The Traitors

The Traitors Adam has betrayed his best friend and now he must face the consequences His punishment is years in the Dial a prison in a no time world where teenage traitors are forced to atone for their crime

  • Title: The Traitors
  • Author: Tom Becker
  • ISBN: 9781407109527
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam has betrayed his best friend and now he must face the consequences His punishment is 274 years in the Dial, a prison in a no time world, where teenage traitors are forced to atone for their crime It s a terrible place, ruled over by a cruel despot, where every day is a struggle for survival and escape.

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    1. This book is one of the most awesome books that I have ever set my eyes upon. And I would have given it five stars max were it not for some ludicrous concepts and a far-fetched, illogical ending.Why I like the book:1) The Dial. The whole setting is breath-taking. Well, the plan image for the prison helps a lot in stimulating the mind's eye, of course. But the ideas for the prison is well-invented, creative and it shows the dexterous capability of the author to illicit inspirational from everyda [...]

    2. An Act is CommittedWhen I first started reading Traitors by Tom Becker, I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea if this was going to be a book that I would enjoy or one that would fall short. Fortunately, I found myself truly enjoying it. This book holds a unique plot that kept me interested and captivated. If you knew that your betrayal could land you punished for a hundred years, you would probably think twice before you ever betrayed again. This book is full of powerful messages, such [...]

    3. Adam kissed his best friend's girl and was responsible for Danny being kicked out of school. He has Betrayed and now he has been snatched from his home to a high security prison to serve hundreds of years for his crime. But even amongst other criminals, there is one ready to betray them all to the guards for a ticket home. Who can you trust?This was a decent YA dystopian read where a prison in a different time dimension punishes kids for betraying friends and family by locking them in prison. Th [...]

    4. (CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING)The Traitors by Tom Becker is a refreshing and unique YA novel set in a prison aptly named The Dial (as it resembles a clock). The prison is designed to punish those who have betrayed someone and offenders usually serve sentences spanning well over hundreds of years – of course this is all in a place called 'no-time'. The writing style employed by Becker is very unique and flows beautifully. He described things in just the right amount of detail, making it eas [...]

    5. Have you ever betrayed someone before? Stabbed a person who's close to you in the back? Did you get away with it? Did your guilty conscience prick you the least bit?Adam here has betrayed his best friend Danny. And because of that, he was captured to the Dial, a no-time place through a warphole. Sentenced to imprisonment in the Dial for 274 years, Adam has all the time in the world to repent.Seemed like he wasn't the only traitor on planet Earth. The Dial was full of traitors, both young and old [...]

    6. Imagine being sentenced to jail for 274 years but when you come out on the other side, you're still the same age and you only have a vague recollection of your experience inside The Dial, a prison in a notime world. That's exactly what happened to Adam. Some would say his crime may have been trivial, he betrayed his best friend in no worse a way than many teenagers do during their high school days.Adam is tracked down by agents from The Dial, a place no one knows about on earth - if you are unfo [...]

    7. Before I reached the last chapter, I was planning to give The Traitors three stars for the story as a whole and a fourth one for originality and unpredictability (my God, all the times Becker made me gasp!).The last chapter, though, takes unpredictability to a whole new level. And not in a good way. Two words: terrible ending.And while we're at it, the characters could have used a lot more depth. Oh, and SO MANY things didn't make sense, add up, and/or weren't explained. AND THERE ISN'T EVEN A S [...]

    8. Honestly, I loved the story, but I didn't like the ending.(CONTAINS SPOILERS SORRY)When Adam stays with Jessica in the end, it seemed rather pointless. I know the Commandant told him that no-one should be left behind and all, but she should've just went with him. You have betrayed people but being left in no-time for presumably billions of years where getting food away from earth is quite hard, you would die sooner or later.Also, Adam's 'relationship' with Jessica seemed rather pointless for me. [...]

    9. Title: The TRAITORSAuthors: TOM BECKERStory elements: DIAL, a prison situated nowhere in space. The main character in this book is Adam and he is not a nice character because he betrayed his best friend and kissed his girlfriend.Another character is Doughnut he is Adam’s new friend in the DIAL. Another character is bookworm who is stays in the library for the whole time and reads books and he is Adam’s new friend too.Adam betrayed his friend and the agents from dial took him to dial for betr [...]

