Double Helix

Double Helix Eighteen year old Eli discovers a shocking secret about his life and his family while working for a Nobel Prize winning scientist whose specialty is genetic engineering

  • Title: Double Helix
  • Author: Nancy Werlin
  • ISBN: 9780142403273
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eighteen year old Eli discovers a shocking secret about his life and his family while working for a Nobel Prize winning scientist whose specialty is genetic engineering.

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    1. 10 December 2008 update added at the end.Double Helix by Nancy Werlin is young adult mystery which my daughter handed me recently. The main character, Eli Samuels, a recent high school graduate, is at a crossroads in his life in more ways than one. His mother is completely debilitated and dying of Huntington's disease. He can't afford college but his father vehemently opposes a lucrative job offer with prestigious Wyatt Transgenics by its founder, a legendary molecular biologist. And yet Eli's f [...]

    2. I can't remember why this got added to my "to read" list, but it did and I can't say it was really worth adding. The main character of Eli is not that likable or sympathetic. His attitude towards his girlfriend is frankly appalling and I can't believe that she ends up taking him back after the way he treats her. His relationship with his parents is also very troubling. His mother has a horrible disease and he just wants her to get on with dying so he can get on with his life and his father can m [...]

    3. Eli Samuels hat gerade seine High-School beendet. Uni steht jedoch erst einmal außer Frage. Seine Mutter hat Chorea Huntington im finalen Stadium, die Rechnungen stapeln sich und die Ungewissheit, ob Eli selber die tödliche Mutation trägt, belastet das Verhältnis zu seinem Vater.Um ein wenig (finazielle) Freiheit zu erlangen und seinen Vater zu entlasten, bewirbt sich Eli in einem Biotechunternehmen auf eine Laborassistentenstelle. Sein Vater ist sauer, denn er kennt Dr. Wyatt aus der Vergan [...]

    4. This is very similar to books by Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, and Michael Crichton. Here, three of the main characters: Eli, Viv, Kayla are all young adults. When I started reading, it seemed like a light version of those author’s books coupled with the fruition of many teenage boy’s fantasies of having a girlfriend who has sex with him regularly. But I grew to really like the characters, and the science fiction story is a thought provoking one about issues such as medical and scientific ethi [...]

    5. "Double Helix" is about Eli Samuels who has just graduated as saludictorian as his class. He has a number of problems to deal with - his new job at Wyatt Transgenics that for some reason has his dad angry, his mom who is suffering from Huntington's disease, and his girlfriend Viv who is having trust issues with him. He starts to spend time with a famous scientist named Quincy Wyatt, and through him he finds out dangerous secrets about not only his mom and dad, but he, Eli, himself.I enjoyed this [...]

    6. a kid eli Samules fresh out of high school gets a job at a trans genics company. His dad dosen't want him to work there but he does anyway. Eli asks hid dad why he dosent like that company and he dosent answer. and his mom dies. Eli finds out that he is a science expierment and thats why his dad dosent like that company. I cant realy relate it to other books because i dont read books like this. I think overall it was a good book. I would suggest it to someone who likes this part of science.

    7. I just went back and left a rating/review for one of Werlin's books I remember hating, so now I feel like I should leave one on this book I remember loving. I read this probably at least ten times in middle school, enough that now that the plot and characters have mostly faded there are a few scenes I still remember vividly. It was thought-provoking.

    8. Double Helix by Nancy Werlin is a book about identity crisis to the extreme. Here, Eli has sent an email to one of the words most famous scientists asking for a summer job at his lab. Eli had no idea what he had unearthed. Deeper in the story, you'll find that the connection between Dr. Wyatt and Eli is more than just employer and employee. Eli's mother was diagnosed with H.D a neurological disorder, and was told that there was a possibility that if she had children, the gene might be passed on. [...]

    9. My experience reading Double Helix by Nancy Werlin was very good. The book had a lot of mystery in it which I really enjoy reading. I love the suspense and the plot twists in the book. In the story Eli Samuel's is working at a lab for a famous biologist Dr. Wyatt. There is a strange connection between Eli's parents and Dr. Wyatt that Eli wants to find out. He believes it has to do with his mother who has Huntington's disease. "I was consumed by curiosity… and anxiety. I’d wait all afternoon [...]

    10. I'm not a fan of science-fiction, which is why I've had this books sitting on my TBR pile for the last 3 1/2 years. But I am a fan of Nancy Werlin, and she didn't let me down with this book. From the little I know of genetics and DNA research, this seems to be heavily based in science and perhaps the future of genetics research. I enjoyed the change in the protagonist as the book progressed. To be honest, I had trouble getting into the book because I really didn't like Eli at first. However, as [...]

    11. It was a good book but complex on some parts but it was balanced out because the plot was pretty concise. I loved the awkward twist and it was really creepy with the Kayla thing. It was a good science fiction novel and it can be Interpreted as a message to scientists to not get to caught up with scientific discoveries.

