Earthling Every kid worries about making friends at a new school but when nine year old Bud accidentally catches the wrong bus and finds himself launched into deep space new friends are the least of his probl

  • Title: Earthling!
  • Author: Mark Fearing Tim Rummel
  • ISBN: 9780811871068
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every kid worries about making friends at a new school, but when nine year old Bud accidentally catches the wrong bus and finds himself launched into deep space, new friends are the least of his problems At Cosmos Academy, Bud learns that Earthlings are the most feared creatures in the galaxy, and even Earth s location has been hidden With the help of his new friend, GorEvery kid worries about making friends at a new school, but when nine year old Bud accidentally catches the wrong bus and finds himself launched into deep space, new friends are the least of his problems At Cosmos Academy, Bud learns that Earthlings are the most feared creatures in the galaxy, and even Earth s location has been hidden With the help of his new friend, Gort, Bud goes undercover as a Tenarian exchange student Unfortunately that means everyone thinks he s a pro at anti gravity Zero Ball even though he s really only a pro at watching sports And with paranoid Principal Lepton threat ening to expel any Earthlings into outer space and only Gort s hacked Blip computer to help them determine Earth s co ordinates, will Bud ever find his way home

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    1. Bud has just moved to Arizona with his scientist father. He's waiting for the school bus the first dayd manages to get on the wrong one. He finds himself headed not to Abraham Lincoln Elementary School but to Cosmos Academy with other aliens from all over the galaxy. So this could be extremely cool, except that the aliens running the school are all convinced Earthlings are pure evil and are planning to wipe out the rest of the universe. Bud has to go undercover quickly as a Tenarian exchange stu [...]

    2. This book was a pretty good book because it's full of crazy alien tech and aliens, both being things I like. It's about this kid who misses his bus, but a space bus has crashed nearby, so he gets on the bus, thinking it's his. Turns out this bus goes to an alien school, where humans are deemed evil and are feared. Bud, the protagonist, is able to get by by pretending he's a special type of alien (I forget the name) who simply looks exactly like a human. If sci-fi interests you, you will love thi [...]

    3. I loved this. Not only is it much-needed early middle-grade scifi, but it's really good! And it has substance too--good family dynamics; lots of sticky school social situations; a confusingly awesome alien school sport. Looking forward to more from Fearing.

    4. When Bud moves out to the New Mexico desert with his scientist father, he feels like he is moving to the middle of nowhere. No friends, nothing ordinary, and most of all, a new school he has to attend. And of course, on his first day, he's almost late for the bus! Luckily, he catches it just in time.But did he really catch the right bus? Instead of being full of kids, the bus is loaded with aliens! The bus is really a spaceship picking up all the alien kids from random planets for Cosmos Academy [...]

    5. Review originally posted on the Lemon-Squash Book ClubWhen Bud catches the wrong school bus, he finds himself not heading down the road to his first day at his new elementary school, but hurtling across the galaxy on his way to Cosmos Academy. As an unwitting representative of the most feared (if least understood) species in the galaxy, Bud finds himself in need of a cover story before he even gets off the bus. Fortunately, his new friend Gort is able to pull one together. Unfortunately, said co [...]

    6. Bud is nervous about starting at his new school and running late on the first day isn't helping ease his fears at all. Lucky for him, the bus rolls up right after he gets to the bus stop. It doesn't take long for him to realize something is strange though. All the students look really weird, robotic arms force something into his ear, and a safety bar comes down in front of him to hold him in the seat. But, when the bus launches itself into the sky, Bud really knows he's in trouble. He totally go [...]

    7. Written AND Illustrated by Mark Fearing248 pages – ages 8+Published by Chronicle Books on June 20, 2012Bud got on the wrong bus. Not a big deal right? Right. That is, if that bus doesn’t go into deep space to a school that is full of aliens that hate Earthlings! Bud got on that kind of bus. The kind with the aliens. He meets Gort McGortgort, another kid/an alien, who becomes his guide. Gort tells Bud that he can’t tell ANYONE he is an Earthling because Earthlings are feared and despised (a [...]

    8. When Bud's father moves the family to New Mexico for his new job at an outpost responsible for searching for signs of extraterrestrial communication, Bud is anxious about the first day of school as most transfer students would be. His anxieties turn out to be well-founded since he somehow catches the wrong bus and ends up at Cosmos Academy. A friendly alien named Gort comes up with a plan for him to pose as an exchange student from another planet where anti-gravity ZeroBall is popular. Bud deals [...]

