The Hundred and One Dalmatians

The Hundred and One Dalmatians When Missis and Pongo s puppies go missing the two Dalmatian parents know the scary Cruella de Vil has had something to do with it After all she adores furs and the Dalmatians have such beautiful c

  • Title: The Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Author: Dodie Smith Janet Grahame Johnstone Anne Grahame Johnstone
  • ISBN: 9780749702045
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Missis and Pongo s puppies go missing, the two Dalmatian parents know the scary Cruella de Vil has had something to do with it After all, she adores furs, and the Dalmatians have such beautiful coats The dogs pets, Mr and Mrs Dearly, don t understand them, so it is up to Pongo and Missis to rescue their pups.

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    1. This post is part of the 2015 Classics Challenge.“Like many other much-loved humans, they believed that they owned their dogs, instead of realizing that their dogs owned them."Cruella de Vil is enough to frighten the spots off a Dalmatian pup. But when she steals a whole family of them, the puppies’ parents, Pongo and Missus, lose no time in mounting a daring rescue mission. Will they be in time to thwart Cruella’s evil scheme, or have they bitten off more than they can chew?WHEN I Discov [...]

    2. When I was little, I got a copy of this book from my grandmother. It was old, the cover was falling off, and the edges of the pages were stained red. I adored it, and read it several times.Later came the various movies, first the animated version, which was enjoyable, and then the live-action movie, which was awful. None maintained what captivated me most about the story - the inner life of the dogs and their complexity. Anyway, I was suddenly seized by the need to read it again, and couldn't fi [...]

    3. The part of this book I liked best was the Starlight Barking. Since reading it at age 9 or so, I have observed the phenomenon innumerable times. It's comforting to know what the dogs are really doing. Thank you, Dodie Smith, for explaining it so well.Three or four years ago, while I was living in Sunnyvale, I saw a remarkable example of how useful the Starlight Barking can be. My friend Beth Ann has two very smart Dobermanns. Late one evening, both of them suddenly started yelping furiously, for [...]

    4. A delightful children's book that I read as a kid (many times) and haven't read since. I decided to read it again to see if it held up and was still fun. It definitely was an entertaining read.When I was looking it up, I was surprised to see so many reviews complaining of sexism or anti-feminine views presented in the book. This was certainly never anything I noticed as a kid, but then, how many kids are clued in to that sort of thing? I found myself reading to enjoy, and also to examine, and m [...]

    5. Read aloud to me on late spring evenings by my nostalgic nineteen year old daughter - this is NOT the Disney version. Completely charming with a Beatrix Potteresque realism added to the animal characterizations of Pongo and Missisd Perdita, who is quite a different character from the film version. This makes a wonderful read-aloud and many children would enjoy it, however --- Cruella de Vil is truly evil and her casual talk of drowning many kittens and pups would be disturbing to many modern fam [...]

    6. Look, I have nothing against Disney. Their movies are fun and entertaining. But I just wish maybe they would give more credit to the original works that inspired them for their stories. Most people I know don't even realize that so many of their movies are based on actual books. Really, really good books.I mean, Perdita doesn't even show up until maybe chapter 3, and she is NOT Pongo's wife. His wife's name is Missus. Why did they have to cut out Missus, that brave soul? Poor Missus. She's adora [...]

    7. Oh the joy of it. I don't remember seeing the movie as a kid (though I'm told it's the very first movie I ever saw, at a drive-in, at age 4!) But I vividly remember reading the book when I was in 4th or 5th grade and just loving it. And I wasn't even a "dog person" as a kid (or as an adult, until the past year or so). Anyway we read it aloud as a chapter book for bedtime last week and it was just as terrific as I remembered. The story is so delightfully British there is something about the narra [...]

    8. As weird as it sounds, this was the first time I read this book. I read the Disney version when I was a kid but this one was so much better! The dogs felt like real characters and they were so sassy and independent! I loved reading about their adventures around England.

