Hidden As unnerving as it is mesmerizing Hidden is an evocative emotionally charged domestic drama a willful and traumatized woman s painful search for the truth about the man who assaulted her one summer

  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Paul Jaskunas
  • ISBN: 9780743257480
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As unnerving as it is mesmerizing, Hidden is an evocative, emotionally charged domestic drama a willful and traumatized woman s painful search for the truth about the man who assaulted her one summer night Six years after the attack, Maggie Wilson receives a call from the prosecutor who helped put her husband in jail after Maggie identified him as the man who nearlyAs unnerving as it is mesmerizing, Hidden is an evocative, emotionally charged domestic drama a willful and traumatized woman s painful search for the truth about the man who assaulted her one summer night Six years after the attack, Maggie Wilson receives a call from the prosecutor who helped put her husband in jail after Maggie identified him as the man who nearly killed her Told that another inmate has confessed to the crime and that her ex husband will be freed, the shock plunges Maggie into memories of her stormy marriage to Nate Duke, the ambitious heir to a real estate company Secluded in an old farmhouse that was her marital home, Maggie relives her marriage to Nate and his abusive treatment of her But in her present, a very different man is haunting her the born again convict who has confessed to the crime As his story competes with hers, Maggie pores through trial transcripts, old journals, and photo albums, trying fruitlessly to remember exactly what happened.Written in spare, elegant prose, Paul Jaskunas s novel reads like a waking dream as Maggie is torn by the question was it Nate Or was it this stranger who seems to know intimate details And what will it cost her to discover the truth A work of searing suspense written in the heroine s brave voice, Hidden is ultimately about a woman confronting the betrayal of her body and the ambiguity of her mind.

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    1. I would give this 2.5 stars probably. I read it because the premise sounded interesting and there was a quote from Anna Quindlen - an author I enjoy and respect - on the back recommending it. Although it is repeatedly called a thriller or suspense, I did not find it overly suspenseful. I enjoyed the theme of the actual truth versus what our minds convince us is the truth, and the idea that truth is different to different people, and the fact that time changes memories and what we thought we knew [...]

    2. "Hidden" is the story of a young woman, Maggie, who is attacked and left for dead one night in her rural Indiana home. She survives the attack, but for many years afterward is plagued by unanswered questions and self-doubt as she struggles to form a clear image of the face of the man who did this. Her husband Nate was convicted and put in jail, but 6 years later, another man confesses and Nate is subsequently exonerated and released, bringing fear and more uncertainty into Maggie's life.Jaskunas [...]

    3. This was a very interesting, very unusual book. I won't say that I loved it, but I certainly can't stop thinking about it. The author has done a great job of allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions about who is wrong, who is right and who is ultimately at fault when it comes to the attack on Maggie Wilson. I don't always love it when male authors write from a female POV, but I think Jaskunas did a pretty good job; there were only a couple of places that made me cringe.Again, the que [...]

    4. I was conflicted about whether I actually enjoyed this story however parts of it have stayed with me. Maggie is a compelling character who is exploring her memories of a terrible event she believed her husband committed until someone else confesses to the assault throwing Maggie into confusion. It's an interesting story about how our memories are not always what they seem no matter how much we believe them to be true.

    5. Set in rural Indiana, this is the story of a young woman who is beat to within an inch of her life by an assailant. She is left for dead. When she comes out of her coma she can't remember the attack. As pieces come back to her, she is convinced it was her husband. He goes to prison and is only released when another man comes forward and admits to the crime. Maggie is wrecked - did she send the wrong man to prison?As Maggie tries to remember, the reader learns of her unhealthy marriage. She and N [...]

    6. You know how it is. You're stuck in an airport in some foreign land (in this case, Spain) with a flight delay which seems never ending when you suddenly realise that the book you've got as in-flight reading might not even last until take off, much less see you through the flight home.Necessity forces you into an airport shop and starts you flicking through a succession of awful sounding paperbacks, mostly by people you've never heard of before. Eventually, a combination of desperation and fear t [...]

    7. Maggie Wilson was knocked unconscious and almost killed by her husband, or so she believed. It was what she told the police after she awoke from her coma. But years later another man confessed to the crime and his knowledge of so many of the details of the event and the house in which it took place were enough to convince the state prosecution that he was telling the truth and that Maggie’s memory was unreliable. Living alone in the house she shared with him, a house in which his grandparents [...]

    8. It is only two days after finishing the book that I found another meaning of the title of this book. Spoiler Alert! The wife of a full-of-himself real estate developer (are there any other kind, one has to ask) is attacked in her home one night after midnight, leaving her with a debilitating head injury. The couple had problems, and the husband had battered her to ground before.The husband had no alibi, and during the night in question he went on a bender and said nasty things to people he ran a [...]

