Brave Story

Brave Story Young Wataru Mitani s life is a mess His family has problems they never told him about a new student at school upsets everything he knows about the world and a girl s voice rings in his mind all hou

  • Title: Brave Story
  • Author: Miyuki Miyabe Alexander O. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781421511962
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Wataru Mitani s life is a mess His family has problems they never told him about, a new student at school upsets everything he knows about the world, and a girl s voice rings in his mind all hours of the night Desperately he searches for some way to change his life a way to alter his fate.To achieve his goal, he must navigate the magical world of Vision, a land fiYoung Wataru Mitani s life is a mess His family has problems they never told him about, a new student at school upsets everything he knows about the world, and a girl s voice rings in his mind all hours of the night Desperately he searches for some way to change his life a way to alter his fate.To achieve his goal, he must navigate the magical world of Vision, a land filled with creatures both fierce and friendly And to complicate matters, he must outwit a merciless rival from the real world Wataru s ultimate destination is the Tower of Destiny where a Goddess of fate awaits Only when he has finished his journey and collected five elusive gemstones will he possess the Demon s Bane the key that will unlock his future Charity, bravery, faith, grace and the power of darkness and light these are the provinces of each gemstone Brought together, they have the immeasurable power to change Wataru s life.

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    1. Besides having to hide at my desk to read this at lunch hour (people were constantly asking me 'how long's it take you to read a book like that??), I really like it. I'm a big fan of japanese literature in general but this was my first taste of fantasy. Usually I can only get mysteries. Miyabe is an accomplished mystery writer which is probably why she managed to get this one marketed in the US. I'm so glad she did! I'll be honest, if you don't spend hours glued to Final Fantasy you're going to [...]

    2. Really there's not much else to say but that I was blown away by Brave Story. It was so much better than I expected, a thoroughly designed young adult fantasy that builds its strength on the problem of growing up.It's a little known fact that I find most fantasy novels to be less engaging than their real-world counterparts. Authors of fantasy, then, really have to present something special or endearing in order to get a) to finish their works and b) to be happy I did. Despite being perfectly at [...]

    3. This is one of those books that I wish had been more heavily edited. It was good and I enjoyed it, but it was just too long to really be necessary. The beginning really sucked me in--it was a good mix of mystery, fantasy and drama. After Wataru is transported to the magical realm of Vision, things start to weaken significantly.Overall, I felt that it was too many things right after another. As someone who grew up playing Final Fantasy and other Japanese role-playing video games, I'm completely u [...]

    4. Es la primera vez que leo un libro infantil japonés y realmente quede muy sorprendida de lo que me encontré. El libro toca temas muy duros para ser catalogado middle-grade: adulterio, abuso, maltrato, asesinato y hasta suicidio. Y lo más extraño es que son tratados sin ningún tabú, si bien en el libro intentan proteger a Wataru de los chismes, el niño toma los temas casi con naturalidad, sin pararse a pensar en el horror de sociedad en la que está viviendo. Me pregunto si los niños occi [...]

    5. I have this list of 7 things which the "Perfect Book" contains; it ranges from title and opening lines, to depth of characters and writing style ( plus some bonus factors that I find personally important). For my reviews I've condensed that list into 5 'star categories', and the total earned will equal my review score.The categories are:1) Appeal - did it grab and hold my attention?2) Story 3) Characters 4) Style5) Meaning - did it have something to say?I gave "Brave Story" 3.5 Stars*********** [...]

    6. This was a fun, if lengthy story. According to the book jacket, Ms. Miyabe is quite an accomplished author, with several accolades and awards to her name in her native Japan. I'm always interested in the manner in which Japanese books are translated to English.One of my observations is that the books I've read in Japanese tend to play a little more loosely with the point of view. In other words, the authors don't have a problem leaping from one character's head to another, and then back, within [...]

    7. I remember as a child watching cartoon movies on HBO and Showtime, movies like Nausicaa, which fascinated me, as they were nothing like any of the cartoons you saw on television at the time. Characters with emotional depth, with real feelings. And sometimes the characters died, which is something you don't see on American cartoons. Cobra Commander might have been an evil mastermind, but he couldn't shoot the broad side of a barn. And no Transformer ever got killed until the movie, which sent man [...]

