When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys

When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys Playing Doctor is written by Lori Foster Attitude makes a huge difference in bed It could be Axel Dean s motto The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie and Libby Preston definitely seems

  • Title: When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys
  • Author: Lori Foster Erin McCarthy HelenKay Dimon
  • ISBN: 9780758209337
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Playing Doctor is written by Lori Foster.Attitude makes a huge difference in bed It could be Axel Dean s motto The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie, and Libby Preston definitely seems to fit that bill There s that naughty grin That hot bod Her eager kisses and cheeky insults Hermitted virginity Whoa Okay, cue cold shower Axel may not be an Playing Doctor is written by Lori Foster.Attitude makes a huge difference in bed It could be Axel Dean s motto The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie, and Libby Preston definitely seems to fit that bill There s that naughty grin That hot bod Her eager kisses and cheeky insults Hermitted virginity Whoa Okay, cue cold shower Axel may not be an honorable man, but he has his limits Except Libby won t take no for an answer She s determined to have someone show her what she s been missing, and suddenly, Axel can t bear to think of Libby playing doctor with anyone else Lady Of The Lake is written by Erin McCarthy Pro baseball player Dylan Diaz is pretty sure he s going to hell When you rescue a drowning woman from a lake your first thought should be, Are you okay not, Can I make mad, passionate love to you But the minute sputtering kindergarten teacher Violet Caruthers is on Dylan s boat, that s all he can think about Maybe it s the potent combo of a nun s personality inside a stripper s body Maybe it s the way she drives him crazy with desire and laughter Or maybe, Dylan s finally found what s been missing in his life, and he s not about to let go Hardhats And Silk Stockings is written by HelenKay Dimon Hannah Bridges is the most infuriating woman architect Whit Thomas has ever met and the sexiest If he could just get the tough contractor to stop proving herself at very turn, they might have time to discuss important things, like his hands on her prints What Hannah needs is a night of pure bliss that s all about her no regrets, no control, no limits Now, in a private room where pleasure is the only goal, Hannah is about to receive a delicious education in total ecstasyJoin three of today s hottest romance authors for a trio of sinfully sexy stories where good things come in deliciously bad boy packages

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    1. ★★★★✩ "Playing Doctor," by Lori Foster - Fun little dilemma for man-whore hero doctor who falls for a virginal nursing student. Worth a smile or two from the talented LF.★★★★✩ "Lady Of The Lake," by Erin McCarthy - Implausible, but totally fun, with two likable leads.★★★✩✩ "Hardhats And Silk Stockings," by HelenKay Dimon - The set-up was not my cuppa(I wouldn't want anyone to lock me in a room for a week-end, regardless of how hot he was), but may be yours.

    2. Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" overallPlaying Doctor by Lori Foster - Playing Doctor is the final novella in Lori Foster's Dean Brothers & Friend series. Playboy Axel Dean is the last man standing, as his brother and best friend have both succumbed to the bite of the love bug. Axel, however, has no intention of falling in love or marrying. He's having far too much fun being single and playing the field. In fact, he's a bit of a man whore, taking a different woman to his bed almost every [...]

    3. One good story, Two not so good.4 stars for THE LADY OF THE LAKE by Erin McCarthy.I enjoyed this story. Shy school teacher Violet sees herself as undesirable. She wants to get pregnant and raise a child alone. Famous baseball star is looking for something more in his life. Their meeting and subsequent actions are fun to watch.For a list of my reviews of other Erin McCarthy books, see my 3.5 star review of “Flat-Out Sexy” posted under 3 stars 11/11/08.2 stars for PLAYING DOCTOR by Lori Foster [...]

    4. Three short stories about bad boys, I really enjoyed this, if you're looking for a lighthearted sexy read this fits the bill. All three tales have engaging characters as well as cute plots. If I have to pick out a favourite it has to be Erin McCarthy's story. It was such a sweet read. This is the sort of book that I think is ideal to read on holiday.

