Facets Nothing can prepare writer Hillary Cox for seeing her lover of years mining magnate John St George announce on television that he s marrying another woman Seeking revenge Hillary begins a tell a

  • Title: Facets
  • Author: Barbara Delinsky
  • ISBN: 9780446580274
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nothing can prepare writer Hillary Cox for seeing her lover of 20 years, mining magnate John St George, announce on television that he s marrying another woman Seeking revenge, Hillary begins a tell all book exposing John and his shady past John s sister, Pamela St George, also wants revenge against her brother Throughout her life, Pamela has suffered horrifying abuseNothing can prepare writer Hillary Cox for seeing her lover of 20 years, mining magnate John St George, announce on television that he s marrying another woman Seeking revenge, Hillary begins a tell all book exposing John and his shady past John s sister, Pamela St George, also wants revenge against her brother Throughout her life, Pamela has suffered horrifying abuses at John s hands She sets out to wrest control of the family s tourmaline mining business from him As Hillary attempts to end her obsession with John, Pamela searches for Cutter Reid, the one man she has always loved, and from whom John has always kept her Now, a three decade old family drama of power, duplicity, and money comes hurtling to an explosive final confrontation with the one man who has so damaged their lives.

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    1. 2.5★sFacets is the twentieth stand-alone novel by American author, Barbara Delinsky. When journalist Hilary Cox learns, second-hand, that her erstwhile lover, John St George is getting engaged to a Boston society widow, she is hurt. When he tells her that he fully intends for their relationship to continue unchanged, she is livid. She decides to write a book about his life, but is won’t be a sanctioned biography. It will be a warts-and-all expose.John St George is the heir to a gem miner, an [...]

    2. Unfortunately this was a book on CD; if I'd been reading it I would have skipped most of the book and read the last chapter. Definitely not worth the time. In addition I found the ending disappointing. Not one of Delinsky's better books.

    3. I HATED this book! BORING!!!! I merely finished it because I made it past the 6th chapter, expecting it to get better, but never ever did. Not recommended!

    4. Funny story: Upon first buying this book I thought it was called Faucets because of the swirly cursive font that's on my edition. What made this even more confusing was the note from the author on the back cover, explaining that the title was set from the get go. This makes a lot more sense now that I know it's actually Facets and not Faucets.I really liked this book, and I seem to be in the minority. This was a really well crafted and entertaining family drama, so I'm confused as to why there a [...]

    5. Adapted from the back cover: "Hillary Cox sees her lover of 20 years, mining magnate John St. George, announce on television that he's marrying another woman. Seeking revenge, Hillary begins a tell-all book exposing John and his shady past. John's sister, Pamela St. George, also wants revenge against her brother. Throughout her life, Pamela has suffered horrifying abuses at John's hands. John was once an insecure child, and now na over-controling man, he tries to rape his half sister, destoy Cut [...]

    6. From a small town in Maine to Boston and New York, they shared love affairs, friendships, and betrayals When John St. George announces his engagement on national TV, Hillary Cox threatens to bring him down in disgrace - while a three decade old family drama of power, duplicity, and money is played out to its extraordinary conclusion.John St. George grew up with a large chip on his shoulder he had never gotten along with his father and one of the things he did to get back at him was to have an af [...]

    7. This one is simply a delight right from the start!The characters are well written and the story grabs you and doesn't let go till the last page. In my case, I felt a wee bit bereft after I finished this one 'coz I wanted it to go on and on.Facets centers around four characters, one of which is the bad guy and all three are fall guys. Every character's life and story depends on the bad guy, making it a highly interesting storyline. Facets is very aptly named. There's a writer, a jewelry designer, [...]

    8. This book had a good premise: the gem and jewelry trade, and a family business dealing with it. The villain, however, could have been dealt with about 25 years earlier than he was. He did all sorts of sordid and/or illegal things, and no person, even an underage person, who was worth that much money would not have her own attorney to advise her. Totally ridiculous, and it overwhelmed my suspension of disbelief.

    9. CONTAINS SPOILERS****** It took me a couple chapters to get into this book. But one I was in I was hooked! I was completely entranced with the love story of Cutter and Pam. And John's character was so awful I felt sorry for Hillary right until the end. It wil admit the ending was a little anti climactic. John was so bad I would have like to seen him ruined.

    10. Another treat from Barbara Delinsky. A story of family, and all that comes with iteed, deception, jealousy, a bit of love, and a lot of chaos! I found this book a bit less exciting than some of her others, but it was a good read, nonetheless.

