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  1. 3.5/5*Read for class.When will men learn to listen to women they take to be their wives? When will they learn not to kill them? And without proof to boot? Ugh. I'm so tired of this trope.But all in all, it was an interesting play with some mysterious aspects and I enjoyed it. If not for what I said above, I would've enjoyed it even more. The writing was clever and beautiful, I loved that a lot. Some phrases were definitely worth quoting.

  2. Za postojanje ove fantastične drame saznao sam čitajući romane Dostojevskog. Budući da je Dostojevski sklon da u svoje knjige ubacuje mnogo suvišnih pasusa, koji pritom nemaju nikakve veze sa tokom radnje romana (žargonski rečeno: pisanje ,,na kilo"), jednom prilikom pomenuo je u jednoj knjizi (nažalost, zaboravio sam kojoj) ovu Ljermontovljevu dramu.Po njegovom mišljenju, ,,Maskarada" je, između ostalog, ,,naivna". No, uz to je cinično dodao da se Ljermontovu oprašta jer ju je napis [...]

  3. Shakespeare's Othello is more likeable than Arbenin. Arbenin is utterly self-righteous bastard. At the end he gets what he deserves but it does not bring his wife back from the dead and it doesn't improve her supposed lover's situation.

  4. Бедняжка Нина а с другой стороны - какая-то ерунда! Почему графиня после разговора с князем не пошла к Арбенину? Почему не догнала его тогда, при встрече? Раз уж решилася во всём открыться. Вот женщины! А что ещё делать Арбенину? У него были все основания. А так - потрясающий сл [...]

  5. Наскільки я пам'ятаю, цей твір не входив у шкільну програму. Сюжет, загалом, банальний.

  6. Truly enjoyed the book very much! It is shocking how tragic the fate sometimes is. I think the most important thing that I learned from this book is how important it is to beat your inner demons and don't let jealousy take over. Pride is destructive, not only it destroys you but also many other innocent, kind people you truly love. The best thing you can do is to be honest, kind and forgiving. It is the only way how you can become happy. Lies are meaningless, the truth will still come out!

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