Predator: Concrete Jungle

Predator Concrete Jungle Summer in New York City where the violent crime rate rises with the temperature At the height of the heat NYPD detectives Rasche and Shafer encounter the most brutal homicides they ve ever seen But

  • Title: Predator: Concrete Jungle
  • Author: Nathan Archer
  • ISBN: 9780553565577
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Summer in New York City, where the violent crime rate rises with the temperature At the height of the heat, NYPD detectives Rasche and Shafer encounter the most brutal homicides they ve ever seen But a close encounter with one of the murderers and a warning from the government leads Shaefer to suspect an alien influence and a government cover up.

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    1. Goddamn alien-testosterone.I have been in love with Predator as long as I have been that with Pinhead, too. Predators are big, muscular, sporty hunters that rock the most sexiest hairdo warriors can have. You just really want to take a quick gadget match with them, see who is the best and the sneakiest.Sure, we could argue that Predators are not as fierce and fearless as one could wish for as they have a nice gadget (anyone who has played the video games knows using the gadget below is a fucking [...]

    2. This is a pretty good read.Film Noir meets Science Fiction. The references to They Live were pretty cool too.

    3. What book just gave me EXACTLY what I wanted from it? THIS BOOK DID!A direct sequel to the original AHNOLD movie, fitting between Predator and the oft-maligned Predator 2, it does not pretend to be what it's not. It's sci-fi action pulp trash of delicious proportions. And I dug it.Go read it. It'll make you a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurusjust like me.

    4. This novel was based on the very first Predator comic series, which was released before the movie Predator 2. There were many elements of the movie that appeared here first.This story takes the Predators from the jungle into the city, and also establishes the fact there is an entire race of Predators who have been traveling to Earth for centuries. This series focuses on the brother of Dutch, Arnold's character in the original Predator film. He's a New York Detective and the Predators track him d [...]

    5. I have an obsession with two things (well, lots of things, really, but two that fit the context of this review): Predator and shitty sci-fi novels. I love Predator in all the forms – the original movie, AVP, Predators – even Predator 2 and AVP: Requiem I’ll admit to enjoying. What I’m not too fond of are graphic novels (I find my attention wanders when I read them), so when I stumbled across this novelization of a graphic novel based on Predator I was like, “Hell Yes.” And I read it. [...]

    6. If you liked the movies, you will enjoy the book. First in trilogy, it sets up the story of Detective Schaefer who works for the NYPD and is Dutch's brother. He gets involved in a homicide that involves an invisible assailant, a few skinned bodies, and an off-the-books military group trying to hide something. From there on, it's pretty much what you would expect. Some background to tie Det. Schaefer to Dutch, leading to confronting some drug lords in the jungle where the first movie took place. [...]

    7. Now, I'm given to understand that a lot of people think this novel is terrible because of the dialogue and cardboard characters.However, I find it to be the exact opposite. I first read it in 8th grade, during my Predator obsession. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. And it takes a lot for that to happen with me; I've been reading Game Of Thrones since February of 2013 and still haven't finished!This novel has one of my favorite proses I've seen; the author Nathan Archer probably had fun w [...]

    8. So I've been moving this week and have filled my largely internet-free, phone-free, media-free and human-interaction-free time with some comics. Concrete Jungle was one of those I heard a lot about as a kid - how cool, gritty and violent it was, too mature for my little mind. It lasted me until the phone company showed up, and him pulling up was the highlight of the read. I probably would have liked it better when I was a kid, but as an adult I've seen more entertaining, satisfying and subsantia [...]

    9. Even for a novelization of a comic book that's based on a movie franchise, this book is lousy--complete with terrible dialog, cartoonish characters, and a plot that simply rehashes a bunch of stuff we've already seen in the first two Predator movies. The ending is original, but also happens to be even more anti-climatic than the final reel of Speilberg's War of the Worlds, when all the aliens just up and die because of contracting the virus. That's a brilliant ending compared to the way Archer g [...]

    10. I'm not sure which came first, but at the very start you could be forgiven for thinking you're reading Predator 2: the Novelisation, as it is almost an identikit retelling of that film. After a while, however, it does head off on it's own territory, taking in the Colombian jungle of the first film before heading back to New York for the final throw-down. It's not the best book I've ever read (or even the best based on characters in a film), but it's also not the worst. Passes a few days (two or [...]

    11. Good book, interesting follow-on to the first movie. The contrast between the action hero-esque Schulz and the humdrum partner is noticeable but not too jarring usually, but after I finished it all came together. It's also kinda odd thinking about a guy who looks like Schwarzenegger acting like a cop and with a non-Austrian accent.

    12. As media tie-ins go this isn't terrible. Or at least, I've read worse. Even if the hero is a deeply unpleasant, thick as porcine excrement, borderline psychopath that had me praying for his death almost from his first appearance.

    13. Arnie's character's brother is a cop and some shit goes down involving you know who. I stopped reading about 30 pages in. I can usually tolerate this sort of thing if it's well written, unfortunately this one is not.

    14. Big fan of the movie franchise, but the book didn't have enough of the core action until too late in the novel, basically the last few chapters. I originally read it as a "fluff" novel, but I will try to find something else next time.

    15. Over all its really good I like the tie- ins with the first movie but am I the only ones who pictures Schafer as a big Austrian guy?!?!? Maybe its because Schafer is the brother of Arnie in the movie

    16. Read it back in middle school. Enjoyed it then, along with several other Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator books, but I probably wouldn't read it again.

    17. This story should have been adapted for the 2nd Predator movie. Rather than that piece of rubbish with Danny Glover.

    18. pretty solid as Predator books go. not bad for a 2nd ever novel either. alien meets urban jungle and Scwarzeneggar's character's brother. good read.

    19. I think I would have enjoyed Predator 2 a whole lot more if they had just stuck with this story. First time reading a Predator novel but it was well paced and entertaining, probably won't be my last.

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