What Happened to My Sister

What Happened to My Sister From the author of Me Emma comes a dazzling novel of two unforgettable families bound together by their deepest secrets and haunted pasts perfect for fans of The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and The B

  • Title: What Happened to My Sister
  • Author: Elizabeth Flock
  • ISBN: 9780345524430
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Me Emma comes a dazzling novel of two unforgettable families bound together by their deepest secrets and haunted pasts perfect for fans of The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and The Book of Bright Ideas.Nine year old Carrie Parker and her mother, Libby, are making a fresh start in the small town of Hartsville, North Carolina, ready to put their turbuFrom the author of Me Emma comes a dazzling novel of two unforgettable families bound together by their deepest secrets and haunted pasts perfect for fans of The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and The Book of Bright Ideas.Nine year old Carrie Parker and her mother, Libby, are making a fresh start in the small town of Hartsville, North Carolina, ready to put their turbulent past behind them Violence has shattered their family and left Libby nearly unable to cope And while Carrie once took comfort in her beloved sister, Emma, her mother has now forbidden even the mention of her name When Carrie meets Ruth, Honor, and Cricket Chaplin, these three generations of warmhearted women seem to have the loving home Carrie has always dreamed of But as Carrie and Cricket become fast friends, neither can escape the pull of their families secrets and uncovering the truth will transform the Chaplins and the Parkers forever Look for special features inside Join the Circle for author chats and .

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    1. There was something about the novel Me & Emma that stuck with me. I wondered for so long what happened to Carrie? How was she after all she had been through? How did her story really end? I was craving some closure on the story. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Flock had written a follow up to Me & Emma entitled What Happened to My Sister.I was so excited to get my hands on an early reader copy of What Happened to My Sister and I devoured it in nearly a day. The sto [...]

    2. I had high hopes for this book, since I loved "Me and Emma" so much. Right from the get-go the main character, Carrie, didn't even seem like the same character. It's like the author lost Carrie's voice but forced a second novel out of it, anyway. Then there's the whole subplot with the Chaplin's. The story is so unrealistic and unbelievable that I had to take breaks while reading it for fear that my mind would implode on itself. The new "Chaplin-Ford" characters aren't all that likable or even p [...]

    3. I received a copy of "What Happened to my Sister" when I won a giveaway. I was hooked by the first sentence of the book: "If you're reading this, I must be dead". This sentence is written by 9-year old Carrie, the principal narrator of the story. As the reader gets to know Carrie we find out how harrowing a life she has lead. We also learn about grief, resilience, survival, and love. I found some aspects of the story incongruous or hard to believe. For example it seems unlikely that a child in [...]

    4. Author: Elizabeth FlockPublished By: Random House Publishing GroupAge Recommended 16Reviewer: Arlena DeanRating: 5Blog For: GMTAReview:"What Happened to My Sister: A Novel" by Elizabeth Flock was a follow up from Ms. Flock first book 'Me & Emma' which was also a good dialogue and a very interesting read. Be ready for many twist and turns because this is what you will get from "What Happened to My Sister." The reading in a adult and child's voice was really a good affect on the read. From Toa [...]

    5. Plain and simple, this sequel to Me & Emma wasn't that good. One of the biggest no no's in writing is to "tell", instead of "show." I felt at the end of the book, the author had all of her characters scrambling to "tell" what happened instead of enabling the story to unfold by showing. There were still quite a few unanswered questions as well example; the whole Charlie Chaplin thing which was just downright strange. Maybe there was something about it, somewhere, but since I was skipping page [...]

    6. I won an ARC of What Happened to My Sister: A Novel by Elizabeth Flock in a giveaway for free on First/Reads- This book was amazing*** What Happened to My Sister makes me re-think all of my previous 5 star reviews. I have never been abused as a child, but I almost feel like I have now in a sense which is how amazing Elizabeth's writing is. There were some typos throughout the book but this was an uncorrected proof- The writing made you feel like you were walking in the shoes of this nine-year-o [...]

    7. I absolutely loved the author's book, Me and Emma.  Knowing that What Happened to My Sister was the book that would hopefully bring closure to all my questions from the prior read, I was really excited to accept a review copy. I was captivated by the first paragraph because I could hear Carrie's voice and picture her little emaciated face and bruised body. I was ripping through the pages and then all of the sudden the author introduces a new voice into the story and something changed for me. I [...]

