The Journal of Georgian Gentleman

The Journal of Georgian Gentleman None

  • Title: The Journal of Georgian Gentleman
  • Author: Mike Rendell
  • ISBN: 9781846245237
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “The Journal of Georgian Gentleman”

    1. This is my kind of book - a wonderful account of the life of haberdasher Richard Hall, by his descendent Mike Rendell. What I love about this book is the minutiae of a life lived quietly in all its detail – Richard was a compulsive list-maker and so we get gems such as lists of how to pronounce words (Dictionary = ‘dixnary’, Sherrif = ‘shreeve’, Birmingham = ‘brummijum’), recipes, snippets of news and prices of goods and journeys. We also get photographs of fascinating documents an [...]

    2. This is a fantastic book!!! It is so well done, with illustrations of the original source materials (excerpts from the diaries, wills, inventories, etc.) as well as drawings, cutouts and silhouettes and portraits, and detailed information provided by the author. This is not only a fascinating family record, it is also prime information about daily life in the Georgian era. Mr. Rendell is to be commended for the readability of this book-it is clear, full of detail and explanation, and still a del [...]

    3. The editor of this journal is the author's Great Great Great Great Grandson. It does give an insight into the life of a business man between 1729 and 1801. As in everyone's journey through life, things move on despite what happens and everyone's story unfolds. I enjoyed the reactions of people of the time. As the editor said, when his wife asked where he was "in the 18th century" was the reply.well that is where I have been thanks to reading this book.

    4. Mike Rendell has done a fantastic job of putting together the journals and papers of his ancestor, Richard Hall, to tell a coherent and comprehensive story of a fascinating time and place.

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