Southern Honor: Ethics And Behavior In The Old South

Southern Honor Ethics And Behavior In The Old South Explains the importance of the concept of honor in Southern society and examines family relationships courtship marriage miscegenation dueling and slave insurrections

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  • Title: Southern Honor: Ethics And Behavior In The Old South
  • Author: Bertram Wyatt-Brown
  • ISBN: 9780195033106
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Explains the importance of the concept of honor in Southern society and examines family relationships, courtship, marriage, miscegenation, dueling, and slave insurrections.

    One thought on “Southern Honor: Ethics And Behavior In The Old South”

    1. I absolutely love this book though I have not gotten very far. I saw it one day last year in Barnes and Noble on the employee picks shelf. I was shocked when I went back to buy it, and the salesperson, a college age young woman, exclaimed, "Oh, that was my pick!! I loved that book. I was using it for research on a paper, and I was so enthralled I read the whole thing. It was intriguing". This coming from a non-Southerner, I knew I had to read it.It is a scholarly endeavor that has been recently [...]

    2. I had to read this book for a college Southern U.S. History class. I purchased it four weeks before the semester and started reading it, even though I didn't have to and soon found I had difficulty putting it down. The first bit is a little slow and pedantic, but it quickly gets "better". Being from the south, I always had a highly romanticized and naive view of the culture in which I grew up. This book gave my impressions and knowledge solid ground and helped me to draw more educated conclusion [...]

    3. A long and rambling cultural history that feels also like a philosophical digression influenced by the brief rage for applying psychological ideas to history. As such, it feels like a creative act, not in the sense of fiction but in explaining complicated human ties and emotions. It is as if Faulkner decided to forgo prose for the call of Clio, and tellingly Faulkner is referenced many times in the text.I found the work compelling and enlightening. Wyatt-Brown views the core of Southern society [...]

    4. I will not be finishing this one. Felt heavy and overworded. Fortunately the author has a shorter volume: Honor and Violence in Civil War South, which I am reading and enjoying.

    5. W.J. Cash's The Mind of the South explains the outlook of Southerners on their past and their society, but Wyatt-Brown adds a layer of detail that is entertaining (in the same way a car wreck can be, that is). Antebellum Southerners developed a sense of honor that was easily offended and demanded satisfaction. Reading this book illustrates why Southerners resorted to duels so many times; certain insults could be redressed no other way. A useful book for understanding Southern customs and rules o [...]

    6. It seems to be a well researched book and the author no doubt has great credentials. I would like to think that I have a rather balanced view of Southern history, with a slight lean towards the view that it was shaped by Christianity generally and Calvinism in particular. Even so, between slavery and depravity of man, I know it was far from an utopia. Even so, I believe that Wyatt-Brown picks the anecdotes and historical tidbits that support his presuppositions, a bit of confirmation bias. Very [...]

    7. This book is a deep dive intellectual exploration of the subject. It can read very slowly and is not for those wanting a quick, pithy, or glib review. But it does explain many facets of both historical and contemporary mores. And because the author occasionally needs a contrast to explain the inner workings of Southern Honor, it occasionally helps to understand Yankee mores as well.

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