Friends Is Friends

Friends Is Friends Friends Is Friends tells the story of complicated friendships through a series of funny bittersweet vignettes Greg Cook s deceptively sweet storybook world is imbued with grown up humor that is both

  • Title: Friends Is Friends
  • Author: Greg Cook
  • ISBN: 9781596431058
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Friends Is Friends tells the story of complicated friendships through a series of funny, bittersweet vignettes Greg Cook s deceptively sweet storybook world is imbued with grown up humor that is both dark and whimsical The result is a fable for adults, where the only clear moral is this friendship isn t easy, whether you re a hobo or a snowman or a ghost.Friends Is FrieFriends Is Friends tells the story of complicated friendships through a series of funny, bittersweet vignettes Greg Cook s deceptively sweet storybook world is imbued with grown up humor that is both dark and whimsical The result is a fable for adults, where the only clear moral is this friendship isn t easy, whether you re a hobo or a snowman or a ghost.Friends Is Friends is indie favorite Greg Cook s first major work in over a decade This long awaited tragicomedy is a great stand alone work for both new and established graphic novel readers.

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    1. The illustration on the cover captured my attention, but it did not go much further than there. Friends is Friends is a story about complicated friends through a series of bittersweet episodes. It's dark, whimsical, and complete with grown-up humor. There is the hobo elephant with regrets, rude manners, and looking to score a place to stay with some whiskey in the mix--he becomes friends with little kids who are pigs. The series of stories are linked together in the end, such as the family of pi [...]

    2. **I would like to note that I received this as an ebook from NetGalley. ** Well, it saddens me to say that I was disappointed by this book. The cover of this book is what really grabbed me… the illustration really reminded me of Edward Gorey’s work. However, the illustrations on the inside weren’t anything like the cover. I still enjoyed the illustrations, they just weren’t what I was expecting from the cover. The stories in this book weren’t for me. It sort of seemed like adult humor [...]

    3. Eh, I'm not really sure about this book.The illustrations were pretty cool, and there were some moments that made me chuckle, but that was about it. I honestly don't even know what the point of this book is?There is no continuous plot, the subplots that are randomly thrown in there and make no senese it's just bizarre. I probably wouldn't recommend this book, but I wouldn't deter anyone from reading it.2.5/5 stars** I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

    4. The summary and cover grabbed my attention. A few short pages in, I was unhappy. Poor story and art was most unimpressive. Got about 1-% in before giving up. I had no idea what was inside what I grabbed this on Netgalley. I wish I had. Had I seen a couple panels ahead of time I would have passed on it. Unable to fully review to to these reasons.

    5. openbooksociety/article/frFriends is FriendsBy Greg CookISBN 978-1-59643-105-8Brought to you by OBS Reviewer ScottReview:Friends is Friends is a stark look at how friendships form, bloom, are rekindled, die and reborn. Anthropomorphized characters, in the form of elephants, pigs, and the like speak of a bygone age of rail-hopping, and where the downtrodden have fallen; it also speaks of those who rise above their self-appointed stations. A complex work that requires several readings, Greg Cook, [...]

    6. A series of short stories portray the complicated relationships between an elephant that’s down and out on his luck, a teddy and a ghost bear that follows him around, taunting him, and a family of pigs. Not a graphic novel for younger audiences (content and language), Friends is Friends is indie author/artist Greg Cook’s first major work in over a decade. The stories border surreal and loaded with dark humor. The artwork is in black and white, with white on black pages denoting the beginning [...]

    7. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I found the story to be slightly disjointed, did not like most of the characters, and though the art was quirky--I was not a fan of it.It's an okay book, it goes by really fast, and there are some (very) slightly amusing moments here and there, but it'll be a forgettable one for me.

    8. Check this book out for a quirky, poignant story of the meaning of friendship!:01 Editorial Director Mark Siegel got to know the wonderful, talented Greg Cook back in 2006. We're so glad to be working with him now to publish this wonderful book -- on the tenth anniversary for First Second and their meeting!

    9. Don't be fooled by the cute critters; it's for adults. This is maybe what you'd get if you crossed Mo Willems with Charles Bukowski, heavy on the Bukowski. Dark, weird and funny.

    10. It was. Okay. Easy and quick read and I chuckled a few times. Mostly I just didn't care or really understand though. 2.5 stars.

    11. CoolInteresting in its own waywith many messages adults could learn from. Everyone just wants to be accepted for who they are! Great job, Greg.

