One thought on “Alien Autopsy”

  1. In its 55 pages, this little chapbook collects 18 of Ponce's stories—or maybe "sketches" is a better word. Some of them don't quite have all the requisite elements of a story—character, event, POV. So 18 takes, then, 18 versions of reality, or something just slightly shifted from reality. What if you really had uttered that bizarre thought that entered your head at that party ("Alien Autopsy")? What if horoscopes were true ("Secrets of the Stars")? What if someone took a typo literally ("Sec [...]

  2. Collection of very short stories about family, childhood and relationships which seem to provoke consideration way beyond what you'd expect for the 500 or so words many of them consist of. Thoughtful, subtly emotionally charged denouements to some of them leave quite an impact. It's simple but well-written stuff.

  3. These little pieces are quietly disturbing. Sometimes I'm not even quite sure why, it breezes by in an instant, but I'm unsettled. It's some marvelous writing. Quick, spare, and moving.

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