Valiant Tammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way but a sexy lion man beast is way outside the norm He s huge has the most exotic golden cat eyes she s ever seen and s

  • Title: Valiant
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
  • ISBN: 9781419936005
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • Tammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way, but a sexy, lion man beast is way outside the norm He s huge, has the most exotic, golden cat eyes she s ever seen and she s so terrified of him, she s speechless for the first time in her life He s stalking closer, growling at her, and she s too unnerved to even flee.Valiant has always hatedTammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way, but a sexy, lion man beast is way outside the norm He s huge, has the most exotic, golden cat eyes she s ever seen and she s so terrified of him, she s speechless for the first time in her life He s stalking closer, growling at her, and she s too unnerved to even flee.Valiant has always hated humans But when he gets a whiff of the adorable human female who has invaded his territory, he s forced to reexamine his feelings on the matter Her fear scents of pure, sweet temptation and the closer he gets, the appealing she becomes Once he s got his hands on her, he isn t about to let go One thought will change his life MINE Before Tammy can regain her senses, she s flat on her back in Valiant s bed Now he just has to use every inch of his big, buff body to convince her to stay with him forever.

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    1. 4.5 “Lion Man-Beast” Stars!Valiant is book three in Laurann Dohner’s New Species series. I am wholly addicted to this fantastic series. I can’t seem to get enough of these animalistic men with hyper overprotective tendencies with a propensity to give out copious amounts of orgasms to their females! ;D“He’d spent a lifetime locked in a dank cell, hurting most of the time, and always so lonely. The idea of having a mate, someone to get to know, to share life with, had become his ultima [...]

    2. 5 "Mine Mine Mine" Stars*Spoilers*“Thank you.” He remained silent for a long moment. “You never thank me for protecting you, Tammy. You’re mine. It’s my duty and my honor.”OMG Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! This book was the bomb baby. I think I am in love with Valiant too! My favorite book so far. I can tell I am going to love the hell outta this series! "Come on, Valiant, you’ve terrified her enough. What did Justice say about trying to fit in? Remember that talk? God k [...]

    3. Valiant is one of the species that doesn’t like humans…he’s more animal than human, so he stays deep in the forest away from everyone else…in the previous book, he was looking forward to meeting the female new species and finding one of them for a mate. Well, life has a few surprises for him….I felt he could not be as mean as he portrayed himself to be.okay, so he’s not a fuzzy….… for heaven’s sake, he lives in a beautiful Victorian house, deep in the forest, which he’s lovin [...]

    4. **4.5 Valiant Roaring Stars** "I've decided I'm keeping you forever. You're mine." This story starts off with a chance meeting between Tammy and Valiant… that was never meant to happen. Tammy finds herself in a sticky situation, at the wrong place and defiantly with the wrong person. Terrified of the huge male growling at her from his front yard, Tammy is frozen from fear with nowhere to go. That’s until he pounce and carries her off into his house.Valiant is known for his hatred for humans. [...]

    5. As we have all learned about men who are also lions, they are awesome!! Valiant is right up there with Curran, ladies. You need him!Valiant was adamant that he would never fall for a human because they are too small and frail. But, when Tammy, a very small human, gets lost and ends up at his house, he finds that voice inside of him that all of these alpha males seem to have that says "Mine". And, he says it a lot.Everyone is shocked, while also finding it hilarious, that Valiant has bonded with [...]

    6. Liking this series far more than the Breeds series by Lora Leigh. The stories just make more sense. The plots are tighter and the characters actions and reactions are more believable. They are disturbingly similar to the Breed series though. I do like how each story seems to be more complete in itself.I really enjoyed Valient's character in this one. I enjoyed how he is so wild and aggressive and stuff but a total pussycat around the heroine. I like how he was vulnerable emotionally to her.There [...]

    7. I really did enjoy this 'MINE' book.Valiant is the third installment in New Species series and it was way better than the two previous ones. This book was fast-paced and exciting, so much so that it kept me hooked the whole way through. Thankfully, there's no filler here, never a dull moment! Before starting this book, I didn't expect much from the plot and the characters, but I was surprised by how good they were.The plot was predictable, I could see it coming from a mile away, yet it was well- [...]

