Persistance de la vision

Persistance de la vision Qu importe la mort dans ce monde futur o le clonage est devenu un succ dan d immortalit qu importent la vieillesse la laideur le sexe puisque le g nie g n tique peut reconstruire transformer am

  • Title: Persistance de la vision
  • Author: John Varley Michel Deutsch
  • ISBN: 9782070415922
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Qu importe la mort, dans ce monde futur o le clonage est devenu un succ dan d immortalit qu importent la vieillesse, la laideur, le sexe, puisque le g nie g n tique peut reconstruire, transformer, am liorer volont un corps imparfait Pourtant la vie, parfois, impose sa simple vidence Sur la plan te Mars, une exp dition terrienne d couvre, merveill e, les pr miceQu importe la mort, dans ce monde futur o le clonage est devenu un succ dan d immortalit qu importent la vieillesse, la laideur, le sexe, puisque le g nie g n tique peut reconstruire, transformer, am liorer volont un corps imparfait Pourtant la vie, parfois, impose sa simple vidence Sur la plan te Mars, une exp dition terrienne d couvre, merveill e, les pr mices d une r surrection Dans une communaut de sourds et d aveugles surdou s, un homme apprend l intense douceur d un langage corporel absolu.Neuf nouvelles d une qualit litt raire exceptionnelle, neuf joyaux tincelants d une science fiction qui refuse les horizons triqu s de notre morne quotidien.

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    1. While "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank" is good, "The Persistence of Vision" is extraordinarily good.Although set in the near future, "Persistence" has no other science fiction elements. The story is about a vagabound moving from one countercultural community to the next in the southwest, then ending up to stay quite a while with one qualitatively different than the rest. On land leased from the Navaho, this community was set up by several dozen deaf-blind persons who had grown up institutionally t [...]

    2. ‘La persistencia de la visión’ es una recopilación de relatos de ciencia ficción de John Varley, que mezcla ideas filosóficas y especulativas, con temas emocionales. Teniendo en cuenta que estos cuentos datan de la década de los setenta, resulta extraordinario el saber hacer de Varley para adelantarse en ciertos temas relacionados con el ciberpunk y la posibilidad de duplicar mentes y almacenarlas en ordenadores.Estos son los seis relatos incluidos en esta edición de Orbis:La persisten [...]

    3. These stories are from the early Varley, circa the Gaia series (Titan being one of them), way before the more recent Thunder and Mars books, with the author at the peak of his creative genius (IMHO). I like his work primarily for the way he paints striking and memorable images: the explorers trapped in the bowl, the blind-deaf-mutes having a meal. The title story is worth the effort if you only have time or patience to read just one. But then, like cinnamon licorice sticks, you won't be able to [...]

    4. In a post-apocalyptic near-future, a middle-aged drifter roams from commune to commune in the Southwest United States. Each of these groups has its own culture and he stays a while at each, doing whatever he needs (e.g going nude, praying, chanting “Hare Krishna”) to fit in while he’s there. This works well for him — he stays fed and sheltered and moves on when he’s ready for a change of scenery.But when he comes across a walled-in settlement in the middle of Native American land, he f [...]

    5. A very interesting story. And I think that is one of the main reasons why I liked it so much. And when I say interesting, I mean weird, strange just very odd. It is about a commune where the people are deaf and blind and how they all get along with one another. John Varley does a great job at describing the community and how they all live. A fantastic tale, but like I said very odd indeed.

    6. This Hugo and Nebula Award winning short novel is one of the most eye-opening and emotionally rending works that I have ever encountered in a lifetime devoted to reading. Do NOT miss this one.

    7. El presente volumen incluye cinco relatos, entre ellos los tres que me faltaban por leer del original y no venían en ‘La persistencia de la visión’:En el salón de los reyes marcianos (***), donde un grupo de astronautas en Marte sufre un percance que los obliga a permanecer en el planeta hasta la llegada de ayuda. El relato trata de las interacciones entre ellos, y el descubrimiento de la extraña raza marciana. Buen relato.El fantasma de Kansas (**), donde la protagonista se entera del r [...]

    8. -Desde las ideas, abrumador y original para su tiempo.-Género. Relatos.Lo que nos cuenta. Seis relatos de Ciencia-Ficción, escritos entre 1975 y 1978, todos publicados previamente en dos conocidas revistas de género y uno de ellos multipremiado, con tres relatos menos que la edición original (vaya usted a saber la razón), que tratan temas tan dispares como los efectos de determinados tipos de música a través de la tecnología, las consecuencias de un accidente en una colonia en Marte, el [...]

    9. Excellent collection of stories. The title story is one of the greatest works of short fiction ever written. It is the story of a group of people who lack sight, vision, and hearing. It depicts how they communicate and relate, and the organic culture they create based upon their own lived experience. It will enrich the soul of any reader. Reading this story is like travelling to another planet, where humans understand things we mostly forgot sometime during childhood.

    10. John Varley is extraordinary at the short story. Blue Champagne, Ophiuchi Hotline, Millennium, Persistence of Vision (what are the rest? include all of them) all the 70's short story collections hang together to form a sci fi world that's progressive and connected and feminist. I loved them. Check out ALL his short stories. Skip the novels.I read A LOT of classic sci fi, hundreds on hundreds of books in the 70s, and these are my favorite, plus some of Heinlein's.