    9. Yay, Earthling! I'm always looking for a steady stream of elementary/middle school graphic novels. Let's just say, I was a bit parched recently until I came across this book by Mark Fearing. The setting is New Mexico where Bud is relocated with his dad, a scientist for Von Lunar Radio Telescope Lab. Of course, he is employed to keep tabs on extraterrestrial activity. Have you ever missed the school bus? Well, Bud does and then unwittingly catches the next one which just happens to be going toout [...]

    10. Earthling is a chapter book and a fanciful Graphic Novel about a boy named Bud. It is Bud’s first day in his new school in New Mexico. But, he misses the bus to Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. Instead, Bud gets on the intergalactic bus to the Cosmos Academy. He befriends Gort who tells him that Earth is the most feared planet in the Galaxy. Gort helps hide the fact that Bud is an Earthling and tells everyone that Bud is a Tenarian exchange student. The book tells of how Gort helps Bud get b [...]

    11. Bud is not happy that he has to move with his scientist father out into the desert, but he doesn't have much time to worry about it. The first time he tries to catch the school bus, he is instead picked up by an intergalactic transport to Cosmos Acadamy. Luckily, he meets the friend Gort who assumes he is a Tenerian exchange student, which is good, because Earthlings are feared and hated. Bud settles into school and life with Bud's family, but there are quite a few wrinkles. Tenarian's are great [...]

    12. This fiction book will grab you as it did to me. Earthling! is a science-fiction graphic-novel that is illustrated and written by Mark Fearing. It is my favorite subject, science and I also love graphic novels because it helps me visualize what I am reading. Bud moves to New Mexico’s Von Lunar lab. At the beginning of this book Bud gets on the wrong bus because he missed the old bus. When he gets on the wrong bus it turns out to be a “spaceship bus”. This book also teaches kids that it isn [...]

    13. Earthling was "awesome", according to my 10-year-old, and I'd have to agree. This graphic novel tells the story of average kid Bud, who moves to New Mexico with his dad and, on his first day of school, gets on the wrong school bus. Not just any bus, though -- Bud gets on a bus going to Cosmos Academy, an intergalactic school located on a huge space ship. Bud must keep his identity secret, as Earthlings are the most feared species in the universe. Posing as a Tenarian exchange student, he must fi [...]

    14. "There is only one planet so vile it has been designated off-limits by the Illithian Decrees, so untrustworthy it was never invited to join the Galactic Alliance, and so dangerous no ship dare get too close."When I was little, my father's ship broke down on an empty moon, near Earth. Whensome Earthlings showed up, they offered no help--instead they STOLE my brother! . . . "Report unusual activity! Be vigilant against the enemy! Even one Earthling could destroy us all!"That speech is the first th [...]

    15. 9-year old Bud accidentally gets on the wrong bus for his new school in New Mexico and ends up off-planet at the multicultural alien Cosmic Academy. Most of the students, with their huge variety of body shapes and home cultures, get along quite well together and Bud is mistaken for a friendly Tenarian exchange student. Tenarians are particularly known for their expertise at Zero-Ball (similar to basketball) so Bud quickly becomes well respected even though he's not at all sure what Zero-Ball is, [...]

    16. Bud is new in town and accidentally catches the wrong bus to school, which ends up taking him to Cosmos Academy! There he meets aliens from all over the universe and keeps his identity as an Earthling secret for fear of the school administration (prior to the beginning of the story the principal "lost" a brother and blames Earth making for sour relations with Bud's home planet).The overall story reads a little like the Harry Potter series in which a boy is thrust into a strange new world where h [...]

    17. This one reads a little closer to comic book than graphic novel, and I kind of like this retro feel, bringing older readers (like me) back to this feeling of prose in panels that gave way to the graphic novels we celebrate for younger readers today.This is a classic fish out of water story with a young boy who finds himself on an alien ship that doubles as an academy. While trying to find his way around the school and the alien students he encounters, Bud finds that HE is the alien. And he may b [...]

    18. Bud's first day at his new school is out-of-this-world! Literally. He got on the wrong bus and ended up at Cosmos Academy: "the best in the galaxy!" To make matters worse, the school is run by an alien species that hates humans. Bud pretends he is not human which proves more difficult than he thought it would. Despite the galactic nature of the school, Bud still has to deal with typical school stuff: bullies, teachers, principals, competitive sports, etc Somehow he gets tangled up in a plot to i [...]

