Kiss the Girls

Kiss the Girls In Los Angeles a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill North Carolina a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears In Washington D C Alex Cross is back to solve the

  • Title: Kiss the Girls
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780446677387
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears In Washington D.C Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murder case ever Two clever pattern killers are collaborating, cooperating, competing and they are working coast to coast.

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    1. I received an ARC of Kiss the Girls via NetGalley and I would like to thank James Patterson, Random House UK, Cornerstone and Arrow. Although this is a well-known classic thriller, first released in 1995, a new version with that strikingly awesome cover is being published on 29 June 2017. Kiss the Girls is the second outing featuring detective and psychologist Alex Cross and it follows on from the excellent Along Came A Spider. The story starts with Alex arriving home one day to find a houseful [...]

    2. This is genuinely the worst book I have ever finished.To be fair, it is tolerable when there is action, which is often. But every time James Patterson tries to put words coming out of a characters mouth, it makes you want to punch yourself in the face. When he writes descriptive, emotional paragraphs, it makes you want to punch him in the face.I actually dog-eared a couple pages because the writing was so bad, I wanted to be able to quick reference it to people to show them how bad it was.Want a [...]

    3. Okay I am getting hooked on Alex Cross and may now have to read this series straight through. I really enjoy the pace of these books, the way each short chapter jumps straight to the next so the reader has no opportunity to put the book down. I read this one in one day staying up far too late in order to finish it and loved every minute of it. There is a lot of violence against women in it - that is its main theme after all since the murderers are insane rapists! So if that kind of stuff offends [...]

    4. If this is what some people consider beach reading, they should drown themselves.If I could scrub clean that part of my brain where the stench of this novel resides, I would. While Patterson probably applauds himself for coming up with something as clever as an underground lair and the device of two serial rapist/murderers working together, every other aspect of this book (I have to call it a book, which is a four-letter word and refers to something that is written but can also be used as a door [...]

    5. In the entire history of my mature reading, spanning back to when I picked up Fahrenheit 451 at 15, I don't think I've ever read a single sentence as soul-crushingly, brain-batteringly, rage-inducingly bad as "He made a noise. It sounded like 'yaaaaaaagh.'"HE MADE. A NOISE. IT SOUNDED. LIKE. "YAAAAAAAGH."Readers of popular fiction, this is what your favorite authors think of you. They think you're only capable of processing things at a fourth-grade level, that simply having a character shout "YA [...]

    6. Good luck trying to put this one down after starting it. From start to finish this book will have you sweating with anticipation of whats to come. James Patterson does a great job of putting realistic characters in believable situations that will have you on the edge of your seat i guess you could say.The story is about a detective named Alex Cross who is called on to try to find two notorious serial killers. Patterson describes them as twin killers. But are they really related? You will encount [...]

    7. This is my second time reading this and I have to admit I'm having a bit of an existential crisis. Because, like, I used to genuinely enjoy this? I wanted to re-read this to scrub my brain clean from all the Women's Murder Club cheese-barf. I was thinking, "yeah some classic Patterson will fix me right up." WTF?I used to think this was good! I used to devour the Alex Cross series when I was 14/15, and fully evolving my love for murder and mayhem as a mature reader. I would close a book thinking, [...]

    8. Alex Cross is a cop. A damn good cop. He's 6'3" tall, taut with muscles, and strikingly handsome. He's a doctor, too. A damn good doctor. A psychologist to the slum kids. His washboard stomach gleams in the afternoon light, as he plays Nora Jones and Coltrane on his piano, stroking his children's heads with his other arms. The phone rings, and he wonders if it's the FBI again, offering him that job running the DC police. He lets it ring again, and again, and again. He really doesn't have time fo [...]