    8. A great world for middle-schoolers and even older teens to get wrapped up in. Very sensitive and thoughtful treatment divorce and infidelity from a teen point of view. Strong story line with a lot of adventures; however, for readers already familiar with fantasy manga/anime, it might be too long.

    9. Za pravděpodobně nejgeneričtějším názvem jaký lze knize vůbec dát se skrývá dílo, u kterého si nelze nevzpomenout na nadčasová díla jako jsou Bratři Lví srdce či ghibliovky Cesta do fantazie a Zámek v oblacích. Vyspělá (lépe napsaný rozpad manželství z pohledu nechápajícího vnímavého dítěte jsem nečetl), nedětinská, navzdory chladnosti procítěná, komplexní tématy i průběhem, věkem cílového čtenáře nesvázaná kniha „jakože pro děcka“. Cel [...]

    10. rare as i give them out- this is a one. or less. this is a very frustrating read, as some of the allegorical scenes, acts, characters, magic etc are actually interesting, and somewhere in this 800 page monster is a good book. somewhere. i felt it was going to end here, here, and here again- only for it to launch into another hundred pages. i was at first, very fascinated, with the idea this was something like a role playing computer game, that it grew out of another culture- japanese- but the in [...]

    11. It's just's just so LONG.I don't have a problem with long books, guys, honestly not. If a well-crafted story can hold my attention for 800 pages, I am properly thrilled. It's just that there's no reason for this book to be as long as it is. It meanders into sub-plot after sub-plot - much like the video games it's inspired by, I understand, but it doesn't work very well in a literary format. The sense of realistic urgency set up by the first 200 pages was just destroyed by the 400th; at that poin [...]

    12. If you enjoyed the Narnia books, the Wrinkle In Time books, or even Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books, you're going to love this one. At 816 pages, it's a little on the meandering side, but when you surrender yourself to its heft, you'll be rewarded with a very well thought-out imaginary world inhabited by tons of charming (and not so charming) creatures. If I had a kid just starting to sniff out more challenging literary adventures, I'd give her this book to tackle. The architecture of plot is so [...]

    13. I suppose I could compare it to The Neverending Story (alienated kid + fantasy world), but that was a two-hour movie (perfectly fine), not a 900-page behemoth novel that unfurled like a series of video game levels culminating in various bosses, as well as a few "Our princess is in another castle, Mario" moments. I can easily see how and why this was turned into anime, but I was hoping for something a bit closer to Murakami. Not for me at all. But, because I am a Middle American and I FINISH what [...]

    14. The first part, in the real world, is very good. The second is an adventure story in a fantastic world, somewhat in the style of video games and manga. The epilogue gets back to the real world and closes most of the loose ends.The fantasy world (Vision) adapts itself to the mind of the traveler. Good and evil in Vision correspond to good and evil in him. To fight evil, he must discover and uproot his own evil tendencies. This teaching of the novel is very good.There is a problem, however. Too mu [...]

    15. I had Brave Story on my bookshelf years before I actually read it. I was just so drawn to the cover- the vibrant drawings and the description sounded a lot like what would be a Japanese Harry Potter. But my gosh, it's soooo long! That very fact alone, stopped me from picking it up many a time.A) I'm a slow reader. A book with 816 pages is a challenge period. With the exception of the actually Harry Potter books, I don't think I could ever read book this thick in less than 3 weeks.B) I have OCD w [...]

    16. Mitsuru, the little boy who lost his mother and his baby sister when his dad went on a killing spree. Mitsuru Ashikawa, the little boy who'd been next in line to be murdered. Mitsuru Ashikawa, who tried to commit suicide.Wataru curled up in a ball on the floor. He couldn't control his shivering. His whole body should until the bookshelf behind him was rattling.So long. Goodbye.Wataru knew now why Ashikawa had gone to the other world. He didn't have a place in this one. Vision was his home now.Br [...]

