The Shadow Reader

The Shadow Reader A Houston college student McKenzie Lewis can track fae by reading the shadows they leave behind For years she has been working for the fae King tracking rebels who would claim the Realm Her job isn

  • Title: The Shadow Reader
  • Author: Sandy Williams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Houston college student, McKenzie Lewis can track fae by reading the shadows they leave behind For years she has been working for the fae King, tracking rebels who would claim the Realm Her job isn t her only secret She s in love with Kyol, the King s sword master but human and fae relationships are forbidden When McKenzie is captured by Aren, the fierce rebel leaderA Houston college student, McKenzie Lewis can track fae by reading the shadows they leave behind For years she has been working for the fae King, tracking rebels who would claim the Realm Her job isn t her only secret She s in love with Kyol, the King s sword master but human and fae relationships are forbidden When McKenzie is captured by Aren, the fierce rebel leader, she learns that not everything is as she thought And McKenzie must decide who to trust and where she stands in the face of a cataclysmic civil war.

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    1. Searching for another kick-ass urban fantasy heroine? Look no further, because McKenzie Lewis has arrived. Caught in a fascinating war between the fae king and the rebel faction, she is kidnapped by the rebellion, who wants to use her special cartography skills for their own means. McKenzie fights to escape in some seriously great action scenes, but gradually she starts to wonder whether the truth behind the war is even more complex than she ever imagined.What's intriguing about McKenzie is that [...]

    2. Oooooh The Shadow Reader! Oooooh average rating 4.14! Happy day!!!!My first thought:My second thought:My third thought:My other thoughts are verging between ugh idiot, duh, gah and pass the jelly.Imagine you have a cold. But not a normal cold. It’s one of those bad ones where you have to drown in antibiotics and syrup. You know the feeling you get when you are eating something, and you can’t feel its taste? You look at the people you’re sharing the meal with and see them moan in pleasure b [...]

    3. Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Did you ever wish there would be more books like the “a court of thorns and roses” series? Filled with fae and magic, badass female characters and a (funny) handsome bad boy? There’s a war going on in the fae world between the king, his followers and the rebels. In the middle of it is McKenzie, a shadow reader, one of the strongest weapons agains the rebellion. One day McKenzie gets captured by the rebellion and soon her world is shook. Who can she trust [...]

    4. The Shadow Reader had everything I love in a fae book. Seriously, I have a special place in my heart for fae characters. Ahem, Ash and Puck. *Wink, wink* It had action, hot Fae guys, adventure, romance, hot Fae guys, court intrigue, witty dialogue, and epically cool fight scenes. Oh, and did I mention the HOT FAE GUYS?!Excuse me while I fangirl.McKenzie Lewis is a special human. She can see the Fae and read their shadows. This ability makes her a very important ally in the war raging between the [...]

    5. Before I picked this book up, I had so many great feelings about it. Partly because of all the dazzling reviews it has received from my most trusted GR friends, and partly just because it is sold as exactly the kind of urban fantasy I love: strong heroine, hot supernatural men, "cataclysmic civil war" between the fae I admit that I was excited enough to buy this book before reading the 4/5 star reviews.Okay, so what exactly was my problem? I exhale a great big shuddering sigh as I say - for the [...]

    6. Even more than YA, my relationship with Urban Fantasy has been a love-hate one. In fact, I even made a table about it, and it holds true. So when I DO find an urban fantasy book I like, I can't help but talk about it nonstop, not to mention recommending it to everyone I know! The Shadow Reader was one of those books I went into with a great deal of trepidation, only to end up gasping for breath about 20 pages in. Excellent worldbuilding, fast-paced, breath-stealing action and brilliant character [...]

    7. When a person writes a review, the first thing they have to do is think about what they want to say about the book and what is worth mentioning. After reading a few reviews on this book, I'm thinking that my idea of prioritizing must be completely different from everyone else's. Somewhat frustrating love triangleblah, blah, blah.A few similarities to Dark Swanblah, blah, blah.Heroine who really should have known better about a few thingsblah, blah, blah.Great action for a first bookblah, blah, b [...]

    8. **1.5 stars**I didn't like this very much and I'm pissed that I bought the second book before finishing this one. I have mulled over my review for a few days now, and I'm still trying to figure out why most people loved this and I didn't. I think my main issue with this book is that the world building and plot felt like a distant second in priority to the love triangle.What I liked when I started with this book was the world. I love the idea of the fissures that bring the fae in and out of our r [...]