    9. If it weren't for two scenes in this novel, I'd add two stars. Patterson is no prose stylist, and his novels are formulaic, but until a few novels after this one Alex Cross got unbearably Gary Stu, with supervillain psychopaths making it their life work to take him down, I found Patterson's detective protagonist likable and the books featuring him entertaining page-turning police procedurals.In some ways, this second book book in the series is even stronger than Along Came a Spider, the first Al [...]

    10. If there has ever been a more unecessary book written in English, well I don't know what it is. I don't understand how people read Patterson at all. Alex Cross is boring. He's a boring, unlikely, barely likeable character. Also, his Porsche would get stolen every day in the neighbourhood he unrealistically choses to live in. The writing is trite and pedestrian with an average of 3.2 ridiculous cliches every two pages. Tossing one plucky woman into a story does not excuse the endless, graphic vio [...]

    11. I loved this book more than Along Came a Spider, even though I really did like that one very much. I am becoming very endeared to the Cross character and his family. The plots were amazing and so intriguing in this installment. I enjoyed reading about the "twinning" dynamic concept of the serial killers and their communications. My quick and simple overall: SO ENTERTAINING to read!

    12. Very thrilling! This story is a bit touchy as well. Two astute example executioners are teaming up, participating, contending - and they are working across the nation. Just imagine how terrifying is this !In Los Angeles, a correspondent exploring a progression of homicides is murdered. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a wonderful restorative assistant all of a sudden vanishes. In Washington D.C. Alex Cross has returned to comprehend the most confounding and frightening homicide case ever.

    13. Wowzers. I wasn't expecting that. Very entertaining and gripping. I now understand how this put James on the map. He did a fantastic job creating this story and surprising me with his talent. I'm officially a fan.

    14. Ok, so at first I was prepared to give James Patterson's "Kiss the Girls" 4 stars. Because, well, it just isn't a literary masterpiece. But after reflection I thought, well heck, it's crazy entertaining, so although I don't always agree with the writing style or predictability, it for sure is 5 stars in the entertainment category. Also, I gave "Along Came A Spider" 5 stars, and this book is a little more memorable than that one. So far I enjoy the Women's Murder Club books better, but I'm still [...]

    15. Okay, I am reading pulp fiction. Many people from my classes have recommended his novels and I thought I would see what all the hype is about. So far it is not well-written, but I am entertained. I liked the movie, although I think Ashley Judd is annoyingly condescending.I have finally finished the book and it was one cliché piled on top of another. I don't know why authors feel they have to make women so perfect. Is it some form of misguided feminism or a male fantasy? I would argue male fanta [...]

    16. This book was extremely creepy, yet very addictive! I loved the way he didn't tie it all together and brough Sonji back at the end, we'll just have to wait until the next book! The only thing I didn't like was that it just turned out to be this guy that we had just learned (very little if anything) about five pages ago. I almost feel like all that other searching was pointless, though it was well told. I knew the whole time that none of the others were Cassanova though, because he continued to r [...]

    17. This was when James Patterson was at his best, at the start of his career. The second in the Alex Cross series. Kiss the Girls is a fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing right to the end. Alex is a forensic psychologist with the Washington police force. When Alex's niece goes missing whilst at university in North Carolina Alex has to go and find out what's going on. He discovers that a lot of young women have gone missing, all beautiful all intelligent. One or two have been found dead afte [...]

    18. At the beginning, with the prologues, I though there was one killer with two different scenes. Yeah, no, I was completely wrong when I reread the two prologues. In the beginning of Kiss the Girls you are instantly hooked with two different murder scenes on opposite sides of the coast. One killer calls himself Casanova and he kills mostly within North Carolina. The other killer calls himself The Gentleman Caller who kills within L.A. Both guys are extra creepy and will make you cringe throughout [...]

    19. This was good. I really enjoyed Along Came a Spider a few years back and while this wasn't as memorable, it was still pretty good. I was hooked from the very first page and read it right through in one sitting as I couldn't put it down without knowing who was behind the mask. It was fast paced and suspenseful, a definite page-turner. I did have a couple problems with it though. One of the scenes was far too graphic and unnecessary- a cheap shock tactic that served no real suppose. Also, leaving [...]

