One thought on “I Love You Daddy”

  1. Would have been better if they chose some other animal species other than a bear whose males are actually usually loving fathers (father seahorses are kind of incredible!) . Kept bothering me to see these scenes of a loving father bear in a forest when in reality male grizzly bears usually have nothing to do with their cubs (except to sometimes eat them [maybe accidentally thinking they are another bear's cub?]).

  2. Text-to-self ConnectionI relate this book to my childhood because of my daddy. My daddy still calls me his baby girl. My daddy has always supported and loved me. I liked this book because it shows how children should be natured and loved. This book can inspire children that daddy should be loving to their children.

  3. This is a cute book to read before bed. It can be used to promote healthy relationships within the family and works well with social and emotional lessons.

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