Mangled Meat

Mangled Meat No writer is hardcore offensive or notorious than Edward Lee His world is one of torture bizarre fetishes and alien autopsies Prepare yourself as these three novellas from the king of splatterspu

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  • Title: Mangled Meat
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: 9781936383788
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • No writer is hardcore, offensive, or notorious than Edward Lee His world is one of torture, bizarre fetishes, and alien autopsies Prepare yourself, as these three novellas from the king of splatterspunk are guaranteed to make you gasp, gag, and laugh your ass off The Decortication Technician What secrets do a crashed alien spaceship hold One man and his surgical tNo writer is hardcore, offensive, or notorious than Edward Lee His world is one of torture, bizarre fetishes, and alien autopsies Prepare yourself, as these three novellas from the king of splatterspunk are guaranteed to make you gasp, gag, and laugh your ass off The Decortication Technician What secrets do a crashed alien spaceship hold One man and his surgical tools will find out The Cyesolagniac A man with a pregnancy fetish meets the girl of his dreams and his worst nightmares Room 415 From his hotel room window, Flood will see his darkest desires become real.

    One thought on “Mangled Meat”

    1. I'm a huge fan of Edward Lee and if you aren't, this may not be the book for you. While the first story is tame by his standards and seems more mainstream, the next two in here are far from it. Is it wrong that I liked them? Maybe, but what do I care. I know what I am getting into when I read his work and look forward to how far he will push the boundaries.

    2. Mangled Meat is a flesh / meat / mind kicking flavored novella containing three short stories from Edward Lee who is pretty much synonymous with gut churning literature and believe me, in his hands it can go anywhere and beyond that as well that’s why we love him so much right, for his bravery to take it out there. He reminds me Richard Laymon; one of THE horror’s greatest and greatly missed since he’s no longer with us.Story #1 - I adore his stuff but that said the first story, The Decort [...]

    3. first off don't be deceived into buying this thinking you are getting three novels. I was pretty pissed of when my three novels turned out to be three short stories, but I'm not rating it based on the price though. coming from a huge edward lee fan this book sucked. room 415 was the only decent story of the three, the other two stories are barely even stories at all and if I even told you what they where about I would be giving full spoilers. as far as plot, climax, resolution, and all those oth [...]

    4. 1.5 StarsI really wanted to stamp 5 stars on this just because it's Edward and the cover is awesome, but I cannot in good conscience praise this read for it was unworthy of my hard earned money. It kills me to say this, but the first story (if you can call it that) sucked big space balls. Story 2 was decent, but made me questions my own reading tastes. Finally, story 3 made me think I might need a therapist just from reading it. What a way to get your jollies off. Borrow it. Not worth S+H.

    5. I read Edward Lee to be shockedocked like in "The Stick Woman". While the stories are not bad, I found them tame. Room 415 came the closest to the shock value I was looking for. If you've never read him before and have no expectations, give the book a try.

    6. The Decortication Technician: A weird sci-fi entry from Lee. This is the second sci-fi story I have read by him and they both have a similar theme, which I won't spoil here.The Cyesolagniac: First of all, I learned a new word, which is funny given that my wife is pregnant. Second I enjoyed this story. A good twist ending tail.Room 415: This story shared the travelling salesman angle with the previous tale. It also shared the prostitutes. Seems almost like a companion piece. The outcome is comple [...]

    7. I like Edward Lee most of the time, although sometimes he's a little too stomach churning for me. These three stories are not as graphic as some of his, except for the middle one, about a pregnant prostitute (?) Who manages to destroy the life of a man struggling with a perverse attraction towards pregnant women. (Sexual perversion is a common theme in Edward Lee's works). The first story had a very interesting setting, (the far future, on a starship) but I was disappointed in the ending – for [...]

    8. Edward Lee is one of the modern day masters of hardcore horror writing and this collection of three short stories is perfect is you like your horror books to be a bit on the strong side.[return][return]Within this collection is three short stories which all vary so you'll never get bored and want to put the book down, it's a real page turner - and it even features Lee delving into the realms of sci-fi. Whilst I don't want to give away the contents of the stories as that would only ruin the surpr [...]

    9. As like some of the other reviews the first story was a bit poor, the second better and the third my favourite. I wasn't especially grossed out by any of the stories but i'm sure that says more about me than them. The last two were well thought out and didn't go/end as expected, which I like.

    10. Good book! I didn't really like The Decortication Technician, but The Cyesolaniac and Room 415 were classic Lee!

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