    9. ***FAVORITE UF/PNR OF 2011***“This is ridiculous, Aren. I’m not Cinderella at a ball. And thisis isn’t going to win my support, not even my sympathy. I won’t—”He places a finger over my lips. “I forget my responsibilities when I’m with you. It’s nice. Peaceful.” His hand slides behind my neck, beneath my hair. He plays with the clasp of my necklace. “I wish you’d let yourself forget things when you’re with me. You’d be happier.”Rating Explanation:+1 star for McKenzi [...]

    10. (4.5 stars) The Shadow Reader is Sandy Williams’ debut novel and the first in the new MCKENZIE LEWIS series. If this book is any indication, I anticipate great things from Williams and this series in the future. I enjoyed The Shadow Reader immensely.McKenzie is a human woman with a talent that makes her invaluable to the fae. She is a shadow reader, which means that when a fae teleports, she can map where that fae has traveled to. There are other shadow readers, but McKenzie is an unusually go [...]

    11. 2.5 MehThis book has so much potential and it was all wasted on mediocre writing and bad characters.How can I be so mean? I'll explain.I'll start with the bad parts.1. The love triangle. Gah, how can that be in a book that's suppose to be more fantasy than romance! I didn't come to this series for that, I wanted so much more. It seems to me that the focus is too much on the romance and not enough on the actual plot. It's really not what I wanted when I started this. When I want love, I go to a c [...]

    12. I was pretty conflicted about what to rate this, and I find myself once again wishing would let me do a half star, because I think it's truly 3 1/2 stars. Keeping in mind, that 4 stars is a book I love and 5 stars are reserved for books I think are truly top of the pile books and I'll recommend them to anyone who will listen. I thought this book started out very strongly, and I was intrigued both by the heroine and by the world the author has developed. I liked the heroine's voice, and I especi [...]

    13. As a kind of pre-review to myactualreview, this is the first book I read after reading a book that was, undoubtedly, one of my favorite books of 2011, Angelfall. And I hoped that if I stuck to the same kind of genre and general character makeup that Angelfall had I could find a great book that was, at the least, pretty enjoyable. So, was it?Meh. kinda. Oh and, by the way, my real rating for this book is 3.5 stars and I'mseriouslyconsidering dropping it to three. It's the truth. I guess the first [...]

    14. Awesome! Just Awesome!It’s almost impossible to review this book without gushing. There is so much to love about The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams. The story is told from the main character McKenzie Lewis’ point of view. Let me tell you, I loved McKenzie’s voice. McKenzie is an intelligent young woman who has suffered through life because of her ability to see the fae. Gifted with Sight, McKenzie can also map where the fae go just by looking at their shadows. Consequently, McKenzie is a [...]

    15. I had high hopes for The Shadow Reader after seeing so much love for this read, and after recently discovering the awesomeness of Urban Fantasy. Unfortunately, I only ended up liking the story overall. I’m sure this is a case of “it’s me, not you” with a lot of “it’s the narrator”, as well. Twelve hours is a long time when the narrator isn’t your cup of tea. McKenzie has “the sight” meaning she can see fae when other humans cannot. She’s special because she can locate other [...]

    16. Why is this not a 5 star or a 4 star book for me? I have put off writing this review for a week or so because I am confused as to why everyone I know on loved this book but me. In part, I think this may be a "Its not you, its me" kinda thing. I may be over my urban fantasy binge. Hey, it was a good ride. It started summer 2010 and lasted until now. When I hear about new titles or series in the paranormal, they just do not interest me -- with the exception of my favorite authors and series. So, [...]

    17. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThere is something shocking about McKenzie Lewis, the protagonist in THE SHADOW READER by Sandy Williams. She’s not a super woman/warrior goddess/magical titan capable of destroying the universe with a wink. Nope, unlike many urban fantasy heroines these days, McKenzie is pretty normal. She does have one ability that sets her apart from the rest of us; she’s a shadow reader, someone who can watch a fae ‘fissure’ (instantly teleport from one loca [...]

    18. Forget my review. I never got around to itead.AH did an awesome review heredassbookreviews/the-shadDoing the happy dance (stop looking, I know I can't dance). Loved it.Review coming some time this century.

    19. This book was better than I expected, fun fact what I love most was not the plot nor the fantasy elements but it was romance that captivated me into reading it. Our main female lead is a kickass stubborn heroine. Usually I hate extremely stubborn characters as they are usually very reckless and stupid. But this time I can't help liking her, as she's stubborn for valid reasons but most of all HER HUMOR darn I can't help laughing out loud sometimes. Then there's the two love interest AND YES THIS [...]

