Mouse Tales

Mouse Tales When Papa s seven little mouse boys ask for a bedtime story Papa does even better than that he tells seven stories one for each boy This Level Two I Can Read is geared toward kids who read on their

  • Title: Mouse Tales
  • Author: Arnold Lobel
  • ISBN: 9780060239411
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Papa s seven little mouse boys ask for a bedtime story, Papa does even better than that he tells seven stories, one for each boy This Level Two I Can Read is geared toward kids who read on their own but still need a little help.This sweet bedtime tale is from Arnold Lobel, the beloved author and illustrator of the Newbery Honor and Caldecott Honor award winning Frog aWhen Papa s seven little mouse boys ask for a bedtime story, Papa does even better than that he tells seven stories, one for each boy This Level Two I Can Read is geared toward kids who read on their own but still need a little help.This sweet bedtime tale is from Arnold Lobel, the beloved author and illustrator of the Newbery Honor and Caldecott Honor award winning Frog and Toad books.

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    1. My mum just found this book in her bedroom - it was my favourite book as a kid. We must have got it when I was about 5 or 6 - it was in the Blue Peter sale thingy they held in my school all those many years ago and used to belong to a girl called Franceska as she has written her name on a sticker at the front.I wonder where she is now and how old she is?It's a lovely set of stories, I remember them quite well and I still laugh at them even now. I suppose my mother's hoping to give it to the jumb [...]

    2. William really enjoys Lobel's work - his first favorite was At Home with Owl. He enjoys these stories almost as much.June 2017

    3. This book was so great, I got it for a sibling but then ended up reading it on my own too :) it's fun to read silly stories like these.

    4. If I could chose one series by Lobel, it would easily be Frog & Toad, but if you love Lobel and want more, Owl at Home and MouseTales are also good.Frog & Toad Treasury, Lobel, 1987/review/show

    5. This book of little stories is about seven young mouse boys who lie awake one night, and their father, who at their request for a bedtime story tells his sons that he will tell them seven tales, a different one for each boy. I like the way that the father mouse looks just like an illustrated version of author Arnold Lobel, himself. It adds a dimension of warmth to the book, in my mind. What also contributes warmth to these seven miniature animal fables is the utterly charming drawings by Arnold [...]

    6. "Mouse Tales" is about seven mouse siblings getting tucked into bed by their papa mouse. They ask him to tell them a story, and he says he will tell them seven stories for each one of them. The first story is about a young mouse and a wishing well that says "ouch!" every time she throws a penny in it. The second story is about a mouse and his mother seeing pictures in the clouds in the sky. The third tale is about a very tall mouse and a very short mouse who become very good friends. The fourth [...]

    7. A father tells his seven baby mice seven different bedtime stories. They're short and cute; but if your child is more on the contemplative side, or doesn't appreciate seemingly pointless stories, they might not appreciate these. Some lack a meaningful resolve and a few have proverbial-like takeaways that might be more than you want to get into. "But why did the mouse do that? It doesn't make sense."Reading Level: 1st - 3rd gradesCleanliness: a mouse's pants fall, exposing his underwear. His wife [...]

    8. Among Whytraven's books was an Arnold Lobel book I haven't read before: Mouse Tales. There are seven short tales, all involving mice, and bookended by a father mouse who is telling these stories to his children at bed time, one per child. The seven stories included are: The Wishing Well, Clouds, Very Tall Mouse and Very Short Mouse, The Mouse and the Winds, The Journey, The Old Mouse, and The Bath. Of the seven, my favorite is The Wishing Well as it takes an unusual and humorous approach to the [...]

    9. Reason for Reading: Son read aloud to me as his reader.This is perfect Arnold Lobel. Once all seven mouse boys are in bed, Papa mouse begins storytime and he tells one story per child. Thus we have a book of seven short tales. They are all cute and funny and both ds and I enjoyed the book very much. Mostly, the stories are about boys but there is one about a girl and another about a boy and his mother. So this is certainly a boy friendly book, but I don't think girls are going to notice the lack [...]

    10. This is a fun book for kids. The 3-year-old I babysit loves the story about the wishing well, and it's my favourite too. Pretty funny! The 3-year-old is scared of the cat in the clouds, but thinks the new feet part is hilarious. Figure that one out! (I'm not a huge fan of the new feet story - you'd have to use your own discretion based on how sensitive your kids are to decide whether you'll read it to them). In any case, this book will go in the good pile. The stories are silly and some are cute [...]

