Paper Moon

Paper Moon The passionate love affair between Spitfire pilot Bobby Harris and photographer s model Nina Tate lasts through the turmoil of World War Two but is tested when his plane is shot down Disfigured and w

  • Title: Paper Moon
  • Author: Marion Husband
  • ISBN: 9781905170142
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • The passionate love affair between Spitfire pilot Bobby Harris and photographer s model Nina Tate lasts through the turmoil of World War Two, but is tested when his plane is shot down Disfigured and wanting to hide from the world, Bobby retreats to an empty house his grandfather has left him, a house haunted by secrets.

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    1. When I volunteered to write a review of Paper Moon by Marion Husband, Erastes said, “Oh, wonderful! Another gay historical!” While the story is historical (it takes place in 1946) and does feature gay characters, I’m not sure that gay historical is the best description. Historical fiction that describes the experience of being gay in the mid-20th century might be more apt. Yes, that’s mouthful but it’s meant to convey that this is a story firmly rooted in reality in terms of the tale t [...]

    2. Ahmazing bought this cause i adore 'the boy i love'. Everyone says the book was cliche and bla bla but like hello so are like every other book you pick up anyways this book is fab i luffed it.

    3. What a whirlwind this book is, so evocative of its time and compelling. It has an unexpected - and understated - intensity that quite bowled me over.The book is a sequel to The Boy I Love. While it stands on it's own, as I read, I enjoyed knowing some of the tangential past behind a few of the characters. In no small part this is because an important part of the narrative is the reminiscences of our main characters. The pair of books actually compliment each other very well. In a way, the resolu [...]

    4. PURE ESCAPISMThis title was one on my 'Re-Reads List' that I thought I would enjoy a second time around, which I did, perhaps more so as I was a little young when I first read it. This time the story focuses on the period after the second world war, again looking on the effects of war. There are still a few of the characters from 'The Boy I Love' however the story mainly focuses around that of Bobby, an ex RAF pilot with facial burns, and that of Nina, his ex lover. At first I found it hard to g [...]

    5. I was given this book for my birthday as my husband knew that I loved Husband's first novel The Boy I Love (a fabulous read, by the way). Read it very self-indulgently over the weekend with cat & box of Dairy Milk on my knee and loved every minute. All Husband's characters are sympathetic but Bobby Harris the novel's main character is wonderful - flawed but loveable. Hughly readable.

    6. This is the third of a trilogy. It is the story of Paul Harris' son, Bobby. It is a small world - the characters all connect in some way and it makes for a very good story. You'll enjoy this book more if you begin at the beginning of the trilogy, with "The Boy I Loved."

    7. Absolutely marvelous !!! I was enthralled. I hated to see it end. I read 'The Boy I loved' and 'Paper Moon' both in the past week. "Paper Moon' is wonderful in it's own right, but your pleasure will be much greater if you read 'Boy' first. Highly recommended.

    8. I really enjoyed this book! I loved all of the characters, learning about their lives in the past up to the present. Looking forward to reading it again after I've read 'The Boy I Love', then I'll follow it up with the last book 'All the Beauty of the Sun'. Can't wait!

    9. Riveted by this conclusion of the trilogy. Wonderfully drawn characters with individual dialogue that speak their own voice very clearly. Marion Husband is a very good story teller.

    10. Very well written. A haunting, angsty and melancholic read. I liked the characters though wish some of them (view spoiler)[(coughHugh) (hide spoiler)]were as fleshed out as the others.

    11. The title is derived from a WW#2 Song that crops up frequently in the story. Similar in theme to the Boy I Loved but not specifically a sequel introducing new characters. Bobby is impossibly handsome and knows it, guys and girls mooning over him, a photographer paying him to play model and fans snapping up his photos. What happens when he is hideously disfigured in a plane crash and can’t bear to look at his own reflection in a mirror or bear the stares of those around him. With the best of in [...]

    12. You find out what happens to the characters from The Boy I Love. This is a beautiful book in it's own right though and can be read on it's own. But for optimum enjoyment I'd read The Boy I Love first.

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