I Am Intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing--A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Autism

I Am Intelligent From Heartbreak to Healing A Mother and Daughter s Journey through Autism A gripping look into the lives of a mother obsessed with curing her child of autism and a daughter who retains full awareness of her situation

  • Title: I Am Intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing--A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Autism
  • Author: Peyton Goddard Dianne Goddard Robert Friedman Robert A. Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780762779253
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping look into the lives of a mother obsessed with curing her child of autism and a daughter who retains full awareness of her situation.

    One thought on “I Am Intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing--A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Autism”

    1. "I am intelligent" by Peyton Goddard and Dianne Goddard is a book about Payton's life as an autistic girl. Peyton’s inability to communicate verbally or control her body led to continual misdiagnoses and segregation from education and society. Through out the book, her mother, Dianne also talks about the challenges that Autism brings to the family. Peyton was diagnosed with mental retardation, movement disorders, anxiety disorders, Autism, ADHD, epileptic aphasia, bipolar disorder, etc. By the [...]

    2. As a special educator who has worked with students with autism and the resulting communication disorders, I found this book to be a very real account of what it can be like to live with a child with severe autism. This account details the parents struggle to obtain an appropriate educational setting for their daughter and how Facilitated Communication gave their daughter a voice. While I have read both good and bad things about FC, it appears to have worked in this situation. Ultimately, this is [...]

    3. WARNING, this book does contain pieces that may be triggering to others such as ASSAULT, ABUSE, MOLESTATION AND RAPE. I picked up this book because I read the back and saw how it covered the struggles of a mother, an autistic daughter named Peyton and a community in search of the best treatment for her Autism. This true story takes place from the 70s to early 2000s where Autism was mostly unheard of and thus more difficult to treat. I was intrigued when it said that Peyton’s the first Autistic [...]

    4. What is the relationship between mind and body between intelligence and communication? Consider Steven Hawkings, Dolphins, and Peyton Goddard. Peyton Goddard can not control her body (like Steven Hawkings) and cannot speak (like a dolphin); i am intelligent is her memoir.On the one level, this book is a condemnation of the worst and a showcase for the best in special education. On another level, it is about the dedication and challenges of parents.However, it also raises such important question [...]

    5. As a student majoring in Special Education, I thought this book was an eye opener to all of the students who have trouble communicating. From now on, as I work with autistic students and students with other disabilities I will constantly be thinking about how much the students are learning. This heart-warming book explains a mother's story with her autistic child. From not being able to communicate with each other to writing her own blog, Peyton's story is both exciting and sad. This only goes t [...]

    6. This was really interesting in that the broader story was structured like a parental account but it was peppered with Peyton's own words and observations and experiences. So you had the mother's quest to cure her daughter and integrate her into the community counterpointed with what it was actually like for Peyton. This is a great alternative to the typical structure of relegating the autist's account to an essay or Q&A at the back of the book, as in News From the Border or Reasonable People [...]

    7. What an amazing journey! This book shares a young women's life with autism. It is heartbreaking, heartwarming, and a call to action. For those who doubt facilitated communication, it is a very dramatic tale of how it opened the door for an intelligent woman with no means of communication to a life of commitment and action. Very powerful!!

    8. This book is a real education for anyone working with special needs children. I highly recommend it. I'm grateful to the authors for writing the book and imparting their wisdom to the rest of us. It made me cry and changed the way I think.

    9. This book gave me pause to think about individuals who do not communicate verbally but have so very, very much stored inside of them. Peyton Goddard shares how Facilitated Communication and full inclusion opportunities changed her life.

    10. A touching look at a family's journey through autism, especially sad since Peyton was going through school in the 1990s before there was better inclusion in place. Inspiring in tenacity of both mother and daughter.

    11. This is a great book to read if you are interested in using facilitated communication with your special needs child.

    12. fascinating book about a very intelligent girl with autism and her parents never giving up to help her learn.

    13. Sad but necessary. What I thought I knew about autism was only skimming the surface. A must read for educators and people in general.

    14. The incredible story of an amazing woman--judged as a young child to be incompetent and ignorant (It was recommended she be institutionalized.), abused in every way, yet triumphant when once she is enabled to communicate. Not an easy read, but definitely inspiring! (The tenacity of the parents is likewise incredible.)

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