The Marshal at the Villa Torrini

The Marshal at the Villa Torrini The ninth installment in the popular series featuring Florentine Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia has the portly policeman investigating an accident involving a famous author Nabb s scenes are so cleverly

  • Title: The Marshal at the Villa Torrini
  • Author: Magdalen Nabb
  • ISBN: 9780060169152
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The ninth installment in the popular series featuring Florentine Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia has the portly policeman investigating an accident involving a famous author Nabb s scenes are so cleverly constructed that even her most bizarre characters seem fully formed and touchingly human Chicago Tribune.

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    1. "The Marshal at the Villa Torrini" is the 9th book in the series featuring Marshal Guarnaccia. I thoroughly enjoy these books, they are complete mysteries without a lot of blood and gore. The Marshal is slow, plodding, and meticulous in how he approaches any crime, no matter how small or complicated it might be. There are only five more books in this series. I have been reading them slowly so as to make them last!Jacket notes: "Up at the Villa Torrini, a well-known writer lies dead without a mar [...]

    2. Don't recall that I've read another Nabb, at least lately but have been waiting a while to read those on my tbr. Not sure I need to have bothered. Slow moving, the Marshal doesn't express himself either internally or to others. Maybe another reason is that he's on a diet so there's no food described. I'll try another

    3. I do like Marshal Guarnaccia and I started this because we were going to Italy. I read a good deal of it in Florence. But for some reason, I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the others. It just didn't grab and hold my attention like the first 3 or 4 in the series.

    4. Ninth in the Marshal Guarnaccia of Florence, Italy series.[return][return]The Marshal is not a happy man. While his sons are on a school skiing vacation, he decides to detoxify his liver and go on a diet. The Marshal, a large man who appreciates his food, is havingtable withdrawal symptoms , and is grumpy, alarming his new driver and has the rest of the carabinieri at the Pitti Palace raising their eyebrows and rolling their eyes.[return][return]The Marshal answers a call about a death at the Vi [...]

    5. I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/12548975Odd little tale.I haven't read anything by Nabb before and had not heard of her.The Marshal is almost always referred to as "the marshal" in the book, rather than by his first or last name. That gives the story a funny kind of edge.The Marshal is called to the scene of a death: Celia Forbes, a respected, well-known writer is found dead in her bath. Her husband is found in a room nearby, drunk and out of control. There are no signs [...]

    6. Just as I’m thinking one reason I like this series is that I can’t imagine it on TV, I discover that there was at least one episode called The Marshal on British television in 1993. I’ll bet it was very different from the book. Marshal Guarnaccia has been compared to Columbo, but in the books, it’s not just that others underestimate his detective skills--readers know that he has little confidence in them himself. He’s always an outsider, and the Villa Torrini case is just the kind that [...]

    7. I am quite infatuated with the Marshal - with the humor of his observations, small complaints, and self doubt; with the weight of the confessions that come to him; with the affection he has for his family, his men, his neighbors, his adopted city of Florence. My only complaint about this book is that it was too short, I could have taken a story about twice as long, even as I knew the way the mystery itself was going to go early on. So did the Marshal. The details and the proof took time, the Mar [...]

    8. I am becoming a Guarnaccia enthusiast. This book has a lovely contrast between the neurotic, stressed murderer and calm, slow, detective, sitting impassively and apparently not attending to the hysterical burbling, while he absorbs background noise and tries to remember why this man reminds him of a boyhood friend. He can be an alarming boss and an infuriating husband but there are those around him who appreciate his abilities and value his judgement. I am trying to read the books slowly as I ha [...]

    9. Another good entry in the Marshal series. This one has him in the hills overlooking Florence and considering the intricacies of one married couple's life.

    10. Ich hatte mir die Geschichte etwas temperamentvoller vorgestellt, weil sie in Italien spielt.Aber es war schön zu lesen und die Charktäre sind stimmungsvoll beschrieben.

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