The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

The Bravest Dog Ever The True Story of Balto It is one of the worst storms ever the snow has not stopped for days and it is degrees below zero But somehow Balto must get through He is the lead dog of his sled team And he is carrying medicine

  • Title: The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto
  • Author: Natalie Standiford Donald Cook
  • ISBN: 9780394896953
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is one of the worst storms ever the snow has not stopped for days and it is 30 degrees below zero But somehow Balto must get through He is the lead dog of his sled team And he is carrying medicine to sick children miles away in Nome, Alaska He is their only hope Can Balto find his way through the terrible storm Find out in this exciting true story

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    1. This is not fine literature, but I usually find these learn-to-read books dull and this one tells a compelling story of a dog in Alaska who helps rescue a town by delivering medicine during a blizzard. My dog-fearing 4-year-old enjoyed listening to it and the author does a good job of describing the dangers of diptheria (the book is set in 1925) without scaring the bejeebers out of kids. I wish more early readers were as interesting to adults.

    2. A real hit for my early reader! Mom enjoyed it too. A captivating true adventure story, smartly written so it didn't feel watered down to a specific reading level.

    3.     This is the first chapter book that I ever read and it still holds a special place in my heart. During summer break, after kindergarten, I picked this up and struggled my way through it. I was captivated by the setting and the character of Balto and, for the first time, I really enjoyed reading something by myself. I owe at least a portion of my love of books now to this book from all those years ago.

    4. 3.5 stars. Last in the little stack of books I bought for my niece for her birthday. A true story of a sled dog relay that brought urgently needed medicine to a town in Nome, Alaska in 1925. This is a Level 3 book in Random House's Step into Reading series. When my niece's teacher said level 3 books, I think this "level 3" is what she probably had in mind. The writing style is simplistic, and sentences are often broken midway, making it feel choppy, but I think this style will benefit those just [...]

    5. A real page turner!My almost 7 year old read the whole thing all at once. She was familiar with the story from Magic Treehouse. Next time we go to NYC we are going to visit the Balto statue!

    6. This book has earned its way into being called a classic of children's early readers. Still in print after more than twenty years, it's a story that will never age. Briefly telling the true story of a sled dog relay that travelled from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska to save the people of Nome from an outbreak of diphtheria in 1925. The story plays on the emotions by focusing on a family with two sick children and then telling the story of Balto, the lead dog of the last team which made heroic strides [...]

    7. Reading the acts of bravery and heroism to my children, then thinking of the dire need of medicine for the children and possibly the whole town of Nome, AK brought tears to my eyes. Truly a very special book.

    8. Just read it. A cute kid book. I have watched the movie, and I used to like it so so much!!!Wow, it reminds me of when I was younger!!!:-)

    9. Pretty good, but I'm not sure what made Balto stand out from every other dog, in every other team in the serum relay. . .

    10. In Alaska in 1925, there were few roads or other transportation paths, so in the winter the only realistic transportation outside the towns was by dogsled. Many people had very capable teams that could transport critical supplies and they were often on standby for emergencies. The lead dog was key to any dogsled team, it sniffed out the trail, all other dogs simply pulled and followed. It was in the middle of the winter in Nome, Alaska in 1925 when some children came down with diphtheria, a dead [...]

    11. I love this book. I loved watching the movie that was made from this story when I was younger. The book has great illustrations and is a good nonfiction book that most kids wouldn't recognize as nonfiction. The book is about Alaska and how the only transportation is through dog sleds. In the town of Nome, two children get sick. The doctor didn't have the medicine to treat them. A hospital far away tried to send the medicine by train but it got stuck in the snow. The town decided to do a dog sled [...]

    12. I’m so fascinated by the Iditarod race and its history—based on the amazing dog-sled relay run in 1925 to bring diphtheria serum from Anchorage to epidemic-threatened Nome—that I wanted to share this story with young readers. So I bought this for the Little Free Library we run in our front yard. This book has lovely illustrations and an age-appropriate version of the race-against-time-and-blizzards story featuring Balto, the lead dog in the last team bringing the life-saving serum into Nom [...]

    13. Cerita tentang anjing penarik kereta salju yang berjuang memimpin regunya melawan badai di Alaska untuk mengirim obat difteri ke sebuah kota terdepan di Alaska yang saat itu tidak mungkin dicapai oleh pesawat maupun kereta karena kondisi cuaca yang sangat buruk. Cerita yang singkat namun menarik mampu membuat anak-anak membayangkan hebatnya daya juang Balto.

