The End of the World Club

The End of the World Club With the end of the Mayan calendar fast approaching fourteen year old Max Murphy and his new friend Lola the modern Maya girl who saved his life in the perilous jungle are racing against time to ou

  • Title: The End of the World Club
  • Author: Jon Voelkel Pamela Voelkel
  • ISBN: 9781606843079
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the end of the Mayan calendar fast approaching, fourteen year old Max Murphy and his new friend Lola, the modern Maya girl who saved his life in the perilous jungle, are racing against time to outwit the twelve Lords of Death Following the trail of the conquistadors, their quest takes them back to the wild heart of Spain a forgotten land steeped in legend, superstWith the end of the Mayan calendar fast approaching, fourteen year old Max Murphy and his new friend Lola, the modern Maya girl who saved his life in the perilous jungle, are racing against time to outwit the twelve Lords of Death Following the trail of the conquistadors, their quest takes them back to the wild heart of Spain a forgotten land steeped in legend, superstition and ever bizarre tourist festivals With a pack of hellhounds on their heels and the cape twirling Count Antonio de Landa in hot pursuit, the teens must face madness and betrayal, bluff and double bluff, to uncover the terrible secrets of the long lost Yellow Jaguar But no matter where they run, all roads lead to Xibalba There, in the cold and watery Maya underworld, we finally discover why only Max Murphy can save the world from the villainous Lords of Death.

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    1. This is one of the worst books I've ever slogged all the way through. I've put down other books before because they were incredibly boring, or badly written, or contained a lot of graphic sex and violence. This one has just enough interesting plot and fantasy elements to keep me reading, but everything else is terrible. The characters are clever at one moment, and unbelievably stupid the next. The main character, a 14-year-old boy, turns from a mooning, love-sick idiot in one sentence, to a brav [...]

    2. Max Murphy is having nightmares that he is being chased by12 ancient Mayan gods of death because he is indebted to them for having saved his archeologist parents from Xibalba. His parents are in denial that this happened. He has a week to return the yellow Jaguar stone to the Mayan gods or face death along with his family. Pretty far fetched and there are errors in the text. At one point the father says he will buy a dehumidifier (p.38). A few pages later the word humidifier is mentioned twice(p [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book very much. It was probably my favorite in he series. There was a lot of action and a lot of twists and turns. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

    4. SUMMARY:In The End of the World Club we start off in the home of Max Murphy. He is dreading the day with the ancient Maya Lords of Death come to redeem the favor he owes them. Except he's having trouble convincing his parents that the Lords of Death are actually coming. After all the years they tried to get him interested in ancient Mayan civilizations, now is the time when they think he's lost his mind. The Death Lords send their messenger and he lets Max know that he's to find the long-lost Ye [...]

    5. I was so excited when I got this book from the library a few days ago. It is the sequel to J&P Voelkel's book, Middleworld. I read and reviewed Middleworld a few months back and absolutely loved it. And when I got the sequel, The End of the World Club, I couldn't wait to start reading. Okay, cutting right to the chase here, I didn't like this book as much as I liked the first in the series. At some parts, it was a little disappointing. I just think it could have been a lot better if you are [...]

    6. To be honest when I first started this book I was annoyed. In the first book I was very happy to see the growth in Max - he matured so much. But when this book started it seemed like he had slid backwards. He was almost back to his self-centered annoying ways. When him and Lola join up again it became really clear. I wanted to shake him and remind him of all that he had learned! Thankfully as the story went along he gained by the mature growth I'd see before. If he hadn't I fear I might have giv [...]

    7. Well. Pretty much feel the same way about this one as the last.Lots of fun adventure and funny lines. Way cool.Lots of totally ridiculous past the point of even slightly believable in a book parts. Way uncool.So the two averaged together come out as a low to mid three stars. I will keep reading. I'll just curse myself a little bit every time. Don't have a copy of this in our library collection. Send the kids to Jake Ransom And The Skull King's Shadow. But our public library has these. And if I [...]

    8. The book The End of the World Club is a thrilling sequel to the Jaguar Stones series. Max saved his parents from Xibalba, the underworld, and the death lords call in a favor from him. He has to find the long lost yellow jaguar stone. He has a short amount of time until they kill him and his friends, and drag his parents back to Xibalba. The death lords need to have the yellow jaguar stone to complete the set, which will make the world a living hell! Max is accompanied by his friend from Maya, Lo [...]

    9. Back in Boston after his fearful adventure in Central America, Max Murphy is haunted by the deal he made with the Mayan Lords of Death. In exchange for the release of his archaeologist parents from Xibalba, the ancient Mayas’ version of hell, Max has promised to do them a favor, and he thinks they’re coming to collect. Otherwise why would his house be the only one in the city where torrential rain is falling, and why would the rain forest start to grow inside it complete with toucans and ven [...]

