ABC's Revenge: Pilot Episode Script

ABC s Revenge Pilot Episode Script None

  • Title: ABC's Revenge: Pilot Episode Script
  • Author: Mike Kelley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • None

    One thought on “ABC's Revenge: Pilot Episode Script”

    1. Not bad. The script is a heck of a lot better than the previews are making it seem. Just not sure how this will do as a long drawn out series. It has more of a mini-series feel to it. We'll see. Thank you Kindle freebies.

    2. This was a free download, and when I first started seeing the promos for the TV series before the start of the season, I decided to bump this up on my To Read list to see if the script intrigued me enough to watch the pilot episode.It did!The script is well written — it starts off "in the future" after a character has been murdered, but it manages to show just enough of what's going on to make suspects of nearly everyone when the script goes back to a time before the opening. ANYONE could be [...]

    3. I have been seeing this new television series on promos and when Kindle offered a free reading of the pilot script, I couldn't resist. Reading a film script is so much fun! It truly is an art and quite mesmerizing when you find a good one. The camera angles, costuming details and scene settings can be written in beautifully descriptive language and this script was awesome. It totally came to life on the printed page. In fact, the opening few pages are worth reading if you don't have time for the [...]

    4. I've taken an interest in screenplays as I have attempted to write one. So when this one became available for free on for Kindle I grabbed it. It was a fun read. After reading I watched the pilot and the next two episodes available on Hulu. I am hooked. I now have yet another series I am addicted to.As for the formatting The Kindle version left a bit to be desired. I might have done better with a paper version. But still it was good to get the chance to read it and experience the differences be [...]

    5. This script sounded so interesting. I plan on downloading the pilot episode to watch. Hopefully I will be able to watch all the shows or maybe ABC will replay them since I have missed some. It will be nice to be able to compare what is in the script to what actually made it to the show. I just wonder how much of the script was actually cut. If the show is like the script then this will be a major hit. This was a free book in the Kindle Store.

    6. Easily a hit television series. How about a book?A mid-twenties Emily purchases the house next door to high society's The Graysons who are tied to her family from years ago in which her father was framed. Because she can't forgive, now it's time for revenge.

    7. After reading this, I want to know more. If they ever turn this series into an actual book, I would read it. For now, I will have to settle with watching the plot unfold right in front of my tv deprived eyes.

    8. I really enjoyed this script and I really enjoy the series. I'm always waiting to see what crazy things they are going to come up with.

    9. Read it last night in one sitting. It was pretty good and honestly made me want to both see the show and read The Count of Monte Christo, which I understand this show is based upon.

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