Off The Grid

Off The Grid Luke Kincaid is a model employee at the only company in the world that can deliver wireless electricity He s engaged to the CEO s daughter and is quickly becoming the go to corporate spy on its behalf

  • Title: Off The Grid
  • Author: Dan Kolbet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Luke Kincaid is a model employee at the only company in the world that can deliver wireless electricity He s engaged to the CEO s daughter and is quickly becoming the go to corporate spy on its behalf But Luke would rather tear the company down from the inside The company killed his parents and it must pay Threatened by a secret that could destroy him and any chance ofLuke Kincaid is a model employee at the only company in the world that can deliver wireless electricity He s engaged to the CEO s daughter and is quickly becoming the go to corporate spy on its behalf But Luke would rather tear the company down from the inside The company killed his parents and it must pay Threatened by a secret that could destroy him and any chance of revenge, Luke sets off to find the true origins of this obscure technology, but discovers a vast deception that will change the world forever.

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    1. I enjoyed the premise and the pace of this book, but it was filled with a number of distracting errors. For example:""He swung his arms as if he were playing a set of air drums -- symbols and all.""She had fallen asleep as the medicine took affect.""the federal government had failed to come to its aide.""look who's head is finally in the game.""she was dragging her heal on the mare's flank""The shipment from Moldova was shrink wrapped on four wooden palettes.""He sited health concerns."There wer [...]

    2. The concept for this near future techno thriller was enough to lure me into reading it. After the opening passages, I was a bit concerned about the basis for the core plot - wireless delivery of electricity in a future where burning fossil fuel for energy is prohibited. Yes indeed, I liked the concept and let myself overlook a significant missing element. Though the author did a great job of presenting the possibility of transmitting/delivering electricity to customers, it was never clear to me [...]

    3. Off The Grid is a very detailed yet fast paced action book with a backdrop of technology. Almost instantly the characters and the setting brings you in and it is hard to put the book down. Even with the dozen or so characters it is still very easy to know who is who, even if they only appear a few times scattered throughout. It was written very well and the dialogue between characters also seemed very real. The technology in the book is quite plausible based on the current path things are headin [...]

    4. Very well written!! The main characters were well thought out and clearly developed, the plot line made me angry with the big wireless electrical company (StuTech) cutting people off and bad things going on, but in the end, everything seemed to point to the next thing. I certainly enjoyed the author's writing style and the way he drew you into the story, and I hope he plans on writing more, as I would enjoy reading more from him.

    5. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy goes on special mission to prove himself to girl’s rich father, boy gets screwed by girl’s rich father, girl showed pictures of boy with other woman, boy told girl doesn’t want him, boy and girl get together and destroy father’s company, everybody happy but father.This is a summary of this book. Not the greatest summary, well… not the greatest book. Call us even.Zeb Kantrowitz

    6. Not a bad book at all, great characters easy to follow, actually drags you in! Even though most is very predictable, the parts that grab you, grab you hard and tight! Typical big company what they have is never enough! And how many casualties are left behind as they move ahead? And at what price will they pay to stay there??

    7. Kolbet takes science and writes a good 'science' fiction book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can recommend it as an excellent 'fast read.'

    8. I was pulled in from the beginning and held on for the entire ride. A fun, great way to get lost in a story.

    9. This book is a combination of a thriller / science fiction / post-apocalyptic fiction that kept you engaged throughout the book. Without having a spoiler, the main premise is a new technology that transmits electricity wirelessly (vs. the current technology of transmission lines) and the effort to break the monopoly by those negatively impacted by this advancement as their community has been locked out of the electric transmission grid and have started reverting back to the past technologically. [...]

    10. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    11. Hard to readI had a hard time getting into this book. It did not hold my attention. I tried and tried but could never get past chapter 3 without falling asleep.

    12. I think a lot of people would rate this book 4-stars and I can easily understand why. It's well written and the plot pulls you in and makes you want to know what happens next. There's an enticing quality to the main characters and the dilemma that they find themselves in. I enjoyed reading this book.However I am rather picky when reading a book and there were a lot of inconsistencies in the book and things that didn't make sense to me. That's why I gave it 3-stars.I'll mention a few of the issue [...]

    13. Just the cover alone of "Off The Grid" by Dan Kolbet sparked my interest with that power tower there among the stars. It had sort of an eerie glow behind the tower yet darkness all around. I figured this had to be a story about being cut off from power (by the name and cover picture) and after reading the authors description I found that the book was about much more than I thought it was. It is about murder, revenge, spying, love, and more.I won't go into a long description of what the story is [...]