    9. I enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down. The story is about Maggie, who was brutally beaten ten years earlier. She had accused her husband who is put in prison but then spoiler alert 10 years later another man comes forward and confesses to the crime and knows details he couldn't have possibly known. The book does a great job with the essential question of: how reliable are memories?Pros:I liked the writing. I thought Maggie was interesting and thought Paul did a good job writing as a woman. [...]

    10. This is the book that wouldn’t end, it went on and on my friends, some author started writing it not knowing where it’d end, and then he kept on writing it forever just becauseThis is the story of a young woman who was assaulted in her home by she knows not whom, or she thinks she knows whom, but is she sure she knows whom? Written in the popular crack-pot style of the non-ending, the literary equivalent of being dropped on the side of the highway with a wink and a smirk, left to make futile [...]

    11. The author's debut novel is well written and incredibly believable in as he writes in a female voice. The female in question, Maggie, is a shard of her former self; a troubled and tainted soul, tormented by the memories of a violent attack from her past.As she comes to terms with that night, and the things that led her there, she is forced to peer into the recesses of her mind, and what she finds makes her question the testimony that locked her husband away for the brutal act.Maggie is relatable [...]

    12. A bit of a mystery (more suspense/drama) since this book was written by the perspective of Maggie - a woman who was attacked to the brink of death, leaving her memories jumbled. The book jacket practically tells the overall story: "domestic drama - a willful and traumatized woman's painful search for the truth about the man who assaulted her one summer night."d goes on to indictate that Maggie had accused her husband of the deed, but six years later, an inmate confesses to the crime which releas [...]

    13. I gave up tv and mysteries last year.Nevertheless, I'm open to either if something good enough comesalong. Hidden was worth breaking my no-mysteries rule for.Hidden is the story of a woman who is attacked in her home. Shesuffers a serious head trauma, but feels no hesitation when she isasked to identify her assailant; she is certain that it is herhusband. She is taken aback, then, when an imprisoned man, due to bereleased shortly on parole, steps forward and confesses to the crime.The story is a [...]

    14. Thoroughly depressing: wish I had not read it. While parts of the book are beautifully written, the book is a tremendous disappointment. The main character loves to run, walk, and ride endlessly through the country without direction as if she doesn't know where to go and I often felt the author was as aimless as she was. Wish I had chosen something else to read this weekend. Would not recommend this to a friend.

    15. I very much enjoyed this book. The writing style was a little different, which kept me on my toes. I was also very impressed with how well the author seemed to understand his female character. It did not feel trite or forced.The end was a bit frustrating for me, but I think that had more to do with my desire to read something with a neat and tidy ending, and less to do with the novel itself.

    16. I didn't love this book but I didn't hate it either; it was definitely well written--Jaskunas is a good writer. I just didn't care about any of these characters I didn't care what happened to Maggie or why. I liked the way it was written--how she discovered information and the story went from present day to the time "it" happened.butjust a meh from me. 3.5 stars

    17. I felt a deep sense of compassion for the main character of this book because of her circumstances. I thought parts of it were very well written, although in some places in seemed to be circling around to the same place. Overall it was a good story, if confusing at times, as the reader is trying to sort out what the character is trying to figure out with her memory problems.

    18. Maggie, a 22-year-old woman, is nearly beaten to death in her Indiana farmhouse. Her abusive husband, Nate, is in jail for the crime. Cross-cutting between mid 1990s and 2002, the year of the incident, her emotions and memories wage war as she tries to remember who her assaulter was. Darkly engaging, it left me wanting more. The story line was great, but the writing was lackluster.

    19. One of those books you can't believe is written by a man because the female narrator's voice is so genuine. Maggie Duke suffered a head injury when attacked 5 years before. He ex- husband has just been released from prison because a complete stranger confessed to the crime. Did he really do it? How can Maggie ever know given her brain damage.

    20. Bookseller: EvIn this unsettling and original first novel, Paul Jaskunas has not only captured perfectly the first person voice of a female narrator, he has also rendered her fractured state of mind utterly convincingly. Maggie Wilson's story is by turns horrific and heartbreaking, haunting and hopeful - it will stay with me for a long time.

    21. First time male author writing a mystery in a female voice; didn't do a bad job but the book itself is rather unsatisfying - some of the details and especially the end. Really no conclusion and I hate that, hence only two stars.

    22. Even though the story was good. It was confusing. The writing style was weird. Some parts would be annotated with a time period but during the story it would jump to another without any indication. It dragged on too long.

    23. I looked forward to reading this based on the write up on the back of the book, how disappointed I was. Never one to not finish a book I couldn't wait to finish it. Very disjointed and no real story to it.

    24. Never start a book with high hopesI picked this book up a couple of days ago and was very interested in however I thought there was going to be some kind of big twist (well, better than what the twist was).

    25. Novel about a woman struggling with the question of who tried to kill her, and what she ought to do with her life while the question dangles over her head. Not a perfect book -- for me it dragged in spots -- but I find that the story follows me.

    26. An interesting book about a woman's past and her "memory" of a life-changing event. Written by a man, but told in a womans first person account. Done very well. I would recommend!

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