    9. Such a nostalgic, delightful read!Glen Close as Cruella de Vil was a highlight of my childhood. To be clear the story is actually about a family whose dalmatian pups have been stolen in order to make a fur coat and of course, I'm aware that justice needed to be served to the perpetrator. But what I fell in love with as a child was the absolute crazy that is Devil Woman. The gender politics of this book are exactly what I expect from a novel written in the 1950s. Even if our heroes are dogs, Miss [...]

    10. *** ORIGINAL REVIEW -- August 1, 2007 ***O happy day when during a free-reading period in Mrs. Chismar's fifth-grade class I opened an old, dog-eared (as it were) edition of this masterpiece. Smith's ability to evoke a scene and pen enchanting but vulnerable characters earns her a place among the greats. The image of the ancient colonel sharing tea with his Old English Sheepdog in their sound Suffolk country home before a crackling fire on a stormy night is my standard for domestic comfort (Mmm, [...]

    11. Why I Recommend Bumping This DOWN On Your TBR: There are racist (against Romani people, who are described using the g-word) and misogynist undertones. I felt protective of Missus and Perdita, and therefore hated how Pongo was essentially "the smart one". The plot is boring, with scenes that seem to only have the purpose of dragging out the journey. The Disney movie is basically a well-edited version of this. The only element that I'm not sure how I feel about is that Cruella is married in the no [...]

    12. Το βρήκα σε ένα παλαιοπωλείο σε μια απίστευτα ταλαιπωρημένη ελληνική έκδοση του 1969. Μου κίνησε την περιέργεια να δω το γνωστό έργο του Disney σε πιο μυθιστορηματική μορφή, άλλωστε αυτή είναι κ η πρωτότυπη μορφή του. Όταν το διάβασα το ερωτεύτηκα. Υπέροχο. Ο ύμνος του σκυλόφιλου [...]

    13. A great children's book that can be enjoyed by adults, too. The writing is good, and the different dogs in the story are wonderful characters.

    14. Again, not Disney - but a very lovely book! The story of Pongo and Missis ("a young married couple of Dalmatians"); their devoted pets, the Dearlys; household helpers Nanny Cook and Nanny Butler; the Pongos' fifteen beloved young puppies; and Perdita, the former stray and devoted foster mother who's also a Dalmatian, is told in enchanting detail. When the puppies are kidnapped by the unspeakably evil Cruella de Vil, the fur-fanatic wife of a furrier who desires - and fully intends to acquire - a [...]

    15. This was one of the most sexist books I have ever read. Worse, I first read it when I was ten or so and didn't notice the sexism, which means that its ridiculous list of 'male' and 'female' attributes went into my psyche unchallenged. According to Dodie Smith, men and male dogs are stronger, don't feel the cold, understand both numbers and words better, have a sense of direction, possess deductive powers, are inventive, loyal and brave. Women and female dogs can't tell their left from their righ [...]

    16. A good fun adventure story, lots of peril on the dogs journey. Quite educational too, lots of tips on how to look after dogs, did you know a big male Dalmatian loves to be punched? The book has one major difference to the movie, in the book it is Pongo and Missus, Perdita is there but as a minor character, I found I had to keep explaining to my daughter that perdita was a different dog. There was one other thing that kept bugging me during the book the maths I was sure there were only 100 Dalmat [...]

    17. Ok, this book is amazing. Brian told me it was good a couple years ago but I dismissed it because well, it's The 101 Dalmatians. We listened to it on a couple road trips and while I got it because I thought Asher might like it, it was really Brian and I who enjoyed it. Very well written and the one we listened to was read so so well- definitely recommend listening to the audiobook version read by Martin Jarvis if you can.