    20. *4.5 Stars*This book turned out to be quite the surprise. I can’t think of the last time I’ve gone from completely disliking a book to practically inhaling it. When I first picked up The Shadow Reader, I made it to page 30 before I finally gave up and set it aside. It was over a month before I picked it up again, and the only reason I did was because I wanted it off my reading queue. I can’t say I was eager to dive back into it after disliking the beginning so much. One of my main complain [...]

    21. If I could give this book more than five stars, I would. The Shadow Reader is well-written, action-packed, interesting, hard-core UF with an awesome (yes - I mean awesome) love triangle thrown in for good measure. McKenzie Lewis isn't anything special, other than the fact that she can see Fae, and more importantly, that she can trace their movements between Earth and the Realm (fairy land, or all intents and purposes). For the last 10 years, since she was 16-years-old, she has been working for t [...]

    22. Interested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!4/4.5 starsI was ridiculously hooked to this book from the very first page. Great characters, exciting storyline, and more important an original storyline. StorylineMcKenzie is a hot commodity in the faerie war. She’s a shadow reader who is able to track faeries that fissure out. She’s been assisting the faerie King since she was 16; it’s now been 10 years. For those past 10 years McKenzie has also been pining over Kyol, the king’s swordsma [...]

    23. SOME SPOILERS BEWAREMckenzie is a shadow reader, a human with the ability to see fae and track them when they teleport or 'fissure'. Her ability makes her very valuable to the fae especially when there is a war on as the fae use their teleporting abilities to prottect themselves when fighting. Mckenzie since the age of 16 has been helping the fae court to fight the rebel fae who want to replace the king, she has been helping them for 10 years and thanks to her many of the rebel fae have died. Mc [...]

    24. I went into  THE SHADOW READER not really knowing what to expect and came out blown away by the this incredible fae story. This was a really a intriguing world to be thrown into and I enjoyed every minute of it.All McKenzie wants is to be normal. She is a "Shadow Reader", a person able to read shadows left behind from fae who travel from one place to another. For about 10 years she has worked for the court and thought she was working for the good guys and then she is kidnapped by the rebels wh [...]

    25. 5 starsWowThis book was unputdownable And amazing. I don't even know how to discuss this rationally, but here goes.McKenzie is a shadow reader, a human who got involved with the fae ten years ago because of her abilities. Namely one, and that is reading shadows, knowing where a fae fissured(think teleported) There's a war going on, and she's firmly on the side of the Court, or better said, on the side of Kyol, the king's sword-master. She's loved him forever, but has never had a chance to be mor [...]

    26. I've been itching to read this book for months and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it early. I devoured The Shadow Reader in three sittings, and believe me, if I hadn't been distracted by work, I would have read it in a day.The premise is so unique. McKenzie is a human with an extraordinary power: she can read the shadow signatures left behind by the fae as they travel from one location to another. She's a valuable asset to the current fae court, and has been aiding the King in his war aga [...]

    27. So I guess it's true: the urban fantasy genre really doesn't get better than Karen Marie Moning. Just this year, I became a huge fan of the genre when I picked up a book that just about every fan of the genre was screaming to the heavens about: Darkfever. Not even so much the actual book, but Jericho Barrons (but the book itself was praised heavily, don't forget). I myself loved it, and have since read two more in the series (and plan on getting my hands on the last two possibly tomorrow!) Then, [...]

    28. I haven’t written an review in ages, so please excuse my ramblings.The Shadow Reader, in appearance, is a very good book. It has it all: action, plot turns and twists but more importantly, it has a brave heroine torn between two hot males(one hotter than the other and reverse).At least, that’s what I hoped to read after I saw the synopsis. Well, things are not exactly like that.Here’s what happens: McKenzie is a human who has the Sight(meaning she can see the Fae) and the ability to track [...]

    29. (Review first posted at Book Lovers Inc)First things first, and something that may interest many; the book is written in the first person present tense. Now, I’ve not read much in that particular narrative style, and I do tend to prefer the use of the past tense (in either first- or third-person voice), but it worked well in this case, disappearing behind the meat of the storytelling. (My personal affinity for this style is likely in no small part due to its wonderful use in Ann Aguirre’s Si [...]

    30. “If I were a good man,” he says, “I’d acknowledge that he is an honorable faeI’d step down and let you have the man you’ve always wanted, but, McKenzie, I’m not as good as him. I never will be, and I can’t step down. I’ll fight for the chance to be with you.”A-MAZ-ING. How is it possible that more people are not talking about this book? I stayed up till four in the morning two nights in a row to read this book. was that good. And this is from a debut author? Holy crap, I can' [...]

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