The Stonekeeper

The Stonekeeper Graphic novel star Kazu Kibuishi creates a world of terrible man eating demons a mechanical rabbit a giant robot and two ordinary children on a life or death mission After the tragic death of their

  • Title: The Stonekeeper
  • Author: Kazu Kibuishi
  • ISBN: 9780439846806
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Graphic novel star Kazu Kibuishi creates a world of terrible, man eating demons, a mechanical rabbit, a giant robot and two ordinary children on a life or death mission.After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous Before long, a sinister creatureGraphic novel star Kazu Kibuishi creates a world of terrible, man eating demons, a mechanical rabbit, a giant robot and two ordinary children on a life or death mission.After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids mom through a door in the basement Em and Navin, desperate not to lose her, follow her into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals.Eventually, they enlist the help of a small mechanical rabbit named Miskit Together with Miskit, they face the most terrifying monster of all, and Em finally has the chance to save someone she loves.

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    1. A fun graphic novel. It's probably YA, or middle grade. But I still enjoyed it pretty well. My main gripe? This first story starts out with the death of a parent. Like, in the first four pages. That's heavy-handed storytelling, and this book is better than that. In the same way that you don't have someone kill a kid as a cheap way to establish a villain, you shouldn't have to kill a kid's parent to provide characterization and motivation for the young protagonist. It says a lot that after that s [...]

    2. I was not expecting to like this graphic novel as much as I did! It's darker than I had expected it to be. I'm pumped to continue on with this series!

    3. FANTASTIC! This came recommended to me by a co-worker's daughter (through my co-worker who knew I wanted some recs for my kid since she will only read graphic novels or books that look like graphic novels, haha). My daughter, who is almost 9, and I read it today while we were at the doctor (she has been sick for like, forever, not cool).Anyway.Me: "So, how do you rate this book, if five stars is awesome and ---"Kid: "Six!!!!!!"She loved it, and you know what? I did too. This was just fun, imagin [...]

    4. What a thrilling start to a series. I can see myself devouring the rest of the books like I did this one. Creative world, charming characters and engaging storyline.

    5. I loved this little graphic novel! My favorite is the pink bunny named Miskit :-)So Emily's dad dies in a car wreck, Emily and her mom were in the car with him. The book jumps ahead 2 years and Emily's mom takes her and her brother Navin and moves to and old family home out in the middle of no where. When they are all cleaning the house, Emily finds this amulet. She decides to keep it and it talks to her, I want one! All kinds of things happen and Emily and Navin are on a search for their mom, w [...]

    6. Amulet’s story is about a young girl named Emily (“Em”) and her younger brother, Navin. Two years after Emily’s father dies in a car accident, she moves with her mother, Karen, and Navin to a house that has been in the family for years. The locals believe that the house is haunted, yet Karen chooses to ignore the rumors. And soon, the family discovers a small door in the basement of the house leading to an alternate version of earth known as "Alledia".Emily has to decide if she wants to [...]

    7. Not very many novels, let alone a graphic novel, stir up a visible emotional response from me (for example: something might be funny but I'll rarely laugh out loud.) This book, however, made me cry within the first 15 pages. Now, that's an accomplishment! I'll admit though, I'm a bit of a softy when it comes to moms or husbands dying, so your mileage may vary with that.The story is a familiar one; a magical object passed down in the family contains enough power to save the world, and a young gir [...]

    8. I always wanted to ride an umbrella mushroom parachute.My first ever middle grade graphic novel! Since I'm an avid manga reader, I may need some time of getting used to with the different art style as well as the left to right direction of reading. The adventuristic feel in The Stonekeeper is balanced out with the gloomy atmosphere of the setting and the creepy mythical creatures. It was such a fun read and I look forward to the next issue.

    9. 4.89676 I really really really really enjoyed this! Much darker than what I was expecting but amazing nonetheless. Also, this just reminded me so much of a Miyazaki film that I just couldn't stop smiling! I NEED THE NEXT ONES!

    10. I usually don't read Graphic Novels, never really have. Not for any particular reason, I never gave it any thought, to be honest. But this one caught my eye and paved the way for other fantastic graphic novels, like Saga, Lumberjanes or Giant Days.Also, this is the same artist that created my favourite Harry Potter covers of all time.The graphic novel is generally geared towards younger readers, so the plot was nothing unusual and a little obvious, though I still enjoyed it. I especially loved s [...]

    11. I discovered this series of awesome kids graphic novels almost by accident in a bookstore during a trip to the US. And what a series! It is for kids every bit as exciting as Saga is for us adults. Wonderful creatures and devices, a very adorable family thrust into the story of their grandfather's mysterious past into a world of magic and evil but with lots of friends along the way and the mystery of the Storekeepers. This first volume was gorgeous in terms of art and spell-binding in the text. M [...]

    12. Amulet is possibly the single most creative story I've ever read.The plot itself is a pretty typical portal-to-another-world tale. But everything about the world is so unique. The setup before they get to the other world, the actual portal, the characters inside the world. Even simple things you take for granted, like getting from Point A to Point B -- in Amulet it's always a unique and fun experience.If the rest of the series is like book one, this may end up being my favorite series of all tim [...]

    13. This story creates a mood. It is creepy. This is crazy cool. The art is pretty amazing and the world Kazu makes up is astonishing. A family moves into a house knowing nothing about it's past. Their first night there they hear noises that eventually lead them to another world. The amulet is their guide and protector. Imagination, wow. This is some imagination. I really enjoyed this little book. I will be continuing with this series. I have to know what happens.