    20. Sometimes it's really creepy how some authors get into the heads of psychopaths. Here is an excellent example. Read this disturbing novel. The short chapters and compelling storywill have you whipping through this one in no time. Watch those paper cuts.

    21. I picked this up because Brendan Dassey mentioned it. Now I have more thoughts about Making a Murderer. However, my opinion of James Patterson remains the same.

    22. Second book in the Alex Cross series from Patterson is even better than the first. The story has plenty of thrills and chills, but there is certain realism to it, lots of young women disappear all over the country, things like this happen, there are no supernatural demons and creatures that lurk in the imagination, this can be real. When I was reading the book I kept thinking, what if that happened to me, what would I do? Fight to the death of course, hopefully the bad guy's deathAlex Cross is s [...]

    23. I read this just because I was at a loose end and my serious reading was not progressing. I have said goodbye to this type of thriller for quite a long time now.It could be called an okay read, I guess. I could not say in all fairness since I had already seen the movie, so it was spoilt to an extent - even though I didn't remember the plot.

    24. This book is bad and you should not read it. The fact that its author can be described as a #1 bestseller is an indictment on the taste of casual reader, as is the fact that it has been rated 250,000 times on with an average star rating just under 4. If you liked it, I am sorry. But also know that you can and should read better books.Characterization is nonexistent. The prose styling is poor, if at all existent. Women, in particular, exist only as characters to be victims, most likely sexually [...]

    25. IndignazioneForse dovrei smettere di leggere questi bestseller, thriller e polizieschi, visto che mi soddisfano sempre meno. Trovo che a volte - come in questo caso - le storie siano abbastanza interessanti quanto a ideazione e costruzione di base, ma dal punto di vista più propriamente letterario si rivelino manchevoli in modo addirittura penoso.Uno stile di scrittura elementare, frettoloso, quasi telegrafico; dialoghi asettici e banali; descrizioni sommarie, all'insegna del risparmio lessical [...]

    26. I thought I'd read this book a long time ago, but someone recently told me she had to stop reading after "the snake scene" and I didn't remember any snake scene (and she told me that I definitely would--and now I do), so I had to see if it was as bad as she made it seem. Didn't strike me as any more graphic than any other Patterson book, and it was definitely Patterson before he became a corporation, so much better than that last awful book of his I read.It was an interesting situation because t [...]

    27. Like all of Patterson's work this is a sickening pulp thriller with crappy dialogue, cardboard characters, and enough sympathy for the devil to really make you wonder. This potboiler features a pair of sexy, enticing, ludicrously smart, impossibly prepared sickos who torture and kill impossibly smart, ludicrously attractive women. It's hard to tell where Patterson's misogyny starts and where his sadism begins. All I know is that he's easily one of the most repulsive, reprehensible, shameless, an [...]

    28. Alex Cross is an amazing character. If you like other James Patterson books I highly recommend this whole series. The story lines are fast paced and I haven't read on yet that I didn't like

    29. ব্যক্তিগত ভাবে আমি মনে করি, সিরিয়াল কিলার জাতীয় সাইকপ্যাথদের নিয়ে উপন্যাস লেখার ক্ষেত্রে তাদের খুনের বর্ণনা, লাশ গুম ইত্যাদির বর্ণনা দেয়া যেমন জরুরি তেমনি তাদের শৈশব, বেড়ে ওঠার পরিবেশ, দৈন [...]

    30. I wasn't a huge fan of Along Came a Spider, but I decided to give Kiss the Girls a shot anyways. I am so glad I did! This book drew me in from the start and after what felt like a long streak of dull books, I finally had a book that I did not want to put down. It was very suspenseful and jam packed with action which was perfect. I definitely did not see the ending coming which was fantastic. I love it when I'm caught off guard!

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