    17. Terrific. Good character development. More philosophical than I would have imagined, but in a thought-provoking, creative, emotional, and inspiring way. A long book, bit slow in the beginning, but well worth the read. I found it very entertaining. I'm sad to be leaving Wataru, Vision, and the adventure. Being that I am currently struggling with personal misfortune like Wataru and Mitsuru, I find that I am strengthened to go bravely forward and embrace my future, and find happiness in all the goo [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book, but I felt it was a little longer than necessary - and a little preachy at times. I loved the characters of Meena, Kee Keema, Kutz and Wataru - the relationships they built were worth reading about and kept me invested in the story. And the addition of the dragon, Jozo, added excitement just when I was about to give up on the book.Wataru is a boy learning to come to grips with his parents' divorce. He finds himself sucked into an alternate reality in which, if he is successf [...]

    19. This story (translated from the Japanese) is like two stories mashed together. It begins in the real world with a young boy (age 11) named Wataru. There's some strange goings-on in a half-built house in his neighborhood (and it's pretty interesting). But then that bit gets overshadowed by Wataru's disintegrating family. Wataru wants to fix things and thinks he'll get a chance by fulfilling a mission into another world called Vision. Brave Story is fat, heavy, 800-page book and Wataru's entrance [...]

    20. I almost didn't buy this book. I'm not even sure why I brought this book. Maybe it's the cover; I don't know.Brave Story tells the interior and exterior of a young boy's struggle to deal with his changing family situation. There are similarities, as another review pointed out, to The Neverending Story, but the allergory between the magical world and inner self of the boy is more obivious.The characters are well drawn and while the main character is a boy, there are several strong female characte [...]

    21. Wow I finally finished this book. A few times I was ready to give up on it, not because of the story, but because it's such a long book! My other books were up on my shelf, gathering dust while I was reading this book,tempting me to put down Brave Story and pick up a book I recently bought. I'm glad I didn't give up on Brave Story, though, despite its whopping 816 pages. I learned a lot from this book. As an aspiring author, I am bracing myself for what I hope to have in store, and seeing Miyuki [...]

    22. This is a very special book. I wouldn't say it's perfect, I think there is a little bit of muddiness that might be a result of translating it from the original Japanese, not sure. Still, I really enjoyed this imaginative and wonderful coming-of-age tale, that addresses issues that a lot of kids deal with and not many people talk about (divorce). Not all of the themes are unique--escaping to a world created by one's own imagination has been done before. However, I don't think that anyone has delv [...]

    23. This is a book that affirms for me why we read stories. Worlds created in our imagination make it possible for us to think in new ways and--perhaps--live in new ways. Miyabe gets spot on the anxieties of being a child and the trauma brought on by familial instability. She gives the protagonist, Wataru, the chance to alter his destiny in a fully realized fantasy world parallel to the "real" world. Part coming-of-age, part adventure fantasy, and part philosophical treatise on suffering and happine [...]

    24. waaaahhhh, that was a long book indeed, as an anime fan this book was nonetheless one printed to words, it has all the classic elements of an anime, yet I was not bored for a second even with this huge number of pages. the story talks about Wataru and it begins slowly building up the circumstances that will lead him to be chosen as traveler in an imaginary world, meeting new friends and foes and fighting his way to change his destiny. it is very intriguing, character are lovely,and events are ex [...]

    25. WAAH! what an epic book. I loved it till the last word of it, although I must admit that there were several unnecessary details. But the book was definitely worth my time. Miyuki Miyabe has the most amazing imagination. I really admire her. She did a great job in attaching Wataru and Mitsuru together. They had a very unique strange friendship that made me wish I had the same twisted relationship with someone. The book was filed with descriptions and some unwanted details but all to make the read [...]

    26. for me this story reverses the general American approach to young adult books. There, usually a large, complex, adult problem is simplified so that extraordinary youths can conquer it without giving into the world around them. Here large, complex, adult problems are left that way and we follow an ordinary youth through a fantastic journey to just come to grips with the enormity of life and it's struggles. I was entranced by this tale of the breaking of ignorance and innocence. Of growing up and [...]

    27. This book was brilliant. It feels like it's aimed for younger children, younger than teens at least, until the ending. It evolved from a simple story of a child going through a tough time at home to a fantasy in a separate world called Vision and having to decide his own destiny. The characters were very real despite the fact that most of them were creatures from another world. Even the enemy was somehow likable towards the end. I recommend this book to someone looking for a fantasy that has a v [...]

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