V for Vendetta, Vol. I of X

V for Vendetta Vol I of X V for Vendetta is a ten issue comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd The series depicts a near future UK after a nuclear war which has left much of the world de

  • Title: V for Vendetta, Vol. I of X
  • Author: Alan Moore David Lloyd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • V for Vendetta is a ten issue comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd.The series depicts a near future UK after a nuclear war, which has left much of the world destroyed, though most of the damage to the country is indirect, via floods and crop failures In this future, a fascist party called Norsefire has exterminated its opponents inV for Vendetta is a ten issue comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd.The series depicts a near future UK after a nuclear war, which has left much of the world destroyed, though most of the damage to the country is indirect, via floods and crop failures In this future, a fascist party called Norsefire has exterminated its opponents in concentration camps and now rules the country as a police state V, an anarchist revolutionary dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask, begins an elaborate, violent, and intentionally theatrical campaign to murder his former captors, bring down the government, and convince the people to rule themselves.

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    1. Remember Remember The 5th of NovemberThe first volume, 4 chapters of the epic "V for Vendetta"Did you notice the 4 chapters starts with V? , and the rest of them too at least at the first BookIt starts with huge act of rebellion, resonate, the Gunpowder plot."For more on this old real life rebellion, you can check this new BBC miniseries"Then Alan Moore takes us smoothly into learning more about this Dystopia England, and how it turns into this mess -and what the hell happened to the world itsel [...]

    2. Stupid Hollywood! Stupid, stupid Hollywood!For years, I was under the impression that V for Vendetta was one of those silly comics only fanboys with an unexplainable taste for pulpy stories could ever love. I was sure it wasn't worth my time. I was sure I'd not like it at all.All because I didn't care for the film adaptation with Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman, didn't care for the story told in it, which I found boring and inferior even for a run-of-the-mill utopia. And, boy, was I wrong. The [...]

    3. THIS WAS AMAZING!V for Vendetta is my favorite movie ever, and I was worried to see what the comic book held because I had really high expectations.Luckily this lived up to those expectations! I adored every little detail of it, especially since it had a lot more information about characters than the movie did.I'm definitely continuing on with these books

    4. As a beginner to the genre of the graphical novel/comic, I must say that this apocalyptic vision of the future has left me impressed. What most writers wouldn't be unable to convey in a 200 page novel, has been very effectively conveyed in this 34 page creation. No doubt since it is a work written way back in 1988, the graphical gloss make seem missing but the content more than makes up for it. The story begins in a world where a lot has gone wrong. A fascist government is in control in England [...]

    5. Trigger warnings: war, etc. Warnings of some disabled slurs used within the comic; “queer” used to mean funny. Racism and homophobia – black and gay people being sent to concentration camps.In the first instalment of V for Vendetta we are introduced to a world in the future, after a nuclear war that has left the world wrecked; mostly through floods and crop failures. The fascist party, Norsefire, has destroyed their enemies in concentration camps, and now they run the country as a police s [...]

    6. The graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore is about a masked 'terrorist' named V who tries to free Britain from a totalitarian government. Along the way, He picks up a young woman named Evey and brings her along for the ride. This graphic novel switches from Evey and V's point of view, to the governments, which made me wonder who was right and who is wrong. V for Vendetta is a dark book, and would not be recommended to children. For those who are older and enjoy the dark, superhero genre, th [...]

    7. This is by far the best comic book series I have ever read. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. My only criticism would be of the poor quality paper and color printing that went into the comics. If you happen to think that comic book writing is too plain or simple, pick up the first in this series and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    8. Exciting beginning. The entrance of V was all sudden and mesmerizing. The mess he made, the way he talked and moved, the wit he showed- all made him a true anarchist. Can't wait to finish the series asap. Nothing is compared to see the V in his Vengeance mode!