    10. This tells a new adventure for Max and Lola and how they fight off the evil gods of the Mayan underworld. I really enjoy the details about ancient Mayan culture and history and also Spanish conquistadors history. These things intrigue and lend an added layer of depth to the story. I find Max annoying most of the time, though Lola has her moments as well. The action is fun and the story fairly fast-paced, with its Indiana Jones feel. However, I thought the book went on too long for its story. The [...]

    11. SighIt's amazing how you can have an exciting story and audiobook while having a totally irritating, clueless, whining, immature, and cowardly main character. Max falls for ever play that evil makes for him and is always saved by other characters in the story (who are way more interesting and of much braver and more intelligent stuff than him!!!). Many times I was tempted to stop listening in disgust but the story itself pulled me one. I don't know if the grating quality of Max would me more eas [...]

    12. This book is about a boy named Max and his Friend, a modern Mayan girl, who have to fulfill a mission by a few days notice determining Max's life. He made a deal with the Death Lords of Xibalba(the Mayan underworld) that if they retrieved the yellow jaguar stone, their friends would be released from Xibalba. The book is filled with suspense, curiosity, and there were a few parts that really had me on the edge of my seat. There really wasn't much of a down side or a boring part to the book. I rec [...]

    13. „Каменните ягуари” е младежка приключенска поредица със силен фентъзи елемент, чиито създатели Джон и Памела Волкил са базирали историите върху собствените си проучвания из десетки екзотични локации в Южна Америка. Точно така, вместо с познатите ни фентъзи същества, кни [...]

    14. The second book really picked up and the pacing was much better than the first. Though there was definitely a lot of dumb mistakes made by Max, when you remember that he's just 14, you gotta cut him a little slack! The introduction of Santino and Nasty created just the right amount of tension between Max and Lola. While I was a bit surprised about the setting change in this book, I found myself enjoying it all the same. The little tidbits of history woven into the series are great. Looking forwa [...]

    15. I was terribly confused when I read the first two chapters of this book. And that is all I read. I did not like at all the change in a main character's name, the supposed pronunciations given in the first book of the Aztec words were different, and overall it seemed cheesier than the first one. I couldn't stand it and I'm considering I read this because I can put a review on it. It bugged me so much that a character had his name changed that I couldn't continue.*Oh, and Lord Six Rabbit changes t [...]

    16. (MLM)I just started reading this book. I like it so far. This is the sequel to the 1st book (Middleworld). Before the end of the Maya calendar, Max Murphy has to pay back a favor to the Maya Lords of Death. He has ten days. Fast paced with symbols/codes, b&w illustrations, maps and photos. You learn a bit of Mayan History. But, actually you feel as if you were inside a video-game. This is a good choice for those who enjoy adventure/history and fantasy.

    17. This book was just as awesome as the first one. The plot was great, it was interesting, had lots of action, and had monsters! This book was really good. There were lots of unexpected twists and turns. There were also engaging new characters. Although, smae as the first book, some things were a little cliche. Like there was a person who looked exactly Lola, so you knew she would save her in the end. Even though, this book is really exciting, and is a great book to read.

    18. Although there were some inconsistencies with the first book (how is Max all of a sudden likes gourmet cheeses and meat pies when he wouldn't even eat a granola bar in book 1?), it is even better than the first book. Once again, I love the twists of the plot. These are excellent books for boys, by the way, especially boys who like "gross" stuff like pus and guts and flatulence :-)

    19. This is a really good book although i think i am going to pick up another book as well i am actualy reading bridge to terrabitha with the little girl i baby sit and I may finish that than do my report on that it is a good book it is not so much my age level but where as im reading it to her anyways might as well right Ill post it on good reads soon

    20. Warning, this book has continuity errors with the previous book, Middleworld. Such as instead of calling Max 'Hup', Lola now calls him 'Hoop'. And Lord Six Rabbit's name changed to Lord Six Dog. No explanation, it just changed, like the authors forgot his name and didn't bother to check. It was annoying the whole time. I did like the actual story part of the book though, so 3 stars.

    21. A second book in the series where character Max is still involved in a lot of Maya traditions. This time talking about the end of the Maya calendar. This could be related to our "end of the world" issues that have been experienced in the past.

    22. PersonallyI thought this book was not as great as the first- for one most of the details WERE WROOONG! Im kinda sad really :(

    23. second book in the Jaguar Stone trilogy. Max and Lola go to Spain. They find the yellow jaguar stone and turn it over to the lords of the dead.

    24. It was an ok book. There were way too many fantastical (word?) twists and turns to give it any more than three stars. I was, however, very invested in the characters. That is why I kept reading.

    25. Another enjoyable romp with Voelkel characters. Seems more complex but enlightens about book characters. A series worth reading.

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