    12. Great read—engaging, intelligent—and I loved the perspective on Cambridge from someone familiar with it, written the year I moved here, in fact. Unfortunately, I'm only reading it now, post-Orphan Black, so I kept thinking of that and wishing for more Tatiana Maslanys in this. Sorry. Super great book though.

    13. I was sick today and spent the day with this good book as my distraction. I liked the topic, having just watched all 10 episodes of BBC's Orphan Black back to back. Genes are a complicated topic and I'm sure I read an entertaining whitewashed version, but I enjoyed it anyway!

    14. Meh. I really don't feel like going on another rant but let's just say that this author better have some other books that I will like. The transgenic stuff was pretty cool(ish) but the whole story just felt really blah to me.

    15. This book was cute, but super annoying in how it kept hinting at things, but took forever to reveal them.

    16. Eli is a physical and mental prodigy who has been spending his life holding back and trying to blend in with the others around him. He has a mother with a genetic disease and a father who refuses to talk about mysterious things. Eli is a nice character. I enjoy the way he is such an imposing physical specimen and uses it for protecting others. He has some issues, but that is to be expected with his home situation. The bioethics in the story is the main theme. We can--but should we? The mystery i [...]

    17. I picked up this title because someone I know is in the final throws of Huntington's disease and I thought this book might shed a little more light on the disease. It does discuss the genetics of the disease. The book, however, more strongly explores the ethics of genetic engineering in humans. It was interesting to hear the perspective of a young person as they are first confronting this topic.

    18. This book was ok. While it had a nice story, it spent way to long on side issues, so the main storyline took up about 80 pages. Also, it could have had a more climactic ending. The author didn't do a goodjob adding suspense, so there was no surprise or excitement. The character was not a great role model, but the storyline itself was good.

    19. Victor WrightDue date: April 17, 2015 Honors CompositionBook Review Double helix Nancy Werlin a mystery filled book with a little bit of sci fi. The book starts of with a boy named Eli who is tall smart and athletic. He decides to get a job at Wyatt’s transgressions but his does not like Dr. Wyatt and Eli does not know this. When he works there he gains a little relationship with him and went over his house one day. While there he meets a girl named Kayla and he stays there a long time. He eve [...]

    20. I would not recommend the book Double Helix by Nancy Werlin to a friend because it wasn't suspenseful, and it was not entertaining, I could put the book down whenever I wanted. This book never once left me wanting to read more. Someone might recommend this book because of the plot twists that kept them invested in the book. I would completely disagree because of the strong amount of foreshadowing that took a lot of the surprise away from the plot twists. Eli is the main character who gets a job [...]

    21. Eli's dilemma -- and the way he chooses to attack it -- are a wonderful portrait of the deeply flawed way we all attack problems that terrify us, particularly because they call into question our deepest beliefs about ourselves. The opening -- for my taste -- is too repetitive and on-the-nose, but after the story finds its emotional core, it leaps forward beautifully.

    22. Double Helix Book Review By Dylan Williams I felt that this book was decent in the interesting category and i gave it 3 points. The reason why i only gave it three is because it was kinda confusing with all the genetics and science involved. The characters were alright but i never really got attached to them. An example of a point where the plot was a little confusing is a letter from the lead scientist, Dr. Wyatt , to the main character Eli. In the letter he explains how Eli’s test for Huntin [...]

    23. It has been a long time since I have read any book labelled a “mystery”. Nancy Werlin’s Double Helix is a mystery as Eli–brilliant, athletic Eli–on the verge of high school graduation loses his mother to Huntington’s Disease. Questioning his own chances of inheriting the degenerative disease, he asks for a job at Wyatt Transgenics in hopes of understanding his mother’s relationship with the genius Dr. Wyatt. Not only does Eli discover the nature of their relationship, but he discov [...]

    24. Alright, well, there was nothing inherently wrong with Double Helix, but it didn't quite grip me at any point. Part of that is my fault, part of that is Werlin's fault.The thing is, I was recommended this based on my interest in mystery. It was shelved as mystery in my library, and it even has mystery as a main tag here on . It also has 'suspense' and 'thriller' tags. To me, there was very little mystery, and virtually no suspense or thrills.Was it well written? Yeah, I guess. It wasn't painful [...]

    25. Double HelixIf one is doomed with an extra amount of C-A-G genes, or more commonly known as Huntington's disease, they live a life in dread of the approaching years that the defect dominates their life. Double Helix by Nancy Werlin, tells the fictionalized life of Eli Samuels. Eli lives a tip-top existence, he is the valedictorian and has recently gained a prominent and well paying job. The only fault is, Eli's mom possesses Huntington's disease, a sickness that slowly and painfully exerts menta [...]

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