    5. Playing Doctor – Lori FosterLibby Preston & Dr. Axel Dean – she’s the niece of chief of doctors and he took her in when her mother died (no dad)… and he is hard on her because he does not want her to be flighty like her mother… she works to support herself as much as possible and goes to school to be a nurse – and when uncle needs her services, she is expected to help out… at one of his parties, she is there as chief caterer/server… and Dr. Dean (gynecologist) can’t keep hi [...]

    6. Three cute stories in this anthology of romances.The StoriesLori Foster's "Playing Doctor" was my favorite with a play-the-field doctor who falls in love with an about-to-graduate niece of the chief of staff. Ya know it's gotta be love to survive the mess that Libby falls into and all that Dr. Axel Dean wants to do is take care of her. Well, that and lots of sex.Erin McCarthy's "Lady of the Lake" was a sweet encounter between the shy, brainiac kindergarten teacher who just wants a baby and has t [...]

    7. Average out on this anthology is a 2.66 - so we'll say 2.5. Playing Doctor - Lori Foster - 4 / 5 - Libby Preston is 21, a virgin and trying very hard to become a nurse so she can get out from under the control of her uncle Elwood, chief of staff at the local hospital. Axel Dean is 35, a doctor, very experienced and avoiding commitment with everything in him. He spots Libby at a party, where she’s working, and the sparks fly. But he slams on the brakes when he finds out she’s a virgin. But he [...]

    8. Tendres provocations est un recueil de trois nouvelles, déjà édité il y a quelques années et que l'on a plaisir à (re)découvrir.Dr Oeil-de-velours de Lori Foster est une nouvelle racontant l'histoire d'un médecin et d'une élève infirmière qui se rencontrent lors d'une soirée organisée par l'oncle de la jeune fille. Après quelques baisers et caresses échangés, Libby avoue à Axel qu'elle est vierge. Paniqué, le médecin lui demande de se rhabiller et lui annonce qu’elle est bea [...]

    9. When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys is another collection of short stories in Brava's Bad Boys series, and probably my favorite. "Playing Doctor" by Lori FosterAxel Dean is a responsible, respectable doctor in his professional life, but in his personal life he's a fun-loving playboy who enjoys no-strings-attached fun with mature women who know the score. Enter Libby Preston, a hot, young virgin? DEFINITELY not Axel's type. But that doesn't stop her from getting under his skin, and working her wa [...]

    10. From :Playing Doctor by Lori Foster (4 Stars) Attitude makes a huge difference in bed. It could be Axel Dean's motto. The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie, and Libby Preston definitely seems to fit that bill. There's that naughty grin. That hot bod. Her eager kisses and cheeky insults. Her admitted virginity. Whoa. Okay, cue cold shower. Axel may not be an honorable man, but he has his limits. Except Libby won't take no for an answer. She's determined to have someone show her wh [...]

    11. Rare sont les anthologies que j'ai vraiment apprécié. Ce n'est pas évident d'écrire une histoire et de la rendre crédible en si peu de lignes. Le défi en est que plus grand lorsqu'il s'agit d'une histoire d'amour. La plupart du temps je finis la lecture en me disant que ça avait du potentiel mais que ça aurait pu être bon si ça avait eu le temps de se développer d'avantage et plus lentement. Dr Oeil-de-Velours par Lorie Foster : 4 étoiles Pour une courte histoire c'était plutôt bie [...]

    12. Contemporary romance anthology. Part of the "Bad Boy" books. Lori Foster. - 4 stars. Protected sex. I expected to hate this one. I really hated Cary's story & he does make an appearance in this one. However, I loved Libby & she zings Axel good every time they get together. She even calls him a male slut (which he is). Good story! Erin McCarthy - 4 stars. Unprotected sex (she wants to get pregnant). You really need to turn off your brain & suspend ALL disbelief for this one. Shy kinde [...]

    13. Playing Doctor---**This had some ick factor to it, for me anyway. He's a 35 year old male whore, she's a 21 year old virgin. Ick. They met at a party and are making out in the gardens before they've even said their names. Ick. The last half of the story was ok, I actually read it instead of skimming. Ending was kinda strange.Lady of the Lake---**This wasn't as bad. The thing that bothered me was when the heroine first saw the hero her first thought was "he's Hispanic!" like that was bad. I guess [...]

