The Message

The Message Set in a fictional African state in the grip of a civil war provoked by the emergence of The Mahdi a pretender to the leadership of the Islamic world The Message is a thriller from Tariq Goddard

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  • Title: The Message
  • Author: Tariq Goddard
  • ISBN: 9781846948794
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in a fictional African state in the grip of a civil war provoked by the emergence of The Mahdi, a pretender to the leadership of the Islamic world, The Message is a thriller from Tariq Goddard.

    One thought on “The Message”

    1. I am not sure I know how to write a review of this book, it's quite unlike any I have read. It's unique in a way that could be good or bad depending on your reading habits. I liked it, the prose flows, the characters were plausible without cliches and I did gt to a point where I couln't stop reading. The cover attracted quite a lot of attention and I found myself having to continually explain to people what the book was about or else fend of disturded glances. Aside from that it's an interesting [...]

    2. This star is for the reviewer on the back of the book and I'm really annoyed at him for enticing me to read this really horrible book. Marketed as a relevant novel in these times of terror, the book was poorly written, totally scattered, impossible to follow, racist and sexist. The story took place in a fictional African country, full of murdering pygmies eating body parts, machetes, and wild African soldiers all running around crazy in the bug-filled jungle. Really offensive and hard to believe [...]

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