    8. Another reread who knows how many times. Valiant is a very, very close second for me in this series. He is so sweet and all he wants is a matemeone to love who will love him back. The idea of having a mate, someone to get to know, to share life with, had become his ultimate dream.And you gotta love that "MINE" mentality. She’ll be someone to talk to, someone to hold, and I’ll convince her we will be happy together. I can do it. She’ll want to stay. She has to. Mine. Mine. Mine. She belongs [...]

    9. Mind crack.That's what these books are.And I fucking love it. Valiant is definitely my favorite New Species male so far. He has an amazingly talented tongue. He is possessive as fuck (he says "MINE" so many times I lost count.) He's deadly and dangerous, but he is also insecure and sexually inexperienced and he's adorable in his naivety."You are mine. I would never hate you nor would you ever hate me. I would never leave you. Never. You are mine."This has the token rape attempt and then the New [...]

    10. I love this series so hard and every now and then a book hangover hits and these are my go to. And for whatever reason this was the one that grabbed my attention this weekend. And yup still as good as I remembered but now I am craving reading the rest of them :(Just sweet smutty insta love. What more do you need for a quiet Sunday arvo?Check out my reviews here

    11. Just my favorite scene for this oneI'm too bored to write a review!;)(view spoiler)[ Tiger glanced at his watch. “Do you want food? The humans had pizzas delivered to feed everyone. They taste amazing.”Valiant nodded. “I could eat. I need to learn more about human food. I don’t think Tammy enjoys watching me eat. I’ve noticed she avoids looking at me during meals.”Tiger chuckled. “Let me guess. Seared meat? Yeah, most humans get grossed out by that. You’ll enjoy pizza. It’s rea [...]

    12. This is a great book! I loved Valiant- he is such a sweet hero! I loved it when he called Tammy sexy. Tammy was great too. She held her own with Valiant. I liked the other guys we met too- Justice and Tiger especially. The suspense portion was well done and the steamy times were very hot! I appreciated that there wasn't any drama with other women or men. Safety gang safe

    13. LET'S GET NASTY, VALIANT.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Pls read review ESP the last bit)This song has earnt a lot of controversies and I'm using it for my review. Pls don't take it seriously and if I offended a soul or two, pls accept my apologies.This song will take place on the very start of the story where Valiant saw Tammy in his yard and Tiger was talking and convincing our big guy not totouchhurt Tammy.Blurred Lines Furred LivesArtists:Robin Thicke Tiger T.I. & Pharrell Valiant & (his) Squi [...]

    14. "Loved this one, Valiant is a tyrant in the previous book and his patience with humans is little to be desired."Full review on Sensual Readssensualreads/?p=7848*** I have wanted to reread this for awhile and it is still a page turner. Valiant is adorable, he is so protective of Tammy that he often forgets that their are other feelings involved, he just wants her. I love that he calls her "my Tammy" such a simple endearment but it makes me smile everytime he says it.

    15. Re-read. Could read again and again! Valiant is just so totally crazy for Tammy. I love how happy she makes him and how much he values her. His life at Mercile was so sad and he had so little contact with humans or new species you know he leads a lonely existence. He transforms in this book from a totally wild out of control animal into a male who is still a bit wild and out of control but is now a part of something bigger. A family, a community. I love, love, love this story!Previous comments:O [...]

    16. 4.5-5 starsThis was a great book! I just loved Valiant and Tammy! They are great together and Valiant is so sweet once he finds his mateI want a Valiant of my own! Tammy works for a catering company and is on the NSO (New Species Organization) site known as the Reserve for a catering job. She accidentally ends up in the wrong place when she follows an erroneous map. Unfortunately, the place she ends up is in Valiant's front yard with a very pissed Valiant growling down at her.Valiant is a member [...]

    17. (3.75 stars, but as a personal rule, I round down.)Valiant, was everything I wanted in a hero—possessive, sweet, faithful, protective. Tammy was passive—a usual Laurann Dohner heroine—but at least she wasn't a doormat like Ellie. It didn't matter, though, because Valiant carried the story for them both. He did it so well, in fact, that I was so sure that I would end up giving this 4 or 5 stars.That is, until the writer dragged the story on and on and on and on. Dear Lord, this was so freak [...]