    11. Quite a good collection of stories; one of them later expanded into the novel (and later film) Millennium. My favorites were In the Hall of the Martian Kings - which felt like Weir's The Martian only with Martians! - and the title story The Persistence of Vision. A very creative compilation, and well recommended.

    12. This is a nice little compilation of John Varley's early short stories. If you don't know who John Varley is, you should know a few things. First, he's one of those classic 70s and 80s sci-fi writes who tackle those ubiquitous "science fiction" issues that still define the genre today: artificial intelligence, the role of computers in humanity, and societal issues. When I read the collection, I was truck how elemental sci-fi used to be--how authors used to truly explore how technology affected h [...]

    13. This is a really solid collection of sci-fi stories. I only wish the order had been tweaked, as the first two stories were too similar, and almost put me off the collection before I got to the really good stories.I liked "In The Hall Of The Martian Kings" and "The Persistence of Vision" best from this collection.The first is about a small group of people stranded on Mars after an accident trying to figure out if they can survive until a rescue attempt can be mounted (some 7 years later at the ea [...]

    14. The wandering protagonist of Varley's short story explores the various countercultures of he southwest until he hits upon something unlike any other: a community of the blind.Vision becomes a liability as "The Persistence of Vision" challenges the social norms and conventions that are traditionally taken for granted. This "challenging" is quite extreme at times, but despite this the novel still retains its message and vision. I learned a bit about the distance fiction can be pushed to while stil [...]

    15. 8 great stories about life on other worlds than the earth. one really great story about a community of deaf blinds. Most stories have a curious fascination with gender reversal technology, as well as the concept of emancipation from parents. Both elements in relation to a future where life is near infinite due to cloning and the ability to transfer one's memory to a new body if the old one dies.A great read, highly recommended!

    16. Dejar pasar un par de meses tras haber leído un libro antes de escribir la impresión que te ha causado es un error de bulto. Así solo puedo decir que los cuentos que conforman el volumen me han gustado mucho, me han dado la impresión de algo 'fresco' o diferente pese a los años que lleva escrito. Sé que leyéndolos se me presentó algún 'pero', pero si no lo recuerdo ahora asumiré que no era nada de importancia capital. Muy recomendable.

    17. A wonderful thought experiment any student of the senses and ethnographic writing will love. It's amazing how well it aged- written in '78, it had eerily accurate descriptions of the current economic depression. Parts of it made me uncomfortable- probably one of the best features of the book was the author's ability to honestly translate the complex emotions of stepping outside one's own culture.

    18. Varley isn't a great stylist, but I love his ability to use science fiction to explore a range of philosophical questions. When I read this years ago in my twenties, I was struck by how, in this one collection, he managed to cover the great majority of philosophical conundrums I was currently musing. Entertaining, thought provoking, and sometimes disturbing.

    19. Read this! The Persistence of Vision is one of the best short stories around, the ideas in it stuck with me for a very long time. It involves the creation of a unique society by people with physical disabilities. The book includes other great stories too. It is a great way to get to know Varley's writing.

    20. The Persistence of Vision is one of the best speculative-fiction short stories ever -- you could call it "science fiction" but the only science required for the premise of the story is a Rubella outbreak.

    21. Interesting speculation by a wildly inventive author writing in the 1970's, but I found the male middle-aged protagonists lusting after mostly naked pubescent girls, um, well, creepy, yeah that's it, creepy.

    22. This collection grew on me, as it went along. The last story, (the title story) is excellent. My first foray into The Varley World.

    23. Along with Orson Scott Card and Terry Bisson, simply the best short story/novelette writer in the field. His "Persistence of Vision" is a classic in any field.

    24. Fetishization of the blind, excusing of pedophilia through cultural relativism, an incomprehensible twist at the end, and a listless male protagonist whose attitude of irritating 'blah' reminds heavily of almost every science fiction story written by Varley make for a mediocre story. Don't waste your time.

    25. Superb collection of highly imaginitive short stories. John Varley delivers excelent storytelling while providing many great ideas.

    26. Bon, comme c'est mon habitude pour les recueils de nouvelles, quelques lignes sur chaque texte. Disons globalement que ces textes se situent, pour la plupart, dans l'univers du Canal Ophite.1 - Le Fantôme du Kansas (The Phantom of Kansas), pages 9 à 72Cette première nouvelle m'a replongé quasiment mot pour mot dans certains passages de Gens de la Lune, je crois, avec ce voyage dans le disneyland du texas, et cette incroyable tempête. L'intrigue, elle, est peut-être moins spectaculaire que [...]

    27. Если Уэллс известен всем читающим книги, Дик - любому читателю хорошей фантастики, то имя Джона Варли известно немногим, особенно в этой стране, а его наиболее знаменитое произведение повесть «Навязчивость зрения» - вообще единицам (хотя бы потому что ни одного официальног [...]

    28. Back in my first real job after college, a coworker urged me to read this then-new collection of stories. At the time, I naively supposed that familiarity with the "old masters" of science fiction (Asimov, Bradbury, et al.) was sufficient. Varley was one of the authors who made me realize how much more great stuff was out there.In a gap between other titles, I've just revisited this, and it's still very good. The first story, "The Phantom of Kansas," is the one I remember most clearly and the on [...]

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