Girls to the Rescue: The Royal Joust

Girls to the Rescue The Royal Joust None

  • Title: Girls to the Rescue: The Royal Joust
  • Author: Bruce Lansky
  • ISBN: 9781442438729
  • Page: 268
  • Format: ebook
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    One thought on “Girls to the Rescue: The Royal Joust”

    1. The cover itself is awful, but the book itself is AMAZING! It's fantasy, but with very little magic which is just right for me. And this book is also a short story. It is a VERY clean story, so you can set your mind straight on that point too.I'll be looking forward to more Girls to the Rescue books!

    2. ShortShe "Lindsey" was very brave it inspired me to be brave not cowardly so I Will be counting on more books!!!

    3. This ebook (available free on Barnes & Noble's Nook) is a simple short story (one of an anthology entitled Girls to the Rescue #1) with a reasonably predictable, innocent, and easy plot but respectable prose if not stellar writing. As one of those stories of young girls who defy the male-dominated social structures, it is an important one to read to our young girls. Lindsey rides in a joust in her brother's place. (view spoiler)[The only real surprise in this tale is that she does not show h [...]

    4. I read this to my granddaughter and didn't realize it was for girls 7 1/2 to 13 when I got it. She is only 4 but luckily my older granddaughter (14) was here too and she listened to the story as well as explain what a joust is and a few other things. So I will say a young child will not know what some of the things in the book are but even so it is a good book to read and explain what these things are to a younger child. The book is easy so a child of the recommended ages can certainly read it f [...]

    5. Having just read and enjoyed 'Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood' by this author, I noticed this Girls to the Rescue story and decided to read it as well. I'm glad I did.Although the story was predictable, especially given its title, it was nevertheless an enjoyable read and gives one example where a girl proves she is as good as a boy.It also highlights some other desirable traits for girls (and boys)See my review also at:amazon/Girls-Rescue-.on/Girls-Rescue-sa

    6. If your a girl that gets annoyed that all the princess does is sleep! or faint! that is book is going to be a favorit. However girls are not boys and I like that this book doesn't make girls buff Xena type warriors not they make them girls. Thes girls are clever, couragous and yes wise which can be even best than a prince with a sword.

    7. When Reggie can't move out of his bed due to injuries sustained in the previous day's jousting, his sister Lindsey decides to take his place.I'll be honest, I was disappointed in the writing in this one. It was very modern despite the time the story was set in. Really, children can handle authenticity. 3 out of 5.

    8. This was a good book, how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

    9. This started out as an interesting story but I felt that it ended abruptly. This felt more like a book for a teenager.

    10. I loved the story. It is great how the sister decided to take place of her brother. Iwould reccomend the story to older children.

    11. Five starsI loved this book. It is kind of young for me, but it was pretty good. Kids would like it and it is a short book to get a quick read in.

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