    14. Wireless power revolutionizes the world in many ways; not all good. When StuTech corners the market, other power companies were soon out of business. The use of fossil fuels has finally been replaced with other sources and the wireless transport of electricity makes life good; for a chosen few. In order to transport this electricity stubs, receiving and transporting ports, are needed within a certain perimeter, leaving many tracts uncovered (much like cell phone antennas). The areas not covered [...]

    15. Started March 01st. 2014.Got this today for free from (only today), by way of the daily bookbub bargains email.Title and the short blurb about the book made me take it, thinking "as it is free, if it is bad, no money wasted".And I should stop starting more and more books at the same time.A few nice twists, but not enough.For a change a happy-ending, but that was expected by me.Not bad, given that Tesla is one of my favorite Scientists and the idea here is seeded from his work.The characters are [...]

    16. Not my typical read, but I found this story interesting. The author was abl to provide great detail while still keeping the book fast paced & action packed. There was an obvious knowledge of technology when writing this book that I found was not difficult to understand. There are many characters to follow but you are never lost as to who you are reading. The best thing about this book to me is that this could actually happen! This book was well written & believable, with a dystopian elem [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book because it was a little different, it kept me guessing, and it was interesting to try to follow what was happening and how it all fit together. I did not enjoy the ending because the wrap-up seemed simplistic compared to the rest of the action. It's not that it wasn't well written; it was more that the ending explanation was disappointing.This book is a good read for anyone who likes futuristic (not 100 years ahead, but still futuristic), mystery, exciting, science-based stor [...]

    18. Pretty Good Intriguing premise. The book is well written, the story moves at a good pace. No more fossil fuel, energy is delivered wirelessly. But now energy is scarce and many small towns are without and have been abandoned. Luke's parents died the night power was first cut off in Mill Creek. He wants revenge and plans for years to achieve his goals. Does he succeed? You will have to read to find out. Recommend reading.

    19. Energy, the Root of All EvilWhat is the mysterious element that has changed the landscape of modern America? Is it worth the millions left with nothing? Small towns left in the dark because it isn't cost effective. At times I felt the author was trying too hard to make this story work. At the end I wasn't satisfied.

    20. This is a decent enough debut thriller. The action is good, the main character believable and likable and the tension builds well. However, some of the setting elements don't seem fully thought through, and the plot gets a little strained here and there. I reviewed this for the Self Publishing review: selfpublishingreview/b.

    21. Different take on an old themeDifferent take on an old themeEnjoyed the premise and some of the details. I felt that the book had a lot in it just to give it a higher page count. If you can get beyond the length, it's a good book.

    22. A decent book that encompasses the environment, corporate greed, corporate espionage, and murder. Fast paced with ample character development, I think those readers who enjoy thrillers with a little bit of science fiction thrown in will enjoy this novel.

    23. Off The Grid reviewOff The Grid is a post apocalyptic thriller written by author Dan Kolbet. In the future, electricity is delivered wirelessly, leaving many areas of the country off the grid. It paints a very scary picture.

    24. A cautionary tale about greed.This was a story about how greed can blind people enough to stop at nothing to get what they want. A glimpse into a not so distant future. Made me stop and think.

    25. A quick-moving thriller with a technology backdrop. The plot moved along nicely with enough surprises to keep it tense and interesting, but nothing out of left field that left you wondering what you missed along the way. I had a hard time putting it down once I started.

    26. Excellent adventureI thoroughly enjoyed each twist and turn of this well told adventure. The plot kept me wanting to know more and there was enough secrecy that I didn't have it all worked out before the end.

    27. Tale of corporate greedVery good tale about greed, monopoly and corporate espionage in the delivery of the wireless electricity envisioned long ago by Tesla. Good character development and plot. Filled with mystery and action.

    28. Overall a good readA good read with plenty of action. However, the author or his editor needs to check unfamiliar facts such as not writing that Harley Davidson motorcycles have two-cycle engines, which are actually four-cycle, two-cylinder engines--a big difference.

    29. Pretty good for sci fiI am not a fan of sci fi but found this story line quite engaging. The characters were likeable and there was just enough reality in the plot to feed my curiosity. Probably more a 3.5- 4.

    30. OFF THE GRID REVIEWInteresting story but very poor editing and the use of words and events the author didn't understand.I would have awarded 3.5 stars if the editing had been adequate.

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