    12. Fun and entertaining read, but definitely meant for adults. Can’t recommend this book for MS/HS school libraries

    13. Okay, I'm rating this one generously because all the bad reviews hurt my soul a little. (Those bad reviews also show what's wrong with Netgalley - because bad reviews are what happens when you give a piece of art to a bunch of interweb know-it-alls who use gifs to illustrate reviews and say things like, "I didn't like the characters," and, "This book doesn't know what it wants to be." I mean, fuck.)Anyways, Friends is Friends is cute and weird and creepy. Buy one for your favorite misanthrope an [...]

    14. Friends is Friends is a dark and sad story about friendship. All the characters are animals and in the center we have a hobo elephant, a pig kid and his mom and sister and some ghosts. The comic consists of smaller stories that are linked together at the end. I really liked the hobo elephant and how his choices made him end up the way he was - living on the streets and drinking booze. The pig family seems to be happy, but all of them have their own ghosts, some more literal than others and the s [...]

    15. I doubt that I've ever encountered a book quite like this one. Critter, a hobo down on his luck, is depicted as an elephant living on the street and wearing threadbare clothing and a tattered hat. In fact, all the characters are depicted as animals, the children and an adult as pigs. Despite those animals, this is not a book for young children since it explores some hefty themes such as loss, alcoholism, death, and unfaithfulness and contains some brutal language as well as misguided acts of kin [...]

    16. This is a series of interconnected shorts. It's rather odd and while I liked it, it really wasn't my thing. I prefer a continuous narrative. These shorts are the type of thing you find in the comics or on a webcomic. All together they do tell a tale of some pretty quirky people. We start off with the drunken elephant hobo who is befriended by a boy pig on a scooter. The pig meets a dead bear ghost and later on meets a bear in a diaper who the ghost is pretending to be. Later on, the pig's sister [...]

    17. What a peculiar little story. Obviously there are themes of friendship, but also more subtle themes about how the past influences the present. I liked that all the characters are interconnected with their relationships revealed at the end.The humor is unoriginal, it all seems like things I've heard before. But because of that familiarity the jokes and setups are oddly comforting, this is the type of humor shared between friends. It makes me think of inside jokes and jokes that can be told again [...]

    18. Tragic-comedy to describe this wee graphic novel is an understatement. To describe it as 'friends' is also an comedy of errors. I think that it would have been a more appropriate title to call it 'Back-stabbing acquaintances is back-stabbing acquaintances'. Though, it wouldn't have had that snappy feeling to it.If this is a glimpse at Greg Cook's life, then I feel a little sad for him. Although my graphic novel would have just been a whole lot of me alone, so who's to talk?! 'Friends' is hard to [...]

    19. Critter is a hobo with some regrets just looking for a place to crash and to score some whiskey. He becomes friends with a couple little kids and runs into an old friend during this story. This is not for little kids. I really liked the illustrations and the humor in this. I think that it will popular with the correct audience. I really think it would do well in the YA teen section but I could see it being challenged too. I received an advanced copy for review through NetGalley

    20. A strange little comic story about a hobo elephant and this one particular family. Book description aside, which I feel did not touch on the true essence of this book at all and led me to expect something entirely different about friendship if you take this book for what it actually is and not the description it is a peculiar story, but not one that is lacking it's own charms. This book is certainly not for everyone, but can find a nice audience among the maudlin.

    21. This is like Lilli Carré meets Daniel Clowes with a dash of Thomas Pinchon: the tale is surreal but relatable, the characters are sad but funny, and the ending is equal parts demented and happy. I love my graphic novels just a pinch inaccessible like the best stuff on Adult Swim, and Friends Is Friends is one of those stories that I can read over and over and take something different from. It's a new favorite.

    22. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advanced copy for review. This graphic novel was very strange, and not at all to my taste. It started out with the possibility of being sweet but quickly turned dark, disturbing and grim. I'm usually okay with dark, but this was too much for me, and I'm not sure what the point was, beyond general nihilism.

    23. Reading Challenge: 5/20I really didn't like this book. The plot made zero sense, the story was all over the place, and the characters were so weird. The story just felt creepy. I definitely got the heebie-jeebies when I finished. Just don't bother reading it

    24. Disclaimer: I received a galley proof of this title from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review.Through a series of interrelated stories, this graphic novel illustrates the difficulty of friendship, the serendipity of it, and the heartache or fulfillment it can bring.

    25. Arc from Netgalley.Like many others, I was captivated by the cover. Well, what was inside was just not my cup of tea. I think it will work with some readers, I'm just not the right one. Not assigning stars due to this.

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