    14. A reader that tells the story of the now-famous sled dog, Balto, who guided a team of sled dogs through a terrible blizzard all the way from Bluff to Nome, Alaska in 1925 to deliver medicine for two children dying from diphtheria.

    15. My 7 year old loved reading it. Was a good read for a little guy. We looked up more info on Balto and found a museum flyer from Cleveland where his body is now mounted and preserved.

    16. Genre: Informational NonfictionGrade Level: 2nd-3rd gradeThis nonfiction information book is perfect for middle elementary students, or a read aloud to younger elementary students. It tells the true story of such a brave dog. It would be a perfect book for students learning about Alaska, transportation and the difficulties of living in that state several years ago. I think since its about a dog it would captivate and keep the attention of the students.

    17. This is an exciting read that your early readers won't want to put down! Be sure to add this one to your list of "musts." Reading Level: 1st - 3rd grades

    18. Great story !!! A truly remarkable story and. Wonderful outcomeAnd is great reading. For all of us. And I will enjoy the story many more times to read over again

    19. I didn't care for this. I realize it is a kid's book, but it was inaccurate, and gave all the credit to the last team, rather than to all the teams that worked their hearts out to save Nome. There were a lot of heroic dogs and mushers, not just Balto.

    20. The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto is a non-fiction story intended for children in Kindergarten through the 3rd grade. It tells the true story of an Alaskan sled dog named Balto who helped several other teams of dogs carry medicine through severe snow storms to save the children of Nome, Alaska from diphtheria. I think this story deserves 5 stars. The language throughout is that which would be evocative for the age of children reading it. It is basic and straightforward, using appropr [...]

    21. Genre: NonfictionAwards: NoneGrade Level: 3-4This book will show my students that not only can people become heroes but so can animals. The story chronicles the tale of a sled-dog team that was driven nearly 1,000 miles to get an antitoxin to children diagnosed with diphtheria, a serious disease. I would read this book as a class. I would start out by pointing to the cover of the book. I would ask the students to describe the cover. A few questions I may ask are: Why is the man in the sled dress [...]

    22. Synopsis: "It is one of the worst storms ever - the snow has not stopped for days and it is 30 degrees below zero. But somehow Balto must get through. He is the lead dog of his sled team. And he is carrying medicine to sick children miles away in Nome, Alaska. He is their only hope. Can Balto find his way through the terrible storm? Find out in this exciting true story!"My Review: I really like how some of these early reader books are non-fiction to introduce young readers to that realm. The sto [...]

    23. This book is written for children grades 1-3. This is a true story about Balto, a dog, who in 1925 helped to save the lives of children. Diphtheira broke out in the town of Nome and due to the extreme weather, medicines were virtually impossible to deliver to those who needed it in town. Balto helps lead his sled and team into the town of Nome in record time. He endured extreme temperatures and weather and made the deliver in 5 days versus the 15 days in which the medicine was expected to arrive [...]

    24. Our youngest brought this book home today from her second grade class to practice her reading. It was quite easy for her, but it was a very interesting story. I think we've read this book before, but I hadn't logged it yet, so it must've been a long time ago.The narrative is perfect for children who aren't quite ready for chapter books. It's long enough to tell a fairly detailed story, but short enough to read the whole story without stopping. There are lots of illustrations and they help convey [...]

    25. The true story of Balto, The Greatest Dog Ever has every element needed to keep children interested and entertained. Beginning readers will find this bit of history full of adventure. In Alaska during the 1925 blizzard, sled dogs are the only mode of transportation with a remote chance of getting the vaccine for an outbreak of diphtheria from Anchorage to Nome. The details regarding the care of sled dogs will interest readers. The danger of the elements and difficulty of the trip adds suspense. [...]

    26. A children's version of the true story of Balto, an Alaskan lead sled dog who helped transport medicine for diphtheria from Anchorage to Nome during a blizzard in the 1920's, saving the town. Instead of the predicted 15 day journey, the medicine arrived in 5-1/2 days by relay teams. Balto became an American hero and a statue was erected in Central Park, NY to honor him. This is a wonderful story of courage, dedication, and determination on the part of his handler, Gunnar, and Balto himself. The [...]

    27. This is a great book in the Step into Reading series that does its job well. The text is large and easy to read, the illustrations are well done, and the language is easy to understand. While I'm not a fan of the hyperbolic title, the story of Balto and his team is certainly commendable. Good book for young readers.4 stars.This review appeared at sophiesmindset/20 as part of the Reading Challenge 2016. To see other books in the challenge,click here.

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