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  1. I discovered In the Spotlight - the first book in this series - by accident and it turned out to be one of my favorite books of the year and I have been eagerly waiting for the next book. Sadly this is not the next book, but it is the next best thing, it is 2 chapters from the next book told from one of the leading men's POV - Ash. Ash is sweetheart - this came through loud and clear in the first book - and it is something that carries through in the extracts here. He is adorable and genuine but [...]

  2. Being able to see a softer and more vulnerable side of Ash Ryan is a wonderful ice cream topped treat. Through Ellery's perspective, in "In the Spotlight", Ash is calm and knowing, a very intimidating creature. In "Barefoot Heroine", readers get to know that Ash is just as nervous, insecure, and hopeful as Ellery is.First impressions of Ash are reaffirmed in this 'Mayne Attraction' short story. Even more, readers are able to see beneath the surface, learning that Ash wants more than a passing re [...]

  3. Awwwww!!!!! it was really good and Ash was so sweet! I love when authors write from the hero's POV. This is a sweet short story and there's two scenes from Ash point of view. We see his feeling for Ellery, he is so desperate to be more than a shadow and is thrilled when he got the chance to be face to face with her.The scene before the dinner was a good selection to show us Ash's feelings. I would had liked to read from Ash's POV the moment when she almost drown, but he mention here how he felt [...]

  4. Short and simple story from Ash's point of view. We get to see what draws him to Ellery at first. We also get a glimpse of the kind heart Ellery has for others. I was glad I got to read a little from Ash's point of view. I hope that the next 2 books are available soon as an ebook for the Nook on Barnes & Noble. Even though it's not a favorite series at this point I can't help but be drawn to these characters and wondering what happens to them.I personally am cheering for Gray. He has waited [...]

  5. After reading "In the Spolight", I was unsure that Ellie should be with either Ash or Gray. After reading this short, I am now cheering on Ash. I have also read the short inserts from Mayne Attrations website and it gives me a better understanding of Ash and the other people involved in Ellie's life. Who knew about Trevor - wow! I am on pins and needles for the next book. I can just imagine what Gray's view would be like.

  6. This short story consists of two chapters from the future novel that will be from Ash's perspective. I loved the character of Ash originally, but I am more in love with him after reading this. The first chapter takes place before he has officially met Ellory, and the second takes place a year later during their first official encounter. I've said it before, but I truly can't wait to read the rest of this series!

  7. This is a fantastic read by a wonderfully talented author. I whole heartily recommend you read all her books. You can't go wrong with Ann Mauren. I love Mayne Attraction and can't wait for book 2 and 3.

  8. So cool to read it from Ash's POV I loved it. Makes me really want In the Shadows, although I wish it had included when she reached out to him. That would have been sooo sweet. He really does love her. :)

  9. It was nice reading from Ash's perspective. This short story brought out his vulunerabilities which we didn't get to see in Book 1, "In the Spotlight". It was nice seeing this side of Ash and I only wish the book was longer. I look forward to Books 2 & 3.

  10. It was nice reading from Ash's perspective. I had no idea he was so vulunerable which came out in this short story. I only wish it was longer. Can't wait for books 2 & 3.

  11. That was a very good intro for Ash's story! That made me want to pull for him! Now I really can't wait to read the other two books!

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