    10. I'm so upset yet proud of the main character, Adam, at the end of this book! I just skipped straight to the end! I just finished this book and it has messed with my brain! So is The Dial in another universe or on another planet? I'm led to believe this with the time continuum! The character development in this book was good and the plot line was brilliant! Quick read for me but definitely not boring or easy to understand in some places. When we found out about the Luca and Nino and the things Do [...]

    11. The radio message could have been a fluke, even the letter could be taken for a joke, but a giant zeppelin on an abandoned beach can not be ignored. When a stupid mistake, a thoughtless act breaks apart a friendship, the traitor must be punished, and the only way for a traitor to learn their lesson is imprisonment on the Dial.No one on the Dial is innocent, all have betrayed someone, been a traitor to someone, and all are paying for their actions. Life on the Dial is slow, existing outside of ti [...]

    12. This book is about a prison where traitors go called the Dial (so called because it resembles a clock with two walkways in the middle, like hands of a clock, and 12 wings which these hands connect to). Thus if a child betrays someone, e.g. Adam, the main character in the book, kisses his best friend's girlfriend which gets his best friend expelled from school because he trashed a lab in anger, then they get taken to the Dial to spend an eternity in the prison - although because it is in no-time [...]

    13. Not happy with the ending though. Adam should've just entered the warphole and reunite with his family, back on earth. And Jessica, well she shouldn't make such decision to be trapped in the Dial for eternity. We all make mistakes, so what. That'll make us to be a better person next time. Experience taught us valuable lesson. I can't imagine being stucked in no-time for eternity. How would they get food supply if they're going to be trapped forever? I hope the Commandant was still alive to get t [...]

    14. Although I found some of the ideas in this book very silly to start off with, I soon found myself accepting these ideas and actually started to enjoy the story. The book was nothing like I expected and it was constantly suprising me with shocking new twists and turns in the plot which made me happy to keep reading. I also found the writing style very good and it flowed very well which made for easy reading.

    15. I really loved the idea behind this book and I was willing to give it four stars, but the ending was really a disappointment considering how this book doesn't have a sequel. It still raises questions on whether the two inmates were saved in the end or if they survived on the remaining food rations and basically, what happens next?

    16. Books like The Traitors are very hard to come by. Usually when an author tries to write a book about relations between the real world and the fantasy world, it is very hard to not go overboard. What Tom Becker did was incredible, a heart moving ending with plot twists popping up everywhere in the book. Would definitely recommend book to peers.

    17. I personally enjoyed this book because it is filled with adventure and mystery. I liked trying to solve the mystery as I went along and sometimes had to go back in the book to help solve it. I recommend it to people who like mystery and action. My favorite part is when he found out that a book was written on and also missing important pages.

    18. its a lil bit frustrating when Adam's chose to stay behind until the warphole closed just for one girl! even the Commandant's said don't leave anyone behind. ahhh. other than that, its okay. kind of nice story afterall.

    19. I'm sure that this book would be very good if you are aged 9 - 12, but PLEASE IGNORE THE RATING TEEN ON THE BACK OF THE BOOK, most teenagers will find this book very immature and simplistic. The plot is not bad, but as I said anyone over the age of 13 will just be bored.

    20. My favourite book to date. I loved the plot, and writing style and i was completely immersed from the first page. I found some of the things a bit confusing at first, but I found that by re-reading it they made sense.

    21. The starting was confusing but then as i read on it gets more and more interesting the ending was great but it could also be better if he gets to return back and meet his family and friends again with jessica.

    22. When the beam of light abruptly winked off, the vortex collapsed, shrinking to a tiny orange dot before disappearing completely, leaving the sky a flat pond of midnight."What's a promise worth in a prison full of traitors?"

    23. A loved this book. Once I started it, I just couldn't stop. I really really hope that there is a second part to this, because I will love to know if Adam and Jessica ever get out of the dial

    24. Interesting ending. Not how I thought it would end. Was a bit rushed, in my opinion, but the plot was very, very good.

    25. I didn't like that a stupid betrayel would put him through all this. It could be more griping and mysteries.

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