    11. This tale is now nearly forty-years alive, and it still holds water to the bedtime story classics. Well, well, well. We have here seven short stories within one story. A papa mouse saying a bedtime story to each one of his mice-children. All seven stories are uniquely displayed on a silver-platter to these children-mice. I get a sense that papa mouse really loves his children, or just maybe it was their lucky night, when eat mouse hear a story catered to their particular disposition. Wonderful b [...]

    12. A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers. A solid reading level 2 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader. Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect. It took about 15 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging. Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into. He liked it so much, he asked for more by this author. Great reading book!

    13. -Harper Trophy level2-7/30 10min-Seven-Mouse-Tale-mysterious-Father-Tell-ChildrenQ. If your only one wish can come true, what would you wish?A. If my only one wish can come true, I would wish to be an university student forever. ha ha!It is because university students have a lot of time and they can do whatever they want!This is a very cute story!!If I have children in the future, I want to read this book to them.

    14. Papa Mouse tells one story for each of his 7 boys if they promise to go to sleep. Lucky there are 7 chapters in the book!! "Clouds" is great for Oregon weathern't like it nowwait 5 minutes and it will change. The Old Mouse gets what he deserves. He's mean to the kids and his pants fall down in public. No one will help him. His wife hits him on the head. The ladies run. But the kids give him gum to hold up his pants and now he's nice to the kids.

    15. I liked this book just fine, so I gave it three stars. But my son said in the middle, "This is boring." He waited patiently until the end and then said, "That was boring." So I think he would give it one star.Editted: Well, we read it again and he seemed to enjoy it more. He sat through it patiently and didn't complain, anyway.

    16. Mouse Tales was a book about a Papa mouse who told seven different stories to his little mouse babies, to get them to go to sleep. I enjoyed all the stories but the funniest and best story to me was the story about the tall mouse small mouse. It was cute, and hilarious. And the kids got to interact with the stories as well. That's one thing I like about Aronald books.

    17. 4 1/2 stars. What a charming book! I love the tales. They don't directly relate to each other, but the tie-in that Papa Mouse is reading them to his not-sleepy-yet boys works for me. I'd like to tell you what I enjoyed the most, but that would ruin the story. Suffice it to say that the stories make me giggle. My preschooler and I enjoy saying, "That's so silly!" repeatedly as we read.

    18. love this book!!! I remember my dad reading it to me and my sister when we were younger! loved it thend live it now!! all the mini stories in this boom are terrific! my youngest (3 years) and I read the book tonighte fell asleep on the second to last page! (like the mice in the book at the end! perfect!!

    19. My son read this when he was six. He is a reluctant reader but this book wasn't too difficult. There are plenty of pictures and the paragraphs are short enough and divided up in such a way to prevent the early reader from losing his place too much. The stories and illustrations are sweet but my little guy thought it was rather boring. Not enough sword fights for his tastes.

    20. I did not particularly care for this book because I found it relatively boring. This book contains seven short stories that Papa mouse tells his sons while they are tucked into bed. This book would be a good read for first or second graders because the words are simple but the sentences become more complex and there are more words per page than typical picture books.

    21. Really liked this one. Level 2 book. Reminded me of this lady, Norma (a 3rd grandma to me), who used to tell us little random stories. It's about a grandpa telling stories before bed. Some are cute, some have lessons with them, some have pictures mixed in with the words to help kids associate the word with a meaning. Anyways, I really liked this one. :)

    22. This was a cute little chapter book. Starts with a Papa mouse reading stories to his seven sons so they'll go to sleep. So he agrees to tell seven stories one for each boy, and he does and in the end every one of the boys are asleep. All seven stories are simple and cute and most help teach youngsters the importance of friendship.

    23. I found this when I went through my school papers a second time. I wrote a little book report on it that was about two sentences long. All I really said was that I liked the pictures. I read this in the first grade and had no recollection of what it was about until I read the description here, and now it is very vague.

    24. This is a good reader for my nephew. There are natural breaks, which can feel like chapters, and the story lines a simple yet interesting. I think the chapters are important because his older sister is such a voracious reader and I know he knows that he can't keep up with her. This will make him feel more like an advanced reader.

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