    8. I loved Me & Emma, couldn't get it out of my mind. The ending left me with so many unanswered questions, I was thrilled when I heard there was a sequel. It came in the mail today about one o'clock. It's 10:30 now and I just finished reading it. I took a few minutes out for my family around supper time, but my mind stayed in Carrie's world the whole time. It's Carrie's voice, the voice of a young, innocent, totally lovable little girl that makes Elizabeth Flock's writing stand out. Carrie's v [...]

    9. Just a brief note, because I had various major problems with this book:1) Nowhere on my copy, so far as I could find, was there the slightest indication that this was a sequel. In the end I began to suspect as much, but it was only when I eventually decided to check the matter out here on GoodReads that I discovered the truth. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought the book. I feel ripped off by a dishonest publisher.2) It took me a very long time to get into the book. The tale's narrated by two of [...]

    10. I didn't realize until reading a little blurb in the front of the book that this was a continuation of sorts of Flock's previous novel, "Emma and Me" , which I hadn't yet read, but I did have on my bookshelf. So I pulled that one from the shelf, read it, then delved into this one. While this book could be a stand-alone novel, I would highly recommend reading "Emma and Me" first. It will give you a lot of background & definitely add more to the story.So having read both back-to-back, I'd have [...]

    11. I was so disappointed with this book. I vividly remember really liking Me & Emma, so I was very excited to read this sequel. It basically picks up not long after Me & Emma ends with Carrie and her mother leaving Hendersonville to start over somewhere else. They end up living in a cheap motel and Carrie has to scavenge for food since her mother drinks away any money she may earn. When Carrie meets Cricket and her mother Honor things start to turn around for her - Honor recognizes how beat [...]

    12. I was drawn into this story immediately.However the very sudden turn about from Carries voice to Honors voice felt disorientating and it didn't get much better from there. the story is told by from Carries, a very physically and emotionally abused 9 year old, point of viewing and also (less prominently) from Honors, a grieving mother, point of view. I felt often a bit confused and obviously upset by what i read in this book. I later realised this is some kind of sequel continuing Carries story w [...]

    13. This book was on the "What to Read Now" list in the September O magazine, and it was the only one in our library, so I got it. . . and I must say I was taken aback: I don't think it's a very good book. The voices switch, but not really: Carrie is a nine year old who's thought to be crazy or disabled, but her grammar and voice are both pretty sophisticated some of the time, which doesn't sit right. Then there's the whole weird connection of (SEMI SPOILER HERE) a nicey nicey normal family who's ju [...]

    14. I won an Advance First Read of What Happened To My Sister. It drew me in as I read the first sentence ”If you’re reading this, I must be dead and maybe you’re going through this notebook hunting for clues”. This, coming from a 9 year old, abused and neglected little girl. The book is written in alternating first person accounts by said 9 yrs old Carrie Parker and Honor Ford - a mother, wife & daughter, whom has recently lost her eldest child, her job & her marriage has fallen apa [...]

    15. It is difficult to read a story about child abuse and neglect, but the author does an amazing job of capturing the innocent voice of the main character, young Caroline. Two families suffer almost unbearable loss and grief and there is much tragedy and pain. However, there is also hope and healing and justice in the end. What Happened to My Sister is engrossing and well-written. I fell in love with little Caroline just as the Fords did. Her brave struggle to survive and her optimism in the face o [...]

    16. Excellent read after Emma and Men't wait for the next story in this trilogy. This story held me from the beginning and although I was distracted by the new characters introduction their importance became a driving force.Liz does a wonderful job in research about the psychological issues behind abuse and what happens in dysfunctional families. I am taken back by her voice.The ending was a total surprise for me and made me cry because I was so happy!

    17. I loved the book Me & Emma, so I thought I would equally love this book. Although I did think it was interesting to find out what happened to Carrie after the ending of Me & Emma, this book did not resonate with me the same way the first did. I liked it, but didn't love it. Some of it felt a little too contrived so that everything would turn out perfectly for Carrie.

    18. I liked this book! I am glad the story finally came out, and it had a satisfying ending. I loved the friendship between Carrie and Cricket. I would recommend this book.

    19. I STRONGLY recommend you read Me and Emma by Flock before this one. If you have not read that first, it is a MUST read. It is one of those that I keep on my shelf to recommend to any adult and have struck up many conversations with those who have read it. It is also a great book club book, as is "What Happened to my Sister?." This book takes up where the last one left off and though it may begin slowly you are quickly drawn back in to Carrie's world. If you thought you had it all figured out aft [...]

