Ceremonies From one of the gay community s best known most respected writers the first collection of prose and poetry reflecting the black gay male experience Featuring both published pieces and work that has

  • Title: Ceremonies
  • Author: Essex Hemphill
  • ISBN: 9780452268173
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • From one of the gay community s best known, most respected writers, the first collection of prose and poetry reflecting the black gay male experience Featuring both published pieces and work that has never before appeared in print, Ceremonies covers highly charged and emotionally resonant themes such as love, sexuality, and racism.

    One thought on “Ceremonies”

    1. These are the poems I love for- pointed, private, piercing. This collection captures a rare and raw voice.

    2. I recently found out about Essex Hemphill while I was frontlisting up-coming titles. In case you also didn't know, he was a black, gay poet and activist in the 80s and 90s who died from AIDS in the mid 90s. I found out that one of his most well known works was Ceremonies and of course, it's out of print. But my library has it WHAT UP. It definitely took me forever to read this book because I have book ADD and because of all the essays dispersed through out the collection. I enjoyed most of the e [...]

    3. Certain, special, lucidTo Essex HemphillI am reading you and I am wonderingWhat the verse does and when and howYou don't betray me with your wordsThey are piercingAnd just a little uncomfortable (It's your non pacified rage that surmounts everything)You wear the essence of frustration up your sleeveIt reminds me so much of James BaldwinThat ambition to reach over and win. You win and take home trophies and amorphous, gigantic bunches of gift flowersAnd overwhelmed by emotion, by other people's s [...]

    4. Really powerful poetry and short essays by a black, gay author who died of AIDS in the 90's. Confronts issues of race, sexuality, love, lust, public policy, discrimination activism, and oodles more. A particularly touching story about him coming out to his grandmother is included. His work addresses the works of others, including a (rightfully) critical essay about Mapplethorpe's jungle fever.

    5. Essex Hemphill’s Ceremonies is an experience every black gay male from various walks of life and ages should endure. The prose and poetry between this under 200 pager is concrete evidence that what black gay men and black people in general are currently experiencing in 2018 is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite sad that the trails blazed by Hemphill, Joseph Beam, Assotto Saint, Marlon Riggs, and others ‘grew cold’ in recent years in some areas, but that we’re still facing resistance to t [...]

    6. Since I'm reading this as part of my New Year's Resolution to by-God read more books that are explicitly about race, I am specially noticing the parts I don't understand here. This is opaque to me; Hemphill's experience is so foreign that I am struggling to understand the emotional landscape here. Which is my flaw and not Hemphill's.That said, I can judge the introduction: it's not very good. It's rambling, unorganized, and too long; it didn't add anything to my experience of reading the actual [...]

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