    18. Like so many other kids, I was first introduced to the spotted dogs when I saw the Disney movie. Thinking about it now, I think part of the reason why I liked it and The AristoCats (1970) was the animation style. The sketch-like style achieved with the cheaper Xerography technique made them slightly rugged, and the only contemporary animated films I've seen that have the same tone are the ones by Sylvain Chomet. Being a cat person, I don't think I ever cherished the 101 Dalmatians (1961) as much [...]

    19. The perfect story for teaching children about goodies, baddies, and the power of cooperation and teamwork. This edition is also to be cherished for its copious and beautiful illustrations – and perhaps the longest-necked cat I’ve ever seen (on pg. 137).Dodie Smith doesn’t only write a very good story; she also takes care to subliminally implant soundly advanced moral teaching into the mind of the reader/listener; for example “… the bad little boy [who had thrown a stone at the puppies] [...]

    20. Li este livro para o projeto do DisneyInUs, que consiste em ver um filme da Disney por mês e ler o conto/livro que lhe deu origem. Os filmes são escolhidos à sorte e no mês de Junho calhou ver o Os 101 Dálmatas. O conto que deu origem a esse filme foi o The Hundred and One Dalmatians de Dodie Smith.Para saberem o que achei do livro e do filme podem dar uma espreitadela ao vídeo que fiz a falar de ambos e a tecer algumas comparações entre os dois: youtu/pMYG2OoyvzUP.S. - Falo também um p [...]

    21. A tale (har har) both sweet and tense, sinister and haunting, pure and whole-hearted. Disney reduced this minor masterpiece to the thinnest frame of its foundation. In this story you can sense the despair, feel the December frost, taste the buttered toast. Also, Mr. Dearly (who is happily married), is a brilliant accountant and mathematician who has been pardoned from income tax for life due to his services to England’s treasury, which I always found vastly more unique and interesting than som [...]

    22. Kind of humorous during some scenes, but much of this novel was just filler and "cute puppy" moments; if you haven't read this book, believe me, you haven't missed much unless you're an avid fan of repetitive canine stories and animal tales. I liked the author's writing style though, really descriptive, poetic and vibrant.

    23. 3.5 stars rounded up to four.I enjoyed this but must confess I think Disney improved upon it, at least with the cartoon version, and it's all due to Cruella De Vil. She makes that movie, and she's the best thing about this book as well. Unfortunately she's not in the book as much as I would like which is why this gets 3.5 stars. If there'd been more of her, this could've knocked on five star territory. Plus, there's no car chase scene at the end. The car chase gives us one of the finest images i [...]

    24. I was really surprised by how cute this was! Granted, there are some gender role issues in this book that you may want to explain to girls. The most noticeable ones are in the way everyone treats Missis who is not a very smart dog. But you don't have to assume that she isn't as smart as Pongo because she is female, you could just as easily assume that she simply isn't very smart, something that can happen in either gender. It was actually fun to read. So much of old children's books are just not [...]

    25. Amazing book. I had seen the movie, a long time ago but I decided to read this book for other reasons. On my search of books to read I came across the desire to read another one of Dodie Smith's, "I capture the castle" since my local library didn't have it I decided to this one. I am so glad I made this decision since this book is magical. The way Smith writes the book is comical in a good way, I love her prose. And about the book itself, as someone already noted in the top reviews the magic in [...]

    26. Friggin' awesome book! Every kid of my time grew up watching this movie, and the book is better and awesome in its own way. Target age group is anywhere from 8 years and up. I think even adults should read this sweet book to make themselves better people.The thing I love most about it is that the narrating dogs are so very polite, and so very English consequently. They could teach your child everything from dog-care to marriage goals (yes, the leading pair set such beautiful marriage goals that [...]

    27. Обожавам "101 далматинци" на Дисни. Гледала съм го толкова много пъти, че знаех цели реплики наизуст, при това на английски!, not that I brag, hm. Разбира се, това е било по времето на ранното ми детство, когато не съм обръщала внимание на надписи, а запленена гледах как се сменяха декори [...]

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