    19. This was a fun book for me to read as an adult. I can only imagine what it is like for a kid in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. That is who I think it would be best suited for. Even if I did not want to read, just flipping through the book and looking at the pictures would be enjoyable too.We all imagined having make believe adventures as a kid and this book relates to young kids who have that kind of imagination. I like how the book starts off with a kid scared to go to a new school on the first da [...]

    20. So Bud misses the bus to school, but a bus just happens to come and he jumps on hit. Unfortunately, the bus takes him to a school in OUTER SPACE! At this school Earthlings are hated and feared so Bud pretends to be a Tenarian. His new school is just like any other: there are bullies and outcasts and Bud has to learn to fit in. Soon he and his new friends are trying to figure out a way to get him back to Earth. This was a fun outer space romp. I loved the illustrations and the story. Great aliens [...]

    21. I love graphic novels and this one is no exception. Both Luke and I really enjoyed this book. We loved the setting, themes and characters. There were many lessons and connections for 4th graders to make about school, parents, friends, teachers, and how it feels to be left out to name just a few. Mark Fearing does a great job making the science fiction genre accessible and kid friendly while touchy on themes that are important and relevant to children and adolescents. If you haven't tried sci-fi [...]

    22. I read this book with my six year old daughter. I'll give it three stars since she seemed to enjoy it. The story is lauded by reviewers for its breezy pace, but I found it to be so glib on character and conflict and atmosphere as to be spiritless.The book is suspiciously reminiscent of Harry Potter in Space, with tablets instead of wands, Zero-Ball in the place of quidditch, a block-headed alien for Malfoy, who picks on a raggedy alien standing in for Ron, and everyone befriended by a giant cust [...]

    23. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not a big fan of graphic novels. Butis one wasn't bad. Bud and his dad move to New Mexico and on Bud's first day of school he gets on the wrong bus. This bus he gets on takes him to Cosmos Academy. There he meets and befriends some "aliens" but has to pretend to be something other than an earthling because of a deep seated fear and mistrust toward them Can Bud get back to Earth safely? Will the Earth be destroyed by the administration in a preemptiv [...]

    24. It's Bud's first day at a new school and he has to take the bus. But somehow this school bus is different. Bud finds himself on a bus full of space aliens! And the bus is taking him to Cosmos Academy, the best school in the galaxy. An alien named Gort befriends him, but Bud soon finds out that Earthlings are feared and hated in the rest of the Galaxy. Gort tells everyone that Bud is a Ternarian exchange student so that no one will suspect that Bud is an earthling, but how long will this cover la [...]

    25. I was looking for a Mickey Mouse book for my children. My 4 year old son grabbed this off the shelf because it had "alien zombies". Looking at the front cover I have a tendency to agree. Knowing it wasn't really made for him, I got it anyway because I didn't want the fight. Pick your battles. A few days later I read the first few pages to him at night and I was hooked. It's nothing radically groundbreaking, but it was a simple story told well. It's also reminiscent of the Last Starfighter, a fav [...]

    26. This is a great graphic novel, with a fun, fast-moving story, plenty of memorable characters, and plenty of adventure. The full-color illustrations are engaging and entertaining and will certainly captivate upper elementary and middle grade readers. As an adult reader, I felt that the story moved perhaps too fast with more plot than substance and was a bit predictable. As a children's librarian, I think this is a great choice for reluctant readers and any sci-fi fans.

    27. Bud accidently gets on the wrong bus to his new school and ends up going to Cosmos Academy instead…in outer space, light-years away from the Earth, where Earthlings are the most feared creatures in the galaxy! Luckily he makes some friends who may be able to help him get back home. I loved the art and there is a lot of humor and adventure. I think a lot of kids will enjoy the story and wish this would happen to them!

    28. Picked this up because of the front cover. The art is this book is neat and I wasn't sure what age range this was shooting for when I started it. It's good for kids going into 4th to 7th grades I think. Some of the vocabulary is advanced, dealing with space concepts of course. Otherwise a pretty simple read.It is fairly long, but the story is solid, and deals with issues of family, friends, bullies, fear of outsiders but never gets heavy on any of it. I liked it a lot.

    29. Delightful graphic novel for younger readers in which 9-year-old Bud accidentally gets on the wrong bus to his new school and ends up at Cosmos Academy on a faraway planet. His new friend Gort (who has an app for everything) tries to help him find his way back home, but in the meantime he experiences all the usual trials of a new school: bullies, geeks vs. jocks, tests, conflicts with the principal, trying to fit in and make friends.

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