El problema con Harry

El problema con Harry El problema con Harry es que Es el nuevo marido de Plum pero teniendo en cuenta que Harry puso un anuncio para encontrar esposa y que Plum estaba preparada para casarse con su secretario entonces

  • Title: El problema con Harry
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9788466316675
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • El problema con Harry es que 1 Es el nuevo marido de Plum pero teniendo en cuenta que Harry puso un anuncio para encontrar esposa, y que Plum estaba preparada para casarse con su secretario, entonces s que puede resultar un poco confuso.2 Plum se hab a pasado los ltimos veinte a os escondi ndose de la gente, y ahora Harry quer a mostrarla a toda la sociedad DemoniosEl problema con Harry es que 1 Es el nuevo marido de Plum pero teniendo en cuenta que Harry puso un anuncio para encontrar esposa, y que Plum estaba preparada para casarse con su secretario, entonces s que puede resultar un poco confuso.2 Plum se hab a pasado los ltimos veinte a os escondi ndose de la gente, y ahora Harry quer a mostrarla a toda la sociedad Demonios 3 No tiene ni idea del impactante secreto que ella oculta Un marido muerto, que realmente no era un marido y que parece que ahora vuelve a estar vivo.4 Tiene cinco hijos cuyo nico prop sito en la vida parece ser querer enviar a su madre adoptiva al cuerno.5 Pero para Plum el verdadero problema con Harry es que le ha robado por completo el coraz n.

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    1. Let's start with what I didn't like - Harry and Plum were entertaining at times but I could not take them seriously for long. Both were drama queens with no normal reactions. At all.Plum is a ruined woman and Harry is a widowed father of fivetive, enterprising children.These two were obsessed with their problems, they waxed lyrical and needed no audience.Plum is fixated on a scandal which happened ages ago but she wont forget it. She isn't trying to find a way out either.You do seem to have the [...]

    2. EL (verdadero) PROBLEMA CON HARRY (y Plum)(con spoilers)■ Harry: Viudo, de cuarenta y cinco años, padre de cinco niños de edades comprendidas entre doce y cuatro años. Título de nobleza. Ex espía de la corona (?). Busca desesperadamente una esposa para imponer disciplina que hace falta a sus hijos y que ocupe el papel de madre que les hacen falta. Extraña de igual modo, la intimidad conyugal.■ Plum: Federicka de nombre, de unos cuarenta años, pobre, que vive de la asignación de su so [...]

    3. This book is Absolutely wonderful!!! I love the humor and the way Katie writes. Her sex scenes are just enough. All through the book Harry (H) and Plum (h) talk to each other about what they what to do to each other from the sex guide, that Plum wrote, butHarry doesn't know that until the end. The positions have crazy names but wee reader never get any details how to do them.your imaginations have to step in. LOLThe children (5 of them) and their antics are so funny. Plum is always telling Harry [...]

    4. Initial Thoughts: This book was a hoot! This book focuses on Harry and Plum. Harry, feeling lonely after the death of his wife 5 years earlier, advertises for a wife. Plum, ostracized by the ton after an unfortunate marriage to a bigamist, answers the ad and finds herself married to Harry, the Marquis Rosse. Both have a few secrets - he, his 5 hellion accident-prone children, and she - her past marriage and her very popular book Guide to Connubial Calesthenics. Lots of wacky situations, coitus i [...]

    5. Annoying characters (half way through I pretty much hated Harry's children and the heroine was an idiot), a very silly plot and choppy writing (repeatedly telling important developments instead of showing) made this book increasingly something I just wanted to be over. The humor was broad, generally missed its mark, and overpowered the weak mystery subplot, destroying any real interest I had in the story. I did finish the book and there were moments where the story was interesting, saving this f [...]

    6. Katie MacAlisterWARNING: Don't eat or drink while reading this crazy, mixed up, Brady Bunch on steroids MISadventure!Frederica Pelham, Plum, was ruined her first Season, when she married the deceitful Charles de Spencer. For 6 weeks, Plum lived in his bed and then learned that his was already married. She was called his whore, banished from her family and she never did anything wrong. Plum did learn about passion, so she wrote the scandalous book, Guide of Connubial Calisthenics, under the pen n [...]

    7. Ha sido una lectura agradable, pero un poco extraña, Plum y su familia me han recordado a Los locos Adams, lo que no es malo, son divertidísimos; entiendo el estilo de la autora, y podría decir que me ha parecido muy simpático, pero creo que no es para mí. De cualquier forma, no descarto leer algún otro de sus libros a futuro.

    8. A singularly great and affectionate parody of regency romance, this book reworks the guidelines of conventional romance lit. Spectacular humor as well.

    9. a madcap romp!Entertains, occasionally saucy, with a delightful, if somewhat wild cast.Mind you I did think I'd fallen into the set of St Trinians with the antics of Harry's children. An out-of-control group of 'wild things', hell bent on wreaking havoc and careening all over the pages throughout chapters and definitely into Plum's heart, if not ours.Harry, the Marquis of Rosse, and formerly a spy for the English Government and Plum (Lady Frederica Pelham) are an arranged marriage. Arranged by t [...]

    10. I gave this book three stars but it's more like a 2.75 kind of book, to me at least. I read this book because someone on a FB group I'm part of posted an excerpt that I thought was amusing. I'd never read this author so I thought I'd give it a shot. There were moments, though few and far between, that I enjoyed the book. But mostly I just couldn't wait to finish, there is just something in me that can't leave a book unfinished no matter how much I dislike it. I found it all to be outlandish and [...]