    20. After the death of her step father, Carrie and her mother, Libby are getting out of dodge. Lilbby and Carrie end up in the town of Hartsville, North Carolina. Here Libby and Carrie can start over without anyone to judge them. Cricket has not been teh same since her sister passed away. Cricket's mother noticies the change but has tried everything to get Cricket to make friends with kids at her school or to just smile. Nothing has worked thus far. When Cricket meets Carrie, they share an instant c [...]

    21. I received this book through a First Reads giveaway. I just finished the book, wow. I read it almost straight through without putting it down. I absolutely LOVE the book that came before this one, Me and Emma. It is on my all time favorites list. What Happened to My Sister ended up answering things that I didn't even realize were questions from the first book. I absolutely loved the book the entire way through but I did have questions at the end which is the only reason I am rating this a 4 and [...]

    22. Carrie and her mother are packing up and leaving Hendersonville after the events at the end of “Emma and Me”. They barely have any money, so it's not easy to start over. In the new town, Carrie meets Cricket and her mother, who are super-nice, but dealing with the loss of their sister/daughter, so when Carrie shows up, looking just like her, they can't help but want to become friends with the 9-year old. I feel like I can't do the summary justice without giving things away from the first boo [...]

    23. This is a good, solid effort by the author. I feel she left many things unexplored or unanswered, but perhaps it is meant to be a sequel to her other book, and maybe there will be a 3rd. I found the mystery element intriguing, although I also thought almost all the characters were one dimensional. The focus of this book on an extremely neglectful and abusive parent & the descriptions of Carrie's "meals" (she eats clay from broken clay pots, and meticulously cuts out pictures of things that m [...]

    24. I had trouble getting into this book, and it took me a few chapters to understand that their were two different people telling their stories. One family had lost a daughter, and the parents separated because they couldn't handle the grief. A young girl tells her story, and keeps wondering what happened to her sister. Her mother keeps telling her the sister was just something the girl made up, and she never lived. There were a couple of murders, and the mother tells untrue stories about what happ [...]

    25. Superb read! Book of great substance that kept me reading every free moment I got! Won this book in a giveaway. Loved the alternating first-person accounts from Carrie Parker, a young neglected and abused girl and Honor Chaplin Ford, a 30-plus female who has suffered the loss of her daughter, her job and her marriage. Their lives are brought together on the 3rd anniversary of Honor's daughter' death. Thus, begins the healing and salvation they both need. Thoroughly enjoyed the book from beginni [...]

    26. This was a win for me, and I loved it, I have read a few of her other books and I also enjoyed them. Poor little Carrie, she is not having a good life, when you read books like this sometimes you have to look back on your own life and thank God for how good your childhood really was, I think we sometimes forget the horrible conditions that some children have to live in and that everyone is not so lucky when it comes to family members. But all ends well for Carrie,and maybe I'm sappy, but I love [...]

    27. I received this book for free through First Reads Giveaway.This was my very first First Reads book for me and I am happy I got the chance to read it! This book captures your attention and you don't want to stop reading. Great way to tell the story from two character's point of views. The story of a young girl's abusive situation mingling with that of a mother who suffered a great loss causes you to keep reading to find out how they are going to help eachother heal. The author did a fantastic jo [...]

    28. The sequel to Me & Emma - a favorite if mine. Flock has an easy, care-free flow to her writing, and does an excellent job of writing from the perspective of a child, Carrie, and an adult, Honor. Super dialogue, loved both Carrie and Cricket. Everything is a 5 til the very ending, the secret "reveal" which was totally not realistic. Every other part of it and Me & Emma was. It should have ended 2 pages before it did!

    29. What Happened to My Sister.Thank you Good Reads for letting me win this book!It is a very sad story about a young girl Carrie .She is abused and neglected by her own mother.I could not put this book down.I even cry at some points.Its stays with you to the point that I was at work and still thinking about it.I highly recommend it for you to get it !I will try to find more book by this author .is one was really awesome read !

    30. I loved this book! The middle dragged some and I got bored which is why i gave it a 4 and not a 5 but I loved the ending told in true Elizabeth Flock fashion with lots of twists and turns. Glad this particular story came out and was uncovered and told. When I share it with the family I think they too will enjoy it.

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