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  1. This was a previously unpublished novel found among the author's papers after his death. Really a novella - very short, but an interesting study of post WWII individuals in Britain. The intro spoke of it being about the need to find meaningful work or activity despite circumstances(such as in "On the Beach" by same author). In this case, the 2 characters find it difficult to adjust to civilan life after their war service - finding the usual jobs they normally would have done in life to be pretty [...]

  2. The Seafarers is a curiosity, a novella resurrected from Shute's unpublished papers, restored and published as a labor of love by a group of Shute fans. The story is a simple one, involving a British naval lieutenant and a Wren. They meet in the immediate aftermath of WW II, as the lieutenant's torpedo boat is being decommissioned at Portsmouth. Both are at loose ends as to postwar plans, love the sea, and have no training for other work. They bond, but the relationship falters when they reconne [...]

  3. This is a love story between two young people who are getting out of the Navy after the war. Donald Wolf, a navy lieutenant is helping to decommission his gunboat, and Jean Porter, a Wren who is bringing the workmen to the gunboat each day. Jean is trying to light her stove in the small transport when Donald sees her and invites her into the gunboat to have tea with him. They hit it off, but after they return to their homes, Donald finds out that Jean comes from a very wealthy family and he, fro [...]

  4. This is a book I read years ago and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve read all of Nevil Shute’s books. The best by far is “A Town Like Alice.”

  5. A short Shute story - published long after his death from his papers. Not really a full novel but his classic writing style. Knowing I would never again read a Shute book for the first time I read every page slowly to savour.

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