    11. This is the 3rd book in the Noble series. I have a distinct weakness for the marriage of convenience trope and this one was spectacular.Harry needs a mother for his five hellion children and a wife for his bed, so he places an advertisement.Frederica Pelham, better known as Plum, is in grave financial difficulties. 20 years ago, she married Charles de Spenser, only to find out within 6 weeks that he was already married with a family, and that he perpetrated the fraud upon her because he knew she [...]

    12. The Trouble With Harry –by Katie MacAlisterHarry has had it trying to bring up his 5 boisterous children all by himself. He is lonely and at sea since the death of his wife during childbirth 5 years ago. He is not one to leave the country nor is he one to go shopping for a wife amongst the ‘ton’. Sp he has his man of affairs put an add in the newspaper advertising for a wife.Who he finally ends up with is someone who has a lot of secrets and a true love for connubial calisthenics. Probably [...]

    13. I didn't think it possible to laugh as hard as I did with Ms. MacAlister's first two books in the Noble Series, but I was wrong. The Trouble With Harry, had me laughing until I had hyperventilated! Without spoiling anything, one of my most favorite parts was the threat of castration involving two egg cups and a dull knife! Ms. MacAlister has a writing style that I envy! Beyond witty, beyond funny. This is the type of writing that has you rolling with laughter. The storyline itself if full of int [...]

    14. Should be 2 1/2 stars. While I like fluff in its place, I had trouble with this one. Maybe a little too wacky? The set up is a little absurd - but I went with it - a widower advertises for a wife. The heroine needs a place to live and answers the ad. There's instant attraction. Plum is just eccentric enough to fit into Harry's very eccentric household, but she is justifiably angry when she keeps discovering more and more children that she's supposed to mother. (Harry isn't a details guy). I enjo [...]

    15. It wasn't the most exciting Regency romance I've read, I became impatient with the storyline at a couple of points. A few parts were funny but some parts that were supposed to be funny weren't. The characters weren't bad, but I never felt fully connected with any of them. The children were over the top – 5 "diablitos" who wreaked havoc on a constant basis. In some scenes, there was just too much going on at one time and it actually caused me some frustration.

    16. This is a charming book, so funny and heart warming. It's set in the regency period. The children in the story are absolutely hilarious, they are trying to say the least. These kids are pretty bad. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy/romances - you'll love this.

    17. This delightful frolic is a comedy of errors. The heroine ends up with exactly what she needs, but is sure, at first, that she doesn't want. You will get caught up in the steps of their courtship dance and root for both of them. Another one on my keeper shelf!

    18. I would like to see a story about Thom and Nick. I was more interested in their story than Plum and Harry.

    19. The book was ok. Right up to near the end where for me the light hearted story took a very. I don’t even know what to call it. But a book that was happy go lucky has several line dropped in where one of the bad guys started talking about how the 13 year old daughter was just his type and how he’d like to get her aside. The lines were unnecessary to the story and completely ruined the book for me.

    20. If you like P.G. Wodehouse, I think you'll enjoy this book. "PG" stands for Pelham Grenville. He was known as Plum. The heroine's last name is Pelham, and *she* is nicknamed Plum. This book is definitely written in that wonderful, whimsical style. An homage like this takes a lot of skill to pull off, so hats off to Ms MacAlister. The fact that the H is immediately taken with the h, which may strike readers as incredibly sudden, is a regular feature of a P. G. Wodehouse plot.

    21. I really didn't bother looking beyond the fact that this was part of Katie MacAlister's Noble series because I just knew it would be a gamer. I have to say that I enjoyed this one more than book two, but I'm not sure if it quite nudges out book one in the favorite of the series. Espionage, hellion children, bigamous marriage, secret sex book, dangerous accidents, advertisement for marriage, an animal menagerie and a niece named Thom who has a thing for a burglar are just some of the zany things [...]

    22. Book InfoPaperback, 352 pagesExpected publication: July 1st 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published May 30th 2004)original title The Trouble With Harry (Noble, #3)ISBN 1402294425 (ISBN13: 9781402294426)series Noble #3characters Plum (Frederica) Pelham, Harry (Haversham), Lord Rossesetting London, England (United Kingdom) England (United Kingdom) other editions (13)Source:Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISOriginal Synopsis1. He is Plum's new husband. Not normally a problem, [...]

    23. This book was hilarious!!! You have to read the others 2 first because this is book 3 but you won't be disappointed. Frederica Pelham is in dire need of a husband. She has always dreamed of having a family of her own that will accept her and her niece, Thom. So when and advertisement for a wife comes along she jumps at the chance to leave her past behind and move to a quiet life in the country where that dream may come true. Harry Rosse has a secret that he doesn't put in the advertisement. 5 de [...]

    24. This was a funny book. Mactavish is just adorable all around. The story is centred around Plum and Harry. Plum is a woman of ill-repute. She mistakenly married an already married man and is perceived to be his mistress. When the truth came out, he was exiled while she was left in England with a ruined reputation. Oh, she also wrote a popular pornographic book. Harry, is a widower of five years. He advertised for a wife to help him with his five hellions and also his sexual needs. He interviewed [...]

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