    9. [I read [book:V for Vendetta] as a series eleven installments, of which ten are the actual story and one a summary of the creative process, so this will be one review repeated across each. I have individual marks for each installment, explained in part in the volume chronology (see the spoiler.)] V for Vendetta is Alan Moore's take on dystopia; here, the hero takes on the totalitarian regime set in the UK. As such, this graphical novel is part of a topical list that includes Zamyatin's We, Huxle [...]

    10. Uhhh and it begins I fell in love with the story when I saw the movie. This is a ten part story by Great Alan Moore and tells the story of an alternate reality where UK is ruled by a right wing party. The story is set in London in 1997 and begins on the Night of 5th of November. 'Remember Remember the 5th of November '. The only difference from the beginning is that Evey is only 16 years old in comics not older like Natalie Portman. I will gobble up remaining parts soon.

    11. قرأت العدد الأول وذُهلت حقيقةً من الأبعاد السياسية في الكوميكس , إذ تتخلل الوقائع التاريخية كتابات الآن مور التي ذكرت في المقدمة والحقيقة أنها شيء جوهري للغاية لفهم الخلفية التاريخية والسياسية لإنجلترا في الثمانينيات. كما أذهلتني الترجمة المسرحية لمكبث. على الرغم من قرائت [...]

    12. 5/5 estrellas.Comienzo perfecto.Para quien haya visto la película: el comic cuenta muchísimos más detalles y merece la pena.Además, ver la película antes, como es mi caso, hace que entienda mucho más algunos detalles que pueden ser confusos.Totalmente recomendado.No apto para niños.No recomendado para adolescentes, mejor cuando ya tengan asentada algo la cabeza.

    13. Fast start and amazing character development. I also love the art style and graphics of this comic book. I'm excited to read the next ones in the series!

    14. 3.25/5 stars. I know, 'V for Vendetta and only 3.25 stars?' Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the story, I'm just not a big fan of the artwork. Obviously it's a bit older and not as colorful and bright as the new comics, and yes it does fit the story, but it's just not my favorite. I did like the introduction of V and the beginning of the mysterious story. Definitely continuing on with the series!

    15. Versi ini berbeza (banyak sikit) dari filemnya, malah saya lebih tertarik dengan skrip filem ini lebih dari huruf-huruf yang tertulis dalam bubble komik ini. Episod pertama merupakan permulaan V mula muncul memporak-porandakan pihak penguasa. Manakala watak utama perempuan baru sahaja nak berjinak-jinak arena niaga menjual tubuh dan bukanlah bekerja di stesen tv.Boleh tahan sebab ia klasik.

    16. أعتقد إن هذه هى المرة الأولى التى أقوم بقراءة كوميس باللغة الانجيلزية خارج نطاق Batman, Superman ,Archie & Mickey وبالتالى فالتجربة والقدرة على التمتع وهضم فكرة والمعنى ليست مكتملة بعد بالأضافة إلى أنبهارى بالفيلم وحرفيته وتأثيرات البصرية والصوتية مما قد يكون له أثر فى تقييمى للجزء ال [...]

    17. Fascinante te cautiva desde el inicio ! Si te gusto la película adorarás el cómic ¿Por qué ? Pues simple , El cómic es mucho mas intrigante , la increíble mentalidad de V y sus constantes estrategias te desviaran de la realidad ,una vez que leas el volumen 1 NO PARAS hasta terminar completa la serie .

    18. Es la primera vez que leo un comic y aún no me acostumbro mucho a leerlo, sin embargo V for Vendetta es muy fácil de digerir. Le puse 3 estrellas por que me parece un poco flojo el primer volumen, no han pasado muchas cosas de acción pero me gusta las referencias que hacen y a los datos que proporciona.Muy buen comic, vamos por el volumen 2.

    19. Nota: 4.5/5Hacía mucho tiempo que tenías ganas de releer el comic y justo hace unos meses me hice con la versión en grapas aparte del tomo que tengo y los estoy releyendo desde ahí. Tan impresionante como recordaba. Una obra maestra.

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