In a Sacred Manner I Live: Native American Wisdom

In a Sacred Manner I Live Native American Wisdom A collection of Native American speeches and excerpts from the th century to the present day

  • Title: In a Sacred Manner I Live: Native American Wisdom
  • Author: Neil Philip
  • ISBN: 9780395849811
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A collection of Native American speeches and excerpts, from the 17th century to the present day.

    One thought on “In a Sacred Manner I Live: Native American Wisdom”

    1. “To live in a sacred manner is to live with respect for the environment, for the community, and for oneself. It is a way of looking at life that was shared by all the Indian nations.”This book is raw power. As if the poetry and speeches weren’t enough to tear my heart out, they had to add beautiful and heartbreaking images to the mix. TISSUE!!In the Sacred Manner I Live is a gorgeous book of Native wisdom, poetry, art, prayers, and speeches. Through the words of famous chiefs and leaders, [...]

    2. This is a beautiful book of history, photos and inspirational Native American speeches and poetry. All the works have been translated from their original tongue into English. The photos are set up as an historical reference for the works. There is a common theme that runs across many of the works of "the circle of life and hoops that are continuous. All working together on Mother Earth." There is also reference to the "white man" and the "white man's ways" that the Native Americans do not agree [...]

    3. "You look at me, and you see only an ugly old man, but within I am filled with great beauty. I sit as on a mountaintop and I look into the future. I see my people and your people living together. In time to come my people will have forgotten their early way of life unless they learn it from white men's books. So you must write down all that I will tell you; and you must have it made into a book that coming generations may know this truth." - Old Man Buffalo Grass, Sandoval, Hastin Tlotsi hee, 19 [...]

    4. Another acknowledgement that we have to start paying attention to the path of destruction we are creating in the spirit of progress. The rules are simple, and the truths are absolute. As a people, as a past and for a future we have to start changing our relationship with the planet that has nurtured us for so long. We need to relinquish our crushing need for immediate gratification and sensationalism, as there is nothing that WE can CREATE that will rival what we were GIVEN.

    5. I picked this up in denver in the late-1990s and have treasured the wisdom contained within. Using photos and the words of great Native Americans like Chief Seattle, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Cochise, Geronimo, Black Elk, Red Jacket, Fool Bull and many others, this anthology captures the breadth of passion, love and hope that we all could learn from.

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