One thought on “Cooks, Gluttons and Gourmets”

  1. "This is a brilliant book that essentially tells the history of civilization from the dawn to time up to the 1960s, when it was published, through the story of food and cooking. Betty Wason, the author, was a family friend of ours, and she and her daughter Ellen came to stay with us in Madrid while Betty was writing another book about Spanish cooking. Later, they lived in Pleasantville, NY, which was also our home town. Sadly, I never read ""Cooks, Gluttons and Gourmets"" while Betty was still a [...]

  2. I have just begun this charming history of cooking. I was interested to see from the introduction that the author went to considerable trouble back in 1962 to unearth much of the information in the book including finding a Chinese translator to read a 14th century Chinese cooking text. She writes in a personable way that makes you feel as if you have found a new friendNALThis is a fairly comprehensive overview of the history of cooking from cavemen to Asia to Europe to New Orleans to 1962 and [...]

  3. What a wonderful book--I want to lend it to everyone but fear i would never see it again. Author Watson published this a few months after Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She tracks the history of food

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