    11. Like the gems that make up the business that lies at the heart of this story, the facets that comprise each stone also represent the various characters who form the dynamics of this tale of hunger, ambition, power, and revenge; the story may be a familiar one, but at the same time, it unfolds in new and intriguing ways."Facets" portrays the secrets, the betrayals, and depicts the long and winding trail that ultimately leads to freedom. It begins in a mining town in Maine, but sweeps across the l [...]

    12. Overall, this was an entertaining read, but I have to confess that I battled to get into it. Somehow, the start of the novel felt staid and stilted, as if the author had taken over someone else's manuscript or continued work on an early manuscript of her own. The four main characters were hard to get to know and I felt no sympathy for them, even though they were all clearly struggling to cope with their life situations. At first, I thought it was because the setting was among the rich and powerf [...]

    13. Great story! Ugggh, I was so annoyed at one of the main characters, John St. George. He was an arrogant, ignorant, self-centered, hateful, pompous ass! I kept reading and reading waiting for SOMEONE to give this guy his just desserts! I was so caught up and involved in this story. "From Boston to small-town Maine to New York, they shared love affairs, friendships, and betrayalsHILLARY COXA successful writer, she could not escape her obsession for one man, and all the pain and passion he offeredH [...]

    14. There were too many fronts on which I had to suspend disbelief to go along with this story. To me, John St. George had no redeeming qualities; he was just an unrelentingly evil user of other people. I could not understand why an intelligent and talented woman like Hillary Cox put up with his cold treatment of her all those years, nor could I understand why Cutter Reid lived in fear for so many years waiting for the right opportunity to get back at John. Had I been the sister, Pam, there is no wa [...]

    15. The premise starts with a woman writing a tell all biography of her lover of 20 years, after he announces on tv his engagement to another woman. It turns out she isn't the main character instead tells the story of his mining family and their move into the jewelry store business. The love story is his younger sister and her first love. Complete characters. The villain was a little over the top. A decent snowy weekend read.

    16. Esta escritora me gusta mucho, es meticulosa, coherente, los personajes son consistentes y bien desarrollados, en este caso, el villano llega hasta límites insospechados pero no hay virajes mágicos sin sentido, todos los personajes cometen errores, como sucede en la vida. Es como ver una película y con sus descripciones del presente y del pasado el ovillo de se va desenrollando. La única sugerencia es que el final se hubiera desarrollado un poco más.

    17. In true Delinsky fashion, I was immediately pulled into the story. I became a cheerleader for Pam. I just wanted her to succeed. The feelings Ms. Delinsky caused me to feel made me appreciate her story telling abilities.The story is of a family who starts a family business mining gemstones. Over the years, the business grows and is succesful. There are many different sides to a family as shown in this story.

    18. Martha, Central patron, June 2016, 4 stars:Delinsky is one of my favorite fiction authors. This is one of her earlier books. From the blurb: "One one side, there is Hillary, a writer; on another, Pamela, a jewelry designer. On a third, there is Pamela's brother John, a mining magnate and on a fourth, Cutter Reid, once a devil-may-care tourmaline miner, now as sophisticated as John."Each character carefully drawn & different from the others. Tension, violence, romance.

    19. This was an ok book - not bad, not great. The ending was tied up quite neatly, and as expected, so it wasn't really a surprising story except in one respect - that in the end, the "revenge" was not revenge at all, but more making right what had been wrong. I did appreciate that aspect, and that the characters were not compromised in a way that caused them to act in a way that was incongruous with their value system.

    20. For dramatic and emotional stories similar to Danielle Steel, you might want to explore the books of Barbara Delinsky. There are several choices of story and theme to pick from, but you might want to give Facets a try - it includes some of the wealth and glamour that’s often found in Danielle Steel.

    21. Could have benefited from John, the baddie, being more human. Currently the only human thing about him is being loved by Hilary. Reminded me of Bold Eagle by Steele, keeps going on and on about same stuff, with more examples. Her later stuff is better.

    22. This was scandalous! It was great, but the end wasn't satisfying which unfortunately is true life. I think I read books to get me out of the real world and lately books are all about being real. No more fairy tales? :(

    23. This book was a good read, not one of my favorits by this author but still good. Showed the relationship of one twisted family over the years. Its amazing how people have relationships for so long and how they evolve.

    24. Wonderful readLoved it even though when I found out it was a re-release from 1990 I was not really looking forward to it but it surprized me in that it is as good if not better than her current works

    25. This book started out with really intriguing characters. Halfway, through, it became unbelievable. There were a few points where I thought I would stop reading. I continued on, but was not wowed by the rest of it.

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