Nathan's Wish: A Story about Cerebral Palsy

Nathan s Wish A Story about Cerebral Palsy Nathan is confined to his wheelchair because of cerebral palsy He lives next door to Miss Sandy a raptor rehabilitator who cares for injured birds of prey When an owl with a broken wing comes to Miss

  • Title: Nathan's Wish: A Story about Cerebral Palsy
  • Author: Laurie Lears Stacey Schuett
  • ISBN: 9780807571019
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nathan is confined to his wheelchair because of cerebral palsy He lives next door to Miss Sandy, a raptor rehabilitator who cares for injured birds of prey When an owl with a broken wing comes to Miss Sandy, Nick desperately searches for a way to help it Full color.

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    1. 9.Summary: This book tells the story of a young boy named Nathan, who loves to help his neighbor rehabilitate injured birds. There is one bird in particular, an owl, that Nathan takes a special interest in. The owl has a broken wing, and thus is unable to fly. Nathan desperately wants to help this owl learn to fly again, and we learn that he is so invested because he can relate to the bird in a unique way - Nathan has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. This can be a very defining ch [...]

    2. So here in the book we have a boy with cerebral palsy. We see the main character's love of animals as he constantly visits with one of his friends, Miss Sandy, who is an Animal Rehabilitator. They come across an injured owl and really want to help it fly. Nate and Miss Sandy do everything they can to help it fly and get back into the wild but unfortunately with the type of injury it just wouldn't work. In the end they ended up finding a purpose for the owl and Nathan figured since the owl found [...]

    3. Summary:In Nathan's Wish by Laurie Lears, a boy with cerebral palsy struggles to find his purpose, just like an injured owl. Nathan's next door neighbor rescues birds of prey, and when he discovers an owl that is much like him, he is determined to change some things. This bird broke her wing, and was not eating. When Nathan figures out a way to make the owl feel better, he find out his own way to make himself feel better. Theme: No matter what is bringing a person down, there is always something [...]

    4. This is a really precious social issue book about handicapped people, I think it is a great one to share with kids. The boy in the book, Nathan, struggles with cerebral palsy, he has to stay in a wheelchair and can't help his teacher like he wants to. In this book, he is helping take care of a hurt owl and relates to the owl who want to be free and fly away but can't. When the owl doesn't give up hope and decides to live with what he has then Nathan learns a good lesson that he is perfect how he [...]

    5. I loved the connection built between the bird and the main character. The reflection of the bird's ambition motivated the child to push forward despite his condition. I loved it.

    6. This is a great book when kids with CP are questioning why they are different. This would also be a good book to read to general education students when they have a student in their class with CP!

    7. Nathan's Wish is a children's picture book that teaches kids about Cerebral Palsy. Nathan has cerebral palsy and must use a walker or a wheel chair to get around. Nathan's neighbor, Miss Sandy, works to help injured birds and get them about into the wild. Nathan wishes he could help Miss Sandy, but he feel that he can't be that much help due to the Cerebral Palsy. One owl, Fire, has an injured wing and has trouble learning to fly again. Fire gets very discouraged, and sits on her perch refusing [...]

    8. This book is written in the perspective of Nathan, which puts a great perspective on the life of a child with Cerebral Palsy. My favorite part of the book is when Nathan is able to help Miss Sandy and feel a sense of accomplishment. I think in this style of book, this is an extremely important factor. We see his love for animals and his passion for helping animals. Nathan grows a love for the injured owl and wants to help him. The illustrations show Nathan in a wheelchair and that adds a lot to [...]

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