    18. 3.5 Yup, cuter than the previous one!I liked Valiant's story! But well, really, who doesn't like a badass. Tammy, the female character, was pretty nice too. She was smart and I appreciate that.I also loved the fact that it was fast-paced, I had no time to get bored or to want to skim.Still, I guess I wasn't really in the mood for this book, I just couldn't like it as much as I wanted to. I felt like Tammy left her life behind too fast. And I didn't really feel the chemistry between the two. So c [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars! RAWRRRRRR!!!!! Yeah I really, really liked this one! After being a little disappointed with Slade, the author did right by me with this one! Fantastic narration by Vanessa Chambers. Wonderful 'voice' depiction of the characters!

    20. One of my favorite books of the New Species series. Re-read again for the 6th time and still love this book :-)

    21. The moment Valiant see's Tammy crossing into his territory, he only knows her as His to keep. No matter the cost, he can't resist tasting her charms, and plans on keeping her for himself, however Tammy isn't one to just accept being someone else's pet. Although the passion is heated and explosive and she is drawn to Valiant in a way she doesn't truly know how to react to, she also realizes she needs more than possession, she needs love and until she has it she refuses to just accept things as is [...]

    22. RATING: 4 Valiant Hearts!! :)This is why I started this series! I'm happy to say it has redeemed itself from the travesty that was Slade. Valiant had the interesting concept, the great characters, good plot, good ending, and great secondary characters, making it not only a fun read, but worth the while as well. Definitely not a disappointment!Both Valiant and Tammy were great characters! Their bantering never failed to make me laugh and their chemistry was off the charts smexy. The fact that the [...]

    23. More ridiculousness, but how can I resist? He's half lion. Rawr. Like Aslan, only the dark side. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze himThis little clip sums it up so far Bugs Bunny's Abominable dokey, lots and lots of sexy times with lion-man and the h. Much better than Slade, but I am going to move along to something else for a while.P.S. You have to wonder where authors get their inspiration

    24. I really enjoyed this one. You can tell with this third installment that Ms Dohner is starting to be able to mold the characters and the premise alot better than with the first 2 books. Which I enjoyed also. This book though, seemed to be just a bit more developed with plot and certain characters. I do so LOVE Valiant. He is such a frightnening yet loveable sexy guy.r male. Still alot of the dialogue is a bit campy, cheesy, but adorable. This story did take on a much darker tone than the previou [...]

    25. Ugh, where to start.How about with Tammy, who is probably in my top five of the most useless heroines ever. Absolutely nothing about her stood out in anyway. She spends the first 15-20 pages (well, according to the kindle app on my phone, it may not be that many in print) literally frozen in fear and unable to speak. We aren’t even given a good description of what she looks like. Then there’s Valiant, who we are told is actually more beast than man. He’s huge and imposing, and utterly hate [...]

    26. This book has such a sad tortured hero that I automatically fell in love with him. I think he's like #22 in my list of fictional men I'm allowed to have an affair with if they ever became flesh and blood. I don't know if my husband's aware of this list but he should pay more attention when I'm gushing about something I'm reading. So, that's his problem. Valiant is more animal than man compared to the other New Species. And because of this most women, including most of the New Species women, were [...]

    27. First read: 01st May 2013This is by far my favourite of the series. Valiant and Tammy's first encounter is where she is rendered speechless and Valiant thinks she smells sweet. 5 "Mine" Stars.Tammy is hired to help cater an event at The Reservation but she is inadvertently given the wrong map and ends up in the Wild Zone.Valiant, the uber hot lion mix New Species from Slade's book is not happy that a human has ventured into his territory.Valiant who has such a dry humor had me really on the floo [...]

    28. I am loving this series! Valiant was a favourite of mine. He was so cute and funny and sweet. But at the same time a total grump and possessive. I loved how honest about his feeling he was, it cut out all the bullshit games people usually play. And can we talk about these covers for these books. Holy shit they are hot! Where the hell are they finding these cover models and what will it take to move there?

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