried treasure and a legacy of betrayal.Much better than The Wyndham Legacy. While there are scores of misogynistic characters, North is never so inclined. Caroline is a fun heroine, and North is right there with her. I did think it was rather long and seemed to drag on too much. The mini-villains didn't ever really seem to be properly punished a [...]

    10. More murder and treasure hunting!!! I like a romance novel with a plot other than wham bam thank you ma'am. Caroline is so sassy! She gives as good as she gets and has no problem speaking her mind. The misogynist servants are hilarious and she loves to make them uncomfortable. North also has his moments and while he knows he is supposed to be serious and brooding he would much rather laugh and carry on with Caroline. I found this to be a good read and if I wasn't so busy this month I would have [...]

    11. This is #2 in The Legacy Series.This book is about Lord Chilton and Caroline Derwent-Jones. It starts off pretty brutal, but the story itself is one of good versus evil with some pretty dark characters. I had figured out who was killing the women, but I still liked the way the story had twists and turns. Marcus and Duchess from the first book did come for a visit and to help with the solving of some things, but they were just a small part of the book.I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars and can't w [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book. I like this author's style of writing. It was good for a romance novel; some mystery romance, sex and a little bit of history, although I'm not sure how accurate it was. The thing I don't like about books like this is that you never get to find out what happened next. I want to know if their baby is a boy or a girl and what happens to the girls who come to their house for unwed mothers , etc, etc. I guess that's why I tend to like books that are part of a series.

    13. Two things let this book down1) the use of american terms such as "fall" (instead of Autumn) & "color" (instead of colour) when setting the story in England. There is no real excuse for this, its just pure arrogance on the part of the american writer.2) The writer starts using one old (& little known) english legend and then because it doesn't suit her story, she switches to the over used legend of King Arthur.

    14. very nice book it has both romance and suspense and the author takes the story very beautifullybut i felt the hero North should have been a bit more powerfule there was a situation in the book where north will be tied up and caroline will be forced by her uncle to marry him at that time North will be helpless and only owen saves them both but over all i enjoyed the book very much

    15. I totally had the main Villian pegged. The actual murderer. It was pretty obvious, maybe even from the first body, but defintately the second body. Completely surprised but the secondary villian though. Way out of left field. Still, excellent story. I really liked Caroline.

    16. Where do I begin to innumrate the inanities of this book? I read it for an assignment, but now I am done and can wash my brain of it. I give it two stars because of the potential of an amusing book about a woman coming into an all male household. Plus I was able to finish it.

    17. Catherine Coulter is an amazingly funny author. She could write pretty much anything and it would be a wonderful read. Her story flow for each of her novels keeps you turning the page. This book as all her others is very well written. I enjoyed it very much.

    18. This was another enjoyable read from Ms. Coulter. It was a bit odd, the entire household filled with just men. The first time I'd come across this situation. I did like Caroline. She's the perfect match for morose Lord Chilton.

    19. Fun light romp. I liked that the hero/heroine skipped over the the usual romance cliches of lame misunderstandings and stupid excuses for why they shouldn't be together and got married straight away, then spent the rest of the book searching for treasure and thwarting villains.

    20. The book was quite long at 400++pages. It was quite dragging towards the end. The plot was good. However, the 3 misogynists were over-the-top and quite vague in their characters. They have a lot of exposures, but their characters were not specifically defined. One time read.

    21. Those of the younger generation who enjoy a love (romance) story/mystery rolled into one will probably get a kick out of this young heroine who began the women's liberation movement quite a while back in time.

    22. The Nightengale Legacy, Legacy Series, Bk 2, Catherine Coulter, HB-B @ 94, 8/99. Lord Chilton marries Caroline Derwent-Jones to save her from her evil guardian, brings her to his home full of women-haters, and falls in love with her. Same old plot.

    23. This one was better than the Wyndham legacy for me. But it wasn't entertaining enough for 4 stars. I fund myself reading more for the mystery than for the love story itself.

    24. Interesting patter and banter between the two primary characters. I did enjoy the 3 servants having such a forward presence - much like the Wyndham Legacy.

    25. I felt the whole "women hater" theme dragged on a little, but was a good read. Both H/h were true to each other, no mistrust which can be found in a lot of other romance novels.

    26. I was proven right about the main villain but was kept guessing about the assistant. It was also fun observing the characters sort out the clues, constantly bumping into dead ends.

    27. 3+I found this relationship sweeter than the rest of the series. Series rating: 3.5My ranking: #2 > #3 > #1The secondary characters are especially well done in this series.

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