One thought on “Red Dwarf Space Corps Survival Manual”

  1. This is very much a Red Dwarf take on survival with some useful and some not so useful tips on how to survive the utter destruction of your space craft as it crash lands on a planet potentially hostile to the continuing of your existence. With occasional input from the Red Dwarf crew you will learn how to and how not to survive in almost every eventually, including the rescue phase of your survival experience, complete with a little flip chart style animation in the corner to guide you on your w [...]

  2. Tthis book is by no means the pinnacle of literary greatness. But that's not what you want from a book like this! You want a couple of giggles, guffaws and a few in-jokes as you indulge in one of your favourite shows. And that's what you get here! A fab little novelty.

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