    14. Lori Foster 5 étoilesJ'ai tout aimé de l'histoire. J'ai trouvé crédible la chimie entre Axel et Libby. On voyait qu'Axel attendait la bonne personne pour donner le meilleur de lui-même. Erin McCarthy 3 étoilesJ'ai plus aimé les personnages de Dylan et Victoria que leur histoire. J'avais de la misère à m'abandonner à l'histoire. Je ne pouvais pas me détacher de la réalité qui était absurde.HelenKay Dimon 3 étoilesJ'ai bien aimé Hannah et Whit, mais j'ai encore plus aimé leur pér [...]

    15. Only writing a review for the 1st book by Lori Foster. (Super quick review for a quick book)***This May contain spoilers***Not a bad book. Unmemorable and I'll tell you why. Folks, as I'm typing up this review, I cannot bring myself to recall the title of the book I JUST read. Ugh. Call it bad memory, or in my case blamemething. I liked Libby and Axel together. Yes he was much older, but they had good chemistry. N o t h i n g ridiculously interesting happened in this book. Lori Foster has a grea [...]

    16. at first I was taken back by the age difference in the first story. simply because with two very different sexual backgrounds it prove not so compatable in bed but I was wrong. Libby wasn't looking for distractions and Axel wasn't looking to settle down. they found love though. I think violet and Dylan's story was a little far fetched with how quick it moved but in the end they were looking for something in their lives and it turned out to be eachother. I liked the last story but it seemed Hanna [...]

    17. "Playing Doctor" by Lori Foster - A nursing student catches the eye and more of a playboy doctor. The best of the 3 stories."The Lady of the Lake" by Erin McCarthy - A want-to-be mother falls off of a boat and almost drowns before she is rescued by a single, lonely baseball player out for a sail."Hardhats and Silk Stockings" by Helenkay Dimon - Sparks fly when the architect and the construction company boss get trapped in a "sex" roomokcrossing/journal/5

    18. The lady of the lake was my absolute favorite and then playing doctor and then hardhats and silk stockings. But j'adore hardhats and silk stockings because of whit in handcuffs, the fact that she was in charge was a treasure! I also loved Adam. I didn't like the fact that in lady of the lake you didn't know if the baby with a girl or a boy.

    19. First two stories were good, I actually liked all the characters and the stories themselves. Sadly the third book I couldn't get through, I disliked the overly grumpy female lead, the player scheming male lead and a guy trapping a girl in his uncle's sex dungeon for the weekend just isn't my kind of story.

    20. Dur de mettre une note car les 3 nouvelles sont inégales.La 1ère de Lori Foster est exquise, la 2ème moyenne malgré la renommée de Erin McCarthy, quant à la dernière, je n'ai pas du tout accroché.Ma chronique ici : songedunenuitdete/2014/01/

    21. Fun and very steamy short stories. First by Lori Foster was my favorite about sexy doctor Axel that has his eye on Libby who he thinks is the caterer. Next by Erin McCarthy was enjoyable about baseball player Dylan who fishes Violet out of the water. The last by Helen Kay Dimon was just okay.

    22. More like 3.5 stars. I really liked the first two - they are cute and the women are very likable. The last one paled a bit in comparison because I didn't think the heroine was as likable. But if you're looking for some quick reads of sexy romances, pick it up!

    23. I didn't quite like this one. The other two were funny and down to earth, these ones had less humor and were more serious than anything. They kind of made me feel 'down' so it was okay okay for me. I don't need books to depress me, just uplift me.

    24. This Bad Boys book wasn't as good as some of the others I have read. The Foster story was a disappointment; I kept thinking this is so unreal. McCarthy story was unbelievable (I literally could not believe the scenario). The Dimon story was the best of the bunch

    25. Dans l'ensemble les histoires sont pas super crédibles mais je trouve la première et la troisième assez prenante, ce qui mérite facile un 3/5. Par contre la deuxième est beaucoup plus fantasque, j'ai moins aimé, j'mettrais plus un 2/5. Mais honnêtement ça se laisse lire.

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