    14. 3.5 stars! I am currently enrolled in a class for my library science program, and it's titled Materials for Tweens. I was assigned to the graphic novels group project. Because of this, you guys will see me reading a lot of children's/middle grade books in the future. I picked up Amulet because it's a popular children's graphic novel and came highly recommended to me by children and adult librarians.Two years after the tragic death of her father, Emily moves with her mother and younger brother in [...]

    15. A clever graphic novel set in a parallel Earth, guaranteed to delight young readers with a sense of adventure. On the helm in this novel are Emily and her brother Navin who survived a tragic accident and who are catapulted through circumstance into this exciting adventure after Emily finds a magical amulet in the attic of their new home. The graphics here are beautiful as well as very colorful, which adds to the mesmerizing tale that is both touching and exciting to read. Off to a great start in [...]

    16. Next to hearing general good things, I was not sure what to expect from Amulet. I was not disappointed however. Let’s start with the art that is mostly consistent throughout. Kazu Kibuishi has his own style, and the way that he draws the characters does take some getting used to. It started to endear me as I continued reading. It does fit with the age that these children, that are the main characters, seem to be. But what I think is the best part art wise of this graphic novel, are some of the [...]

    17. Read the first four in this series years ago and decided to revisit the world. The seventh book comes out next week, so the timing is good. I'm at the bank and read this on the ComiXology app on my phone to quell my boredom. It was okay. I think I liked it more when I first read it, but tastes change. It's still a decent start. The amulet concept is reminiscent of Lord of The Rings. Will be reading more of these shortly.

    18. It's dark and beautiful. the artwork is enchanting, so is the story. highly recommend to anybody who loves graphic novels.কবে যে আমাদের দেশে এমন রঙের খেলার বই আসবে। হচ্ছে যে না একদম তা না, কিন্তু ডার্ক ফ্যান্টাসির সাথে এমন কালার, আর্ট, গ্রাফিক্সের কাজ দেখলে কলিজা টা জ [...]

    19. Cool! What an enjoyable read this has been! I loved it! Felt like i was watching one of my favorite 90s show. The nostalgia feels hit me hard. Action packed, fast paced, suspenseful ride! Such a great finale to end book 1. We had 20% dialogue and 80% visual that is why in my opinion it is such a fast read. I find the art pretty amazing i would just stare at it for a few mins and then move on to the next page. I would have enjoyed it a bit more though, if there was more dialogue and interaction b [...]

    20. This is such a fun read! The artwork is stunning the use of colour is so rich and everything feels really alive. And the story is really light hearted and friendly. It's quite an adventure! I think my problem comes with the shortness I didn't have enough time to discover the world or the characters. I really like the side characters, but I need to see more! One thing I really loved was the emphasis on family!

    21. The kiddos on the Bookmobile were all very insistent that we order this series, so when it came in delivery I picked up the first volume to see what the hype was about. And I have to say, I'm quite impressed. The story, artwork, and characters are all fleshed out wonderfully. From the first page, I couldn't stop reading until I'd finished the whole thing. What also caught me off guard was the amount of heart in the story. Volume 2, here I come!

    22. I started with a review of three stars but now that I'm about to write the review I realize that I have almost forgotten the story completely and I read it less than a week ago. I am going to knock it down to 2.5 stars. The illustrations were really cool in this one but I guess I was expecting a little more. This is definitely a younger reader's graphic novel - it was a really fast read. The concepts weren't difficult to grasp and there was nothing offensive in the graphic novel so I would recom [...]

    23. 3,5 bis 4 Sterne. Es schöner Einstieg in die Geschichte, ich freue mich darauf, mehr von der Welt zu sehen und noch ein paar Hintergründe zu erfahren. :)Alles in allem ist es etwas kindlicher, als ich erwartet hätte, aber das ist vollkommen okay. :D

    24. I adored this graphic novel! I liked the story, quite a lot. I loved the art. I can't wait to pick up volume 2!

    25. Meh.Every story, whether it's being told orally, as a book, as a graphic novel, or in a kind of performance is allowed to reuse old tropes. Particularly when the story being told is appropriate for kids, there's a talent in figuring out how to use familiar images and objects in new and exciting ways. It's what distinguishes the good writing from the knock-offs. The storyline that involves a hero who finds a powerful object of some sort that could be good or could be bad is one pretty classic exa [...]

    26. I suck at reviewing graphic novels so here are my habitual dot points:- I know this is a middle-grade read but overall it missed the mark with me.- The art was cute, but I wasn’t a fan of the mother’s painfully long face.- Fast paced yet it feels like nothing is happening- Miskit is the cutest to ever cute.- Navin > Emily, which is strange because the girls are usually my fave.- Seemed to drag on despite its short 187 pages.

    27. This starts in a very classic way. A family ( a mom with her two kids ) moves to a small town after a tragedy. The house was their grandfathers who also passed away. So far nothing newWhen a monster grabs their mother it's up to the kids to save her. They'll find themselfs in a very weird place with weird creatures in it.Besides the not so original start ( and that's why i gave 4 stars ) everything else is good.

    28. This comic has everything what a good middle-grade adventure needs: Likable characters, an interesting plot, interesting magical elements, a very mystical charm and so much more. I am very excited for the next one in the series. Especially after reading "I Hate Fairyland" yesterday, it was a nice variety today to read something more child-friendly :D I would highly recommend it, especially if you want to get into graphic novels and don´t know where to start because this one is really easy-going [...]

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