Santa Baby

Santa Baby This title is part of the Advent Calendar I ll Be Home for ChristmasHarry Sokol is in a personal rut single with no prospects while slogging through his eighth Yuletide season as an elf in his d

  • Title: Santa Baby
  • Author: RobertJames
  • ISBN: 9781613722992
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • This title is part of the 2011 Advent Calendar I ll Be Home for ChristmasHarry Sokol is in a personal rut, single with no prospects while slogging through his eighth Yuletide season as an elf in his department store s Christmas Wonderland When romance beckons from an unexpected place, can Harry get out of his own way and accept it for the joy it is

    One thought on “Santa Baby”

    1. first thing i do with these stories now is check when they end. this one ends at 85% used word "knickers" in second paragraph, that is goodthis one stared off great. the MC was charming and funny and i liked him. it had the most potential yet IMHO but in the end was a huge let down(view spoiler)[It is way too short. there are only two short scenes with Ryan (the love interest). So we know absolutely nothing at all about Ryan and little about MC.lots of scenes with MC and his girlfriends though. [...]

    2. Short, light read about Harry, who hesitates to get what he wants, and Ryan, who doesn’t hesitate to go after his goals. The humor of some of the situations and the way Harry, who tells the story in first person, talks about them made me laugh. While Harry keeps making fun of himself throughout the story, it is only a cover. He doesn’t want to think too deeply about why he’s never gone after anything worth having. Meeting Ryan changes that, since he suddenly does want more – with the man [...]

    3. This one didn't really work for me. The writing style was confusing and evan for a short this lacked any real story.

    4. This was a really cuteI can't really call it a story, since it sort of just ended.I was enjoying it and reading along and then.e end. Very short and not enough to even call a story!

    5. Writing was good, entertaining and a very promising start, but it was like reading a good excerptd then not having a book to read to see what happens next. Or happens at all. The description of the sick was practically longer and more detailed than their interest in each other. Still, I think this author shows promisebut next time give us the whole story please!

    6. I wasn't really feeling this one. No matter the word count, it felt way too short -- just a tiny vignette of the real story with these characters. Maybe this is the beginning of a series of shorts, who knows, but if it is, this one didn't attract enough attention and interest from me to really remember it down the line.

    7. ACK! This is such a teaser. I really liked Harry and Ryan and Eileen and even Amy. Ryan and Harry were so cute together and I loved Eileen the little bit pushy but well-intentioned and not obnoxious friend. But I wanted more! Is there going to be another story about these two? I felt a little gypped at the end.

    8. This is more like a chapter of a book than an actual book, and Ryan is nearly nonexistent. You get no sense of what he's like. But Harry is funny and a great character and his friendship with his girl was worthy of three. Too bad it wasn't longer and more developed.

    9. It was good, but it seemed far too short and ended so abruptly that I'd call it a teaser rather than a short.

    10. So Harry meets Ryan who Harry was a elf and Ryan was a Santa . So story goes from there. Not sure where it